Wednesday, January 8, 2014

LSU QB Commit Brandon Harris In Studio: Gearing Up For Life As A Tiger

ABC: Nebraska will never be like they were in the 90s

New Longhorns coach, Charlie Strong, said he wants to "close the border" to out-of-state programs

Silver & Black: Bama fans talking about Longhorns and Sooners like they are in a recreational volleyball league
Fletch: Anyone that believes Texas isn't a good job is delusional 
Oklahoma State has Boon Pickens as a backer but they can't keep up with Texas in terms of revenue!

Tomorrow is NEW CALLER COMBINE! If you have never called into the show, we want to hear from you!

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LSU: Multiple reports indicate Jeremy Hill is coming back next year
Grouchy Billy: Got to build a serviceable QB and a power offense.
This is what LSU needs: Brandon Harris... go down there and make some plays- be mobile, seize opportunities.
LSU Basketball: Mickey looks like a good player, but he is surrounded by guys standing there wondering whose turn it is to get the ball.
Billy is wondering if LSU made any of their 3 pointers (made 2-of-14) 
Coach says "Number of minutes of playing time will be earned with practice time", i.e., "Get ready for suicides/line drills!!"

Got to be fun working at Gibsland Bank & Trust: people like growing their $$ so everyone is in a good mood! EH says especially with Fletch's bankroll! All The Benjamins! 
Fletch says, "More like Lincolns"

Baba Ganoosh: Brandon Harris is special: he has a cannon, uses his feet to get his body set, has discipline. 
Fletch: we haven't seen what Jennings can truly do. 
EH: you could have all the bells and whistles, but if your defense is weak its all for naught. I used to never worry about LSUs defense.
Fletch: Rumor is Rasco is considering going to the draft, but he needs to stay one more year to be able to yank down 1st round pick status in 2015.

Cajun Rob: if LSU is controlling the ball, then Bama doesn't have it

When Jameis Winston took off running the ball it didn't look fluid, Jennings and Brandon become a weapon when running that ball.
CRob: wouldn't be surprised if LSU runs a little Auburn style offense.

Brandon Harris on his way into "1130 The Tiger studio" before he heads out to Baton Rouge!

Saints Game Day Special: The first 100 on Saturday who buy a beer during the Saints game get a FREE pint filled with Saints swag!! Rotolo's E. 70th near Fern Ave, and it's CALZONE WEDNESDAY!

Syd the Kid got an inhaler for her bronchitis and took a hit off of it for the first time, very excited to partake in that event! Fletch wondered if his daughter would talk in high, squeaky voice when she finished. 
Syd reminded him the inhaler is not full of helium.
Fun over. 

Newspaper article tying improvements to Independence Stadium/Indy Bowl/Hirsch Coliseum to lowering airfare has been pitched by Mayor Glover 

Shreveport Tech Fan:
-"Our problems surround 3 things: we never have enough passengers, we're too close to Dallas for Southwest Airlines to economically do this and this is based on making money and we just don't have enough in the flying department to do so."
-"You have to say 'if you want lower airfare, this will be your cost, don't just make the lobby nicer."
-Two things EH never thought would happen in Shreveport until after he dies: a Whole Foods, and... he never finished his sentence because he started drooling over Whole Foods peanut butter.

-Brandon Harris has arrived in studio!

Geauxin' Crazy:
-"As low fare carriers keep coming in you're going to start driving out some of the big shot carriers."
-"I'm taking the family to Disney World next month, and we're driving to Jackson first because of airfare."

Cush's Grocery and Market:
Three generations of recipes through the Cush family. Forget something at the grocery store (AKA it was too cold to go)? Go check out Cush's and get all of your grocery items there on Flournoy Lucas and Ellerbe Road!

Pet Peeve of the Day:
People who use the printed word to spread lies. Lies, lies, and more lies, CUPCAKE.

