Friday, December 6, 2013

Who's Better Than Romo for MVP? and Why Locals Love Mizzou!

Louisville won
Everyone talking about Teddy Bridgewater making "Heisman" play- it was reckless, blind luck
Plays that are LUCKY arent Heisman. Heisman is consistantly out preforming your average joe college football player.

EH sharp dressed man- has he got a job interview?

Jaguars have the longest winning streak in AFC- 3 games
You want to finish strong- 
Speaking of finishing strong...

: Need a Chimney for Santa and a beautiful living room for your Christmas Tree?
Brewer Quality Homes for the Holiday! 

Donnie Brewer have you heard the news? Your boy is getting some love...

Rick Gosselin: "You look at this team ... this is not a good team. 27th in rushing, 32nd in defense, 31st in pass defense. For them to go 10-6, that would make Romo an MVP candidate I think."

We think not.
Who is a better MVP than Romo? 
Fletch says he can name 10
EH says crank up the Jeopardy thinking music...
  1 Brady 
  2 Luck 
  3 Manning 
  4 Brees 
  5 Foals 
  6 Johnson 
  7 Newton 
  8 Wilson 
  9 Lynch 
10 Sherman
... etc

Billy says Peterson is better than Romo

: Saints v. Panthers
Secondary from Panthers called Drew Brees "soft" now he's taking it back.
: If Saints lose to Carolina, and Cowboys win, and Packers win, then KMSS most likely show the Cowboys. Not official from KMSS, our opinion.

Billy: Ohio St is going to kill Mich St, Notre Dame beat them. 
Auburn train stops this weekend- the most solid team up front is Missouri

Missouri held Ol Miss to 10 points, throttled Florida, destroyed Kentucky and Tenn
They do very well on both sides of the ball
18 yards a catch average for L'Damian Washington- Yep we're impressed!

Green Oaks Alumni 

Has excelled despite having lost both of his parents ... Is one of four boys in the family (he's the second youngest) who live together taking care of each other ... Is majoring in psychology ... Lists hobbies as basketball, talking about football with his family and friends, and playing catch with his younger brother ... Chose Mizzou over Nebraska, Minnesota, Louisiana Tech and Tulsa, among others ... Says that the feel he developed with the Tiger coaches was a main draw, as well as the chance to play in Mizzou's prolific spread offensive attack.


FL St feeling froggy "Who we got to play? The nerds? Oh, OK"
Fletch hopes Duke will win, but almost a 30 point underdog makes it unlikely. 

Ohio St- Mich St most interest 
Big 10 Plays in the morning so people around here arent paying as much attention

Major mullet discussion ensues:
ehisworldwide claims the real deal were the country boys with the long locks, not todays posers with fake hair
Fletch says his mullet is like having 1/2 a turtle neck
Why would he EVER get a hair cut or shave?

Hey ESPN- if you are going to buy SEC put on all the games!  Dont make us go to the internet- buy Animal Planet or something and put the stinking games on!

Channel 6 reaching a new spectrum of viewers?
"Outages in our area!!!
Sebastion, Polk, Scott and Logan counties"
That is up by Fort Smith Ark
Acting like doomsday preppers

: J-Bo: now the private school principals are crying because all of the public schools are going to the Dome.
: J-Bo: bc of the split, N. Webster had 7-8 guys who strictly played bball went out for football this year knowing they had a shot at state.

Cupcake: I like this! Makes me look like I get chicks from time to time
@CaseyCollins35: are u tweetiing from the pooper?
The board is in the bathroom, for his convenience
Today has gone to crap, literally