Friday, December 27, 2013

Saints Probs, Which Bowl Games Are Tanking And A SURE THING For Advertisers...

: Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! Welcome back to the grind!!

: Billy believes drew Brees has only himself to blame for his recent trouble... He took all the money, leaving little for O-Line help

ROTOLOS-- a great place to have a fun family night out! 

: Attendance sagging at bowl games? Shocked. Flabbergasted.

: So far, R + L Carriers Bowl (UL-L vs. Tulane) leads the way with 54,728 in The Dome.
2. Royal Purple Bowl 42,178
3. Sheraton Hawaii 29,106
4. Gildan N.M. 27,104
5. Little Caesars 26,259
6. S.D. County Credit Union 23,408
7. Idaho Tator 21,951
8. Beef O'Brady 20,053

: "Yeah they literally blew that team up!" -@CupcakeKWKH 
"No, because they didn't kill them. You mean figuratively." -@FletcherShow

: Coaches are born and bred to lie. Especially when it comes to talking about future employment options.
: Killer Dawg: everyone is so upset saying "Saban is a liar!" But so are we!

: Once you kill a football program, there's not much more you can do after that.

: K.D.: Tony Romo with an epidural or a healthy Kyle Orton? Tony Romo!

: Pet Peeve of the Day: putting all of your problems and drama on Facebook.

: J-Bo: college coaches should be able to go to a different college if you chose.

: Perfectly plush recliners- and the rest of the living room necessities also! Yeah- that's today's LaZBoy! 

: Cupcake joined the Fletcher fam on Christmas Eve. Syd got to the house and was alarmed, "oh...Cupcake, what a pleasant surprise."

: When you have to sit out, you become forgotten.
- if you sit out a year after transferring from one D1 school to another D1

: Stefan from the @AdvoCareV100Bwl on the air with us

Matt Yoder joins us to talk Saints!

: Saints lost that game was become they couldn't score enough points in the first half. You're starting a rookie during THIS game? -Yoder

Saints loss points to a lack of Efficiency...

: A lot of Saints loss is on Payton. The attempted fake field goal and the fact they wouldn't put the ball in the air at the end of the game. Play calling fell flat. No imagination. Brees struggling.

: The efficiency for the #Saints may be lacking from what we saw in previous years because @SeanPayton HAD TO TAKE A YEAR OFF.

: Maybe Payton sees the inconsistency because he doesn't know who's going to come out and play an A+ game each week. Keeps changing.

: Only 3 games have nothing to do with #playoffs. The NFL has many problems---but they get it: parity works!

: Good luck to @myoder84 and the #Saints. Check out Awful Announcing to start your weekend the right way. Thanks Matt!

: For people to say "you don't have a shot in the NFL" is bizarre. Look at the NFL: anyone can win any week... look at the Cowboys

: ESPN making $6 billion in cable subscriptions, has received nearly $260 million in tax breaks from Connecticut over the past 12 years. Connecticut wants to make sure they are happy because Disney's Golden Boy is only increasing in value.

With recording capabilities, many of the public are watching programs after recording them and skipping the commercials which limits the effectiveness of advertising and don't think business don't think of this when considering where their precious ad revenue goes. With 99.4% of sports being watched LIVE, ESPN is becoming a fav for advertisers.

Cable networks are the Mickey Mouse of Disney’s earnings, making up 57% of the company’s total operating income. ESPN along with a contribution from the Disney Channel, generates more profits than the rest of Walt Disney combined. So yeah, Connecticut may even rename their capitol city after them. 

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