Brandon Harris:

What did you learn at the Under Armour All-American game?
"You always think that going up to a next level would be much different but I didn't see anything different than facing a normal team, like a Byrd front-seven, but they were smarter and used better technique than what I'm used to."
"Me and OJ Smith (Airline Senior/Alabama Commit) got along great, we joked around about the whole LSU vs. Alabama gig."

How did OJ feel after competing there?
"Looking at OJ and me playing QB you get to look around while doing other drills and stuff and getting to watch OJ...I think he did a great job, being coached up as well as using the new techniques they taught him."

Watching his reaction to Leonard Fournette's decision:
"When you get an opportunity to meet Leonard, he's a really intelligent guy, 4.0 student and really smart. Leonard's an unbelievable talent and getting an opportunity to pick his brain a little bit, I kind of thought he was going to LSU but he was kidding around with me about going to Minnesota and places like that."

Speedy Noil's Commitment to Texas A&M:
"He's a perfect fit for what they do in the offense"

-When you see kids leaving Louisiana, how do you react?
"It doesn't tick me off at all, I think Speedy is going to be a baller at Texas A&M, and Trey Quinn is no scrub. He's a more accomplished receiver. Speedy will be a beast in that A&M offense, Trey Quinn's not a scrub. Leonard said he thinks there are a lot of people going to Alabama and not following their heart, and maybe some of them are following their hearts, but why not go somewhere and be your own person rather than do what everyone else is doing."

What is Buga Nation?
"You have to ask Leonard. I think it means 'real' but Leonard is all about his family and it comes from his family. He's all bout his family first."

Playbook of the Under Armour game:
"Some people may think it was easier to pick up, but the plays were long, and the playbook was basically like the NFL. He wanted us to run up to the line, not bust out of a huddle. He wanted us to get down on the play-clock, it was definitely an adjustment for me, those were definitely not high school plays."

Herm Edwards:
"I got to sit and talk to him for a little bit, we were on two different practice fields. Herm's a good guy, he's just like the guy you see on TV."

You talk bout Quinn and Fourtnette, but here's one, you can't forget about Garrett Brumfield:
"He's taller and bigger than what I was expecting him to be, I guess because you get used to what you're accustomed to seeing in offensive linemen at Parkway. Garrett's an unbelievable person too, he's another guy who really cares about his family and his brothers and feels the same way about LSU as I do."

Lander's Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram:
Home of the Motor Trend Magazine Truck of the Year for the second year in a row, the RAM 1500, 25 mpg. and no one has a larger selection or better price than Lander's Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

State Championship Game:
"After the game, when you feel like you've let a lot of people down, and I think the entire team felt like that, but you've accomplished so much throughout the season and on the road you defeated everyone. I mean undefeated in the regular season, undefeated during the playoffs, but Acadiana was the better team."

What was it like seeing your teammates in red and black for the last time?:
"I didn't even get an opportunity to see my teammates in their red and black after the game for the last time, because I had to get stitches in my hand. I was running the ball, in the second or third quarter with a design run, and the D-Tackle came through and I tried to brace him and the buckle cut me all the way on my left ring finger, deep. Anytime you get injured in your hand, whether it's your non-throwing hand or your throwing hand, it will affect you, and my hand was heavily taped. But I wasn't about to go out on the State Championship game like that."

Contract with LHSAA about playing with specific brand footballs:
"I play with a Nike ball at LSU, it's basically off of a deal, where LSU is in a contract with Nike and they provide the balls. So, if you play at Auburn, and they use a GST ball, you're sponsored by Nike so you get to use a Nike ball."

When we talked to Alana Beard, one of Fletch's favorite athletes from the area, she credited Steve for instilling a lot of her basketball talent in her, how much credit does Feaster and the Parkway coaching staff or previous coaches get:
"Everybody gets a ton of credit. You can't even just give it to the coaches either, you have to add in the community, they've been behind us the whole way, traveling to every road game, visiting us in the French Quarter. You take bits and pieces from everyone, I took bits and pieces from Colby Kopeland's games."

