Monday, December 30, 2013

Quick Fix For Dallas, Why We're Seeing More Moore, AdvoCare Bowl Update & New Sponsor Ideas For Next Year

: Kids on holiday break are like Dallas Cowboys- they get to relax...

@FletchWorldWide: Cowboys secondary didn't get tested at all, but at least they wised up and played man to man. Dallas needs to avoid zone

Will the Cowboys have a defensive coordinator job open?
Tell Kiffen to go on his merry way
Mo Claiborne and others can man up, but are marginalized in a zone
Change to a 4/3 let your guys play on an island
Get edge help, got to find a safety or 2

: After interception, Jerry walks away from his lofty window, someone is taking off a sweater
: Interception for the Cowboys was like being stuck in Ground Hog's Day
@TonyNorwood_5: until you get a real HC and DC it won't change Tue 8-8 for 3 years str8 is groundhog day for us Cowboy fans! #cowboynation

: Eagles just needed that little boost- Cowboys defense stepped in and helped them out

4.11 interest on your checking account - WHAT?
Free money is SO nice -smiling-  Switch today and get PAID
Gibsland Bank & Trust

Demarcus Ware has been a bull, but injuries are haunting. He is a big $ guy- do the Cowboys cut him?
That would be a tough move, but do you make it? Get Greg Hardy out of Carolina
Jones is loyal to his guys and Ware is still productive though
Pump the breaks on a signing bonus 
There's only a hand full of teams, it's who you draft,

2014 NFL Draft order:
1) Texans
2) Rams (from Redskins)
3) Jaguars
4) Browns
5) Raiders
6) Falcons
7) Bucs
8) Vikings
9) Bills
10) Lions


: Chargers and the Bengals- who saw that coming? Chargers got SO lucky
: Nick Foles, Philly QB, sets NFL record with 27 TD-2 Int---best TD/Int ratio in league history
: If you are a Dolphins fan- lay an egg and miss the playoffs- embarrassing

: Early game Sunday: Chargers at Cincinnati 
Seems like when teams dodge a bullet to get in to playoffs it gives them a little momentum


Cupcake is saying "yo" a lot today
Fletch getting an eye twitch 
And EH stuck in the middle

: Early look at playoff games this week--like the Chiefs on the road at Indy.  Heavy dose of Jamaal Charles and KC-Dee. Not sure Colts can run

: Niners at Green Bay will be the game everyone is waiting to see
: Green Bay: 12-2 in week 17 over last 14 years.
Dallas: 2-12 in week 17 over last 14 years

: Fat guy and replacement brought up a point: Packers in week 12 are 12 and 2, heading into playoffs with momentum
@JonathanDNida: the Pack are like the anti-Cowboys.

: Kansas at Colts 3:35pm. When Kansas is bad they stick it UP worse than @Duck_Commander guys after eating Si's Vietnam pork n' beans!

: Vandy's coach is the pretty girl at the dance nowadays #NFL

: Saban is still in play, but which team will give him COMPLETE CONTROL?

Chip Kelly has no life other than football
Furniture in his house- LaZboy and a TV. What else does a man really need?

: JR says its better that the Steelers were put out of their misery so everyone wouldn't suffer. 
What will their next move be? Polamalu's contract is up. Will they keep him?
: Polamalu "I feel great. I honestly feel better than I did at the end of last year even with the games that I missed."
: If Steelers release Troy Polamalu and Saints pick him up, SportsWife may spontaneously combust from happiness! "Planets are aligning!!"

@FletchWorldWide: Conference trivia quiz
Which 3 conferences have won 3 bowl games?

Answer: Pac10, ACC, Mountain West
: Billy and @ehisworldwide have no confidence in Saints on the road. @FletcherShow tries to boost their hopes. Didn't work

: Billy wanted Saints to lose to avoid embarrassment of another road loss in playoffs. #WTHBilly?

: How do Saints plan on changing luck in road games:
Moore:"New sweatsuits!"
Brees:"change Gatorade flavor/beefy Mac recipe"

@BubbaWinningham: Good news #Saints fans. #Eagles have multiple personalities too. Bad team may show up for playoff 

: Carmichael could have set Brees' hair on fire and he wouldn't have known he was there

: Lance Moore played like he was trying to prove something #Saints
: Saints: Moore and Stills did one thrust too many-
Key and Peele football - Hingle McCringleberry mimic 
@TonyNorwood_5:  great game by him but found his dance very offensive and had to explain to my son it about it
MCD lunged to cover @CupcakeKWKH eyes, but didn't make it in time

: Look at what the Saints bring to the table
Stills is a weapon, Graham is a phenom, Meachem played well
: If Armstead will use those big long arms he has it'll be taken care of

: Silver and Blue (or Black)- Saints may need to go to 6 offensive lineman like Philly
: Benny Logan is flat out impressive.
: Saints take on Eagles Saturday night #NFLPlayoffs

29 degree beer and a day full of bowl games- Chimi Vs patio featuring fresh chips, salsa and Louisiana breezes in December... 60 degree perfection! 

: Saints still have a liability at safety:  Roman Harper will not be able to cover Riley Cooper!

: The ONLY day @FletcherShow pulls for the Falcons, Ryan misses snap count and BLOWS IT
That costs the Saints

: Payton got into Rob Ryan's ear- he was cracking the whip on the coaches #Saints

: Saints game 7:10 kick off
8:10 here in Louisiana

: JJWisdom
Dan Jenkins novel messed him up- is football scripted? Team plays for 58 minutes and then at the end they don't? #blackhelicopter

: @AdvoCareV100Bwl Missy Setters on LIVE with us to give us the behind the scenes!

: Both teams have been very business like- very focused on tomorrow's game #advocarebowl
: Team luncheon is sold out, but public can join in the Pep Rally at the Boardwalk. Mardi Gras style parade, cheerleaders, local bands etc!
: @AdvoCareV100Bwl ticket sales have been picking up momentum-
Locals wanting to see players that will be emerging in NFL next couple of years
: BEAUTIFUL game day predicted with 55 degree sunny skies
: Royal Purple Bowl and R&L Carrier were only bowl games hitting big numbers- @AdvoCareV100Bwl will have impressive crowd
: There are 2 groups that are past the initial stage of exploratory on picking up the bowl sponsorship next year
: 90 days could be realistic timeline for new @AdvoCareV100Bwl sponsor
: 400 members in the foundation- Volunteers are crucial and performing amazing feats to bring it all together!

: New @AdvoCareV100Bwl sponsorship ideas:
- Duck Commander! Refs wear camouflage, blow duck calls
Duck flyover! Could be GOLD!
- Fruit Loop Cereal Bowl
- Count Chocula Cereal Bowl
Cupcake interjects that he eats oatmeal... Gets a 'mic off'

: Cupcake continues explaining his breakfast
Fletch doesn't believe him
Cupcake insists he makes eggs and bacon every morning at 4am
King Hardware's Nick McEllhatten reports:
October 8th Cupcake said he eats fig newtons for breakfast everyday

Louisiana boys representing in the Under Armour All-American game:
@JeritRoser scraped together some stats. LA had the following numbers from '08 til now:
4 in '13
2 in '12
4 in '11
0 in '10
2 in '09
2 in '08 
= 14 total

This year is a little different...
12 Louisiana boys playing in 2014 game!