Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Saints Talk!

Cupcake sprints in and was all aflutter trying to beat Fletcher to turning on the lights. Still breathing heavy.  CUPCAKE'S BIRTHDAY was Tech Tuesday!!

MCD brought cupcakes to station for celebration!  New revelation- this is how he eats a cupcake...
Makes a cupcake sandwich.  What did Cupcake do for his Birthday? Says he was crunk in his bed. Admits later he doesnt know what that word means.  

Shouldn't Jacob and Todd wear their jerseys around town? How about golfers? Why doesn't David Toms wear a jersey?


First time Saints have been held to 7 points since 2008
Brees only 147 yards and insult to injury: Saints stuck in Seattle because of flight delay on Monday.

Donnie Brewer got hit AGAIN?!  Yeah he has some great deals- that is DEALS!  Not STEALS!  BREWER QUALITY HOMES needs it's own reality show- Mix of Duck Dynasty and Bad Boys!

EASY-- BREWER QUALITY HOMES -- $49995: 4Brm WITH BIG UPGRADES High ceilings, custom cabinetry, extra living space (finally your man cave!)

Dangelo Williams seems to turn into a 23 year old with fresh legs when he plays saints
Steve Smith is the XFactor in Saints/Panthers game
EH says he doesnt havee one on one like he used to but Smith HATES Roman Harper and that will be a motivator

Russell Wilson has come of age- gotta respect the run but can light it up with his arm
If you compress Saints to 5 yard plays Brees becomes Casey Weldon or someone. Saints were throwing dump off passes and that takes them NO WHERE. How concerning is it that EVERYTIME there is weather there is not game plan? No trips formations, bunch formations, there was NO element of surprise. 

Oregan, A&M QBs are similar to Russle Wilson.
Wilson makes good decisions as he scrambles- looks like Tajh Boyd- Saints better get a game plan against that type of QB or its going to catch up with them.


Some Saints fans are saying Seahawks are going to the Superbowl- chalk it up. BUT majority of the time #1 ranked teams do not get to the big bowl. Rob Ryan will do better- Saints will learn from this beat down. Are they good enough to win against Seattle- eh- maybe not. Drew did not have speed to get outside the edge, Seattle pushed up the middle so there was no room up the middle.

Saints offense did their best Geno Smith/Jets or Jax'ville Jaguars impersonation.
Dr. TV believes Rob Ryan and Saints blitzed too much on Monday night
scoring drive split Graham out wide little post route, he was wide open! Saints didnt run anything like that the rest of the night
Where the hell is LANCE MOORE?
Mitch says Sean Payton loves multi-use players... Ingram is a one-trick pony
Payton is a chess match guy- He played Seattle holding back not to tip to Carolina
He knew Saints had to beat Carolina and its better to beat Seattle 2nd game if you have to choose

College FB out of Conf Record
10. CUSA 20-36
9. MAC 20-32
8. Mt. West 20-27
7. Sun Belt 19-21
6. American 20-20
5. Big XII 22-8
4.ACC 41-14

College Football out of conference record (Top 3):
3. Big Ten 37-11
2. PAC 12  31-6
1. SEC 47-9

Somehow, someway, Alabama could still play for a national championship. "They're always lurking....."


Jennings has not seen any playing time and was able to keep his wits about him to get it done.  Every play call for Mettenberger has been geared toward an immobile QB, not Jennings has a different skill set- what will next 10 LSU practices be like? 

Just put Odel Beckham in and let him run wildcat!  

yells 'CAL' yells 'HUM'
Everybody is out of synch on Hump Day-Calzone Wednesday HELP ROTOLOS!! 
Rafe is being haunted by Rotolos CALZONE WEDNESDAY voice endless loop of Fletch and Cupcake pin balling through your mind
Duke is getting Zero respect! Several folks are jumping on Missouri bandwagon, saying Mizzou has a chance. NO one believes Duke can beat FSU
Fletch in bathroom Cupcake alone in the studio freaks out on the air
Then 'Cake finds out he will be alone for a week doing the show-- will the chair survive unsoiled?