Did you guys get ticked off at the LHSAA?:
"Something in the near future needs to be down about how the rulings go own, rather than reading out of a book. It just doesn't makes sense to me, to punish all these other people, the sum of money all of the parents spent on traveling. Continue to speak on it to get change, but it's definitely something that needs to be changed in the near future."

Some families and to cut back on Christmas gifts to travel and watch their kid play football:
"You know some parents probably promised their kid way long before the LHSAA ruling was made and promised them a car for Christmas and then its like 'I'm sorry but we can't get you a car this year because we have to pay for traveling to football games' and absolutely no player ever wants to look up in the stands and NOT see their parents."

Holmes Honda:
Now it's time for Hello Honda Event!
A 2013 honda Civic LX, you can drive off the lot for $99/a month lease.

Do you consider yourself an LSU Tiger right now?
"Uh, yeah, but it's not going to feel real until I'm on the campus."

Jacob Hester wants to talk to Brandon Harris before he leaves so he can help him know what to expect.

BCS Championship:
"I was definitely rooting for Auburn, I've met Coach Malzahn, he's a class act guy, and I met a lot of the Auburn guys and they really are great guys."

If there were someone other than LSU at the very last moment, who would've been the second choice...if something happened to LSU or Miles and you ended up leaving:
"Texas A&M."
Sumlin or the offense?:
The offense, and yeah, Sumlin.

Brandon Harris is leaving the 318 to head to Baton Rouge Friday!
"My brother will join me this fall, and he's not sweating it too much."

Gibsland Bank and Trust Spot:
Free reward checking available, let your money make more money! Between Swan Lake and BPCC on Hwy. 80 in Bossier City and in Shreveport on Mansfield Road and Williamson Way!

People have been calling in/tweeting in/texting in how much of an inspiration and role model Harris is to the community.

"I've met Coach Moffitt, and he had a book that every time Manning messed up he'd document it and keep up with weight and everything."

Gaining weight and losing fluidity:
"I think a prime example in this is Dak Prescott. I don't know right off the top of my head if that would happen...I just don't want to lose my arm."
"Once you get in the weight room, you're bound to grow a lot more."

What are you looking forward to most when you get to BR:
"Getting to know new teammates, but it's also going to be the biggest challenge with a lot of different personalities and I think I'll be fine because I like to think I have a good personality, but then you have all these guys from all over the country."

Difference between the treatment of north and south LA players, did you pick up on that whatsoever?:
"I don't know about that, but Coach Cameron and Coach Miles all made me feel welcome, the players know who the high-profile players are, and I'm not saying I'm one of them, but they do know this recruiting class. Everyone has been raving about the 2014 recruiting class."

Will it be an easy transition?:
"I'm pretty sure there will be some tough days, I'll be a rookie and a freshman but everyone has to go through that and everyone older has already gone through it."

What will make you a better quarterback?:
"They say not to rely on coaches because they come and go and I don't think Miles is going anywhere, Cameron has already helped me and has shown how much he can do, I think with him the sky is the limit."

Rotolo's Spot:

Hill could come back and improve his standings
Lenard Fournetre- if you have Lil Wayne tweeting you, you know u are doing something right

JR: Brandon says he will have a learning curve, which is why he wanted to grad early. He wants to get his hands on play book and devour it. 
Roy: I was at his senior project. Would like to see a 2 QB system come back.

Defense had some growing pains, Tre Davious did also, but he never played the position in high school.

What number will Brandon wear? Told he would get 1, but no guarantee. 

Of the former LSU Tigers who has given you advice that sticks out? TreDavious helps a lot. Prepare for workouts and school.

Brandon on growing up: Went to Grandma's house after school, older cousins would check the homework and you couldn't go out and play unless it was done and right.

Brandon says: Thank everyone for supporting Parkway football. Shreveport Bossier has grown, lots of schools played down south. Hopes God continues to bless his home state of Louisiana.