Friday, January 3, 2014

4 Reasons Bama Tanked, 3 Reasons EH Won't Sit By Cupcake at a Game, 2 Points to Ponder for Saints AND Why I Guy is an LSU Lifesaver

It was a wild game, but not as wild as Cupcake's cackle filling the studio when Fletch says he may have downloaded a virus to his IPhone.

Bama played a weak schedule so they were not ready. They did not play the bad boys- LSU played a schedule and showed up with bruises when they played Bama. On the last drive Oklahoma pushed Bama off the line of scrimmage and beat up on them. Left them wide eyed.

Guys as young as 30 can struggle with LOW T. Feeling foggy, grouchy, tired and just not your self? Go to Regional Urology and get checked out. Don't waste another day!

Fletch's big play of the day- knocking over two thousand tiny stirring straws in the station kitchen  

Bama quote of the day:
Brandon Harris: Thank God bama loses tired of hearing theses bama commits mouth!

BILLY: Looks like BAMA, just like LSU, has moved back to the pack. Is the Sooner O-line an impenetrable wall or is Bama watered down?

Is this the worse set of cornerbacks in the Saban era? 

Sooners saw something in the Iron bowl they they took full advantage of to whip up on Bama. the pick, pick, TD sequence  swung momentum to Oklahoma.

Start of the 3rd quarter, Oklahoma couldn't get anything going early, what were you thinking? 
Saban made adjustments and was coming back for a boomslam- didn't happen! Before the game Saban was talking about how boys were lacking motivation, but fact is, Bama is not built for quick-strike attack.

8 foot ceilings, fireplace, custom cabinets- Brewer Quality Homes with the best deals complete with the creature comfort extras that makes a house a home!

If Les was on the sideline with Bama last night, NOT making needed adjustments there would be mutany in Louisiana today!

Derrick Henry (and his hairline): Before Sugar Bowl he had been keeping the bench company... Why?

Fournette needs to change his name to 'Lifesaver' after LSU loses out on 3 blue-chips who had LSU among their final choices.

Stoops has done the bowl sweep! Winning each of the BCS bowls!

Side judge cuts a path to Stoops, shakes his hand and says "Enjoyed it!"
Everyone enjoying Saban getting a whipping at the SugarBowl2014. 
Mike says: Ref shaking Stoops hand because he was so thankful he was on the Stoops sideline and no where near Saban. Refs need prozac and a straight jacket after game.

BREAKING NEWS: Geauxing Crazy in the field: Saban is headed to the BROWNS! Just in case it happens, he wants to say he said it first.

GBT is a power bank with virtue! Cupcake can't resist the draw of the power- hits a buzz sound from a bug zapper- Fletch admonishes his sound effect choice with vigor!

Bama got out coached- why do coaches tell reporters what they are about to do on camera? 

Saban will be in Passadena for the BCS Championship pre-game coverage. Bad mood filling the air around him like snow falling across the northeast!

Not suprised Noil left. What happened to Tony Brown? What changed his mind? 
If you are a star cornerback and don't think you can beat Jalen Mills then... 

Fletch was impressed by Tight End from Westlake
Jacory Washington now has more TDs than all other LSU TE's combined
LSU needs to be after Defensive lineman. One main guy is an Ol Miss commit- maybe LSU can turn him

EH shares his experience sitting with Cupcake and his geeky pals during the Indy Bowl:
I had to sit with Cupcake- he has ADD- wouldn't shut up talking about all kinds of things other than the game. He and his dudes followed me to the bathroom, then waited for me outside! Cupcake's buddy, Moocher, wanted me to buy him a beer. Just never ending- Cupcake wouldn't sit still, wouldn't shut up talking about Fletch. Was in a panic because he didnt know where Fletch was sitting. Disappeared for a while looking for Fletch, returned heartbroken because he thought Fletch left without him. Sulked for a while, then got a text from Fletch and got all happy again. Got on my nerves. Ran off to find Fletch, but left me with Moocher! Then I get a text from Fletch with pictures of Cupcake getting all in the game- flapping his arms like a bird. 

They tired and were saving themselves for the NFL 
Kids from Bama know its not their last game
Different mentality all together


When Bammer can't make substitutions they can't win, Saban is a mastermind and can put pieces where they need to be, but in no huddle there is no time. Wa- wa- wa- waaaa!

Auburn, Ol Miss, more teams developing 'hurry up' and this makes Saban an unhappy hobbit.

Bama seems sufficiently upset. Just for fun someone says "Let's go to AJ McCarron's press conference and find out how this is going to affect Bama's BCS title hopes!"

EH: It's taken a while to digest what is coming our way: 2 things...
1- Chip Kelly's offense
Rob Ryan loves to make substitutions, but that isn't going to happen. Players on the field got to get it done. 

This is the Saints dream match up- they want to throw the ball and throw- don't be 'balanced' dont try to establish a run, just SCORE! Don't go schematics. If I see play action I will throw up. Go to the shotgun- Sproles, then Colston, then Graham, and don't play Ingram at all! Run Sproles til his legs fall off. Ingram was on the sidelines last night watching the Tide Roll, while Sean Peyton and Saints are tippy toeing out the Dome to head to the airport!! 

Eh gets too revved up to remember his number 2... Sputters out of control. Fletch jumps in with stats...

Statistics indicate Eagles are thebleague's worst pass defense. QB rating against them is 84. They give up 290 yards a game. Long passes over 20 yards? they have given up 62 of 'em! Stats add up to Saints throwing the ball a LOT as the way to go! 

Saints still haven't left for Philly- thot they would leave early to miss the storm or play in the cold to acclimate. EH says they would get bored sitting around in their hotel rooms and mental exhaustion would set in.

Philly weather- today 6 degrees, tomorrow morning -1, BUT sunny skies warm up the day to 25 with no wind. LUCKY BREAK!

Fletch: 38-35 Saints
EH: 30-27 Saints
Cupcake: 31-17 Eagles... mic off

Best tippers were pitchers- 
Everyone took care of me, but the money was in being visiting clubby. They were on the rope, out of town and forgetting things. You could be a hero by showing up with toothpaste.

Subliminal: secret meaning-? Cupcake gets applause.

G$- New caller combine is coming next week!

Ralph: Bama stinks up the west with first bowl loss in the division 
Fletch calls: Auburn loses, Vandy wins, Missouri wins

----Phone is ringing and Cupcake flustered- now is whispering Skandar is on the phone----

Louisiana Tech Smoothie King Friday!!

Michael White
Winning some conference games on the road in hostel environment, the win over Oklahoma was really big. They are really good offensively especially in transition.
Guys are unselfish, Cordarious and Keyon would be starting for a lot of teams
Alex Hamlton scored, but Cordarious kept us in the game until we could find a rhythm

As we head into conference play we want to be hitting in all cylendars. 
Starting or finishing at home (Tech's first 3 CUSA games are at home; final 2 on the road) starting at home---get off to a fast start
Louisiana- good state for basketball this year