Monday, January 6, 2014

Saints, BCS Championship And Cupcake Is Leaving The Show? WHAT?

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Saints Talk
EH: If Saints could somehow develop a formula of what they did this past game then they can make it.

Fletcher thinks it was disingenious for Payton to choose Graham to kick the fate of the game. He doesn't trust field goals when it's down to the wire.

The fact the Saints got rid of the VooDoo curse of the road-game, whether it was the green Gatorade or the Popeye's Chicken, they did it and it was phenomenal. Making Shady McCoy an average, normal player, versus him going beast mode made a HUGE difference.

Mr. Gerard:
"Browns are the best ones to win the Super Bowl ever."
-In the Super Bowl era, the Browns haven't won a championship. The were pre-NFL time.

Rotolo's Sport
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Pet Peeve of the Day: Christian Demirdjian (Cupcake) has decided he is ready to move on from "The Tim Fletcher Show" to bigger and better things. He tweeted...

Brewer Quality Homes
You can always count on DB talking Cowboys, even now he is still talking about Romo. "Enjoyed our friendship, enjoyed harassing him about the Cowboys." DB IS NOT A "DB"! And the fact that he's a US Marine? Um, hellur? Bad-ass.

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BCS Championship
Fletch: If Trey Mason were given the keys to the kingdom, then Auburn could win the game. In my opinion, I think Florida State takes the SEC domination and beats Auburn, granted Auburn will keep it at 8 points.
Ralph now wagering some Chimi V's Fajita Factory meals on the game. Auburn wins = Fletch buys Ralph some $11.99 fajitas; Florida State wins = Ralph buys Fletch $11.99 fajitas.
"I hate the whole 'if one SEC team wins then all of the SEC wins' mentality we've developed over the past 7 or 8 years. You don't need to look at WHO Florida State played, but HOW they played them."
-Dylan hit the nail on the head right there, Florida State can't help who they are scheduled to play, they can only help how they play their opponents.
-Dylan's final score prediction: 31-28 Florida State

Cush's Grocer and Market Spot
Fletch admits he can be highly influenced at what he eats by watching other customers (aka stalking) and admits that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Matt Yoder from joins us after the break! Central Ohio's biggest Saints fan.

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Matt Yoder:
On the chilliness of Ohio:
"We are clinging to positive degrees right now, it's .3 degrees."
"At this point you just have to make sure your body is functioning and that fluids can go through you."
On weather vs. Saints:
The thing that really slows down the Saints offense is the wind. So it really wasn't a terrible environment to go into, we'll see how it goes in Seattle though.
Fletch: I'm not really as concerned with the weather in Seattle as much as I am the front seven.

It's RED BEANS AND RICE MONDAY! Rocky Cascio's red beans and rice can not be beat. Home made Italian sausage, let this spicy little ditty warm up your stomach and soul. Call 742-3205 for to-go orders (they have a drive-thru window so you don't even have to get out of the car!) or dine-in and get the real experience.
On Seattle vs. Saints:
-"You've got to stick to the running game; what they did in Philly was what we've been waiting to see the Saints do on the road all season. That's how they're going to win if they can get past this weekend."
-"Pierre Thomas is one of my top 5 favorite players on this team, but his absence may have been the best thing for the Saints this weekend because Mark Ingram was forced to be out there consistently."
-"The defense and their running game kind of came to the Saints aide until Brees could find his running game."
-"Having so much talent on the offense is sometimes a blessing and a curse."
-"The Saints line, maybe the entire Saints offense, their confidence level may be the highest it's ever been this season."
-"Mentally, all of those road losses did have an effect, and now, the Saints have: the revenge factor, you're coming off of one of your best games of the season, and it's the playoffs. If they're not motivated for this then there's a problem.

Congratulations to Bubba Winningham! One of his kiddos got married and he gets to go back to work today at Chevyland, the #1 Chevy dealer in Louisiana, three years in a row!!

-MIND BLOWING MOMENT OF THE DAY: How many games have the Saints run the ball more than passing in the Sean Payton Era: "I can't give you the exact percentage but I can tell you the last time the Saints ran the ball more than they threw it; Week 11 in 2012 season. Granted Payton was suspended, but it was the last time."
- Matt Yoder's Saints v. Seattle prediction: 28-27 Saints; "they've found something that works and we've been asking for a consistent running game, and they've found it." and follow on Twitter @awfulannouncing or his personal account @myoder84 Thanks Matt!

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We've got incoming reports from the Sports Wife that there's a squirrel in the Fletcher kitchen. Guess who's going to King Hardware today for the LIVE ANIMAL TRAP? Sportswife wants to avoid the Griswald "catch it in a blanket and smack it with a hammer" move.  
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Final BCS Championship Game EVER:
-Has it worked for the last 16 year or not?
 EH: For the match ups? Yes. For the excitement of the game, no. 
-Fletch thinks Auburn will give Florida State a good game, but still thinks Florida State will take the win.
"Being an SEC hack like most of us I'd like to take Auburn but with the defense of Florida State..."
"I'm going with Auburn."
SEC allegiance or truly thinks Auburn is the better team?
"Eh, I'm gonna go with 41-38 Auburn, I think it'll be a high scoring game, but it could honestly go either way."
The spread is back up to 10 and 1/2, Florida State. 
Fletch finally got to drive one, EH says "check it off your bucket list!"

Darrell Rebouche posted last night on Facebook: "Watch the GoDaddy Bowl or watch the season premiere of Downton Abbey? Downton Abbey!" 
Fletch: "Syd, did you watch the premiere of Downton Abbey?"
Syd: "I've never watch Downton Abbey...even I watched the GoDaddy Bowl."

Cajun Rob:
"I think the Saints and LSU Tigers have the same problem: LSU will never have a Heisman winner because of the way they run the ball, and the Saints will never have a league leading-rusher because of the way THEY run the ball."
-Cajun Rob IS GETTING MARRIED! Hey-oooooo
-Has to miss the Saints game because it's during the wedding and the reception; "there's a TV in the bar right next door to the place...I'm not allowed to go in that bar." Show your restraint Cajun Rob!
-31-27 Auburn, "going to win the same way the Saints did, get possession of the ball and run it."