Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Parkway, Byrd, Calvary: What's the Game Plan? And Cowboys Striving for NFL History!

Speaking of Donnie Brewer... has anyone checked on him since last night? Around the 3rd quarter?

Painful Cowboys Discussion
Read or avoid depending on your tolerance
: Water was freezing the tip of the gatorade bottles on the sideline
@riversbreedlove: said on SC that they needed to put booze in the Gatorade so it won't freeze.

: Cowboy defense. Like watching @CupcakeKWKH swipe at single ladies at the club #SWERVE 

: Cowboys are on the way to BREAK RECORDS 
Give up 498 yard average per game and they can WIN the WORST DEFENSE in the history of the NFL
: Cowboys- youre going to have to try hard!
WE ARE GOING TO NEED TO SEE MORE!  More missed tackles, more standing and staring- but if you dedicate yourself YOU CAN BE THE WORST!
: Gavin Escobar... Didnt he play on Falcon Crest? CowboysNation?

Chicago Bears
490 yards
4.7 yards per rush
9.2 yards per passing play
Never punted

Skipped around frozen Cowboys and scored scored scored!


: Fletch trimmed beard because he was tired of people asking 'you trying out for Duck Dynasty?'
CupcakeKWKH says 'people were asking me that too!
Fletch accuses him of making stuff up... again

: David Feaster really appreciative that other schools in the area are taking pride in Parkway, Byrd, calvary's success
Parkway Coach Feaster talk to the guys goes a little something like this...
If you win it doesnt change the shoes your standing in.  Dont think you can show up Monday without your homework.  It wont change your life that much- you wont be famous and it wont make people like you anymore than they already do- (Got to appreciate the no-nonsense approach)
: Feaster: have really struggled with practice this week because of the weather. No real good options to work out w/lack of indoor facilities
: We are going down on Thursday to root for Byrd and get the "wide-eye" effect out of the way
: We can't wait until to have our own indoor and can go practice. 
: We're gonna pull for Byrd Thursday night. 
: Once we kickoff the ball it's just us against them. 
: On Acadiana Rams:
I knew...about 30 years ago...it's the same guys and same staff, still the same X's and O's.
: They're very much like Byrd, holding the ball, throwing the ball, they're more like D-1 college type guys. 
: The young defensive line have really stepped up there game this season to make up for injuries. 
: Part of the reason for our success this year is because we have so many guys. We have a lot of depth. -Feaster
: Panthers leaving Thursday after school. Probably stopping at TJ Ribs again.
: Only undefeated team left in the state championship, playing Acadiana...the Parkway Panthers.
: Feaster hasn't planned on his pre game speech. He says at this point, all he has to do is let them loose and the adrenaline will take over.
: The community being behind us is really what it's about. I've got 37 family members coming to support me! -Feaster
: You're going to remember this game whether you win or lose for the rest of your life. Feaster 

If this guy is on board, you know its a GREAT TEAM!
Jacob Hester says go give his guys a visit!
Gibsland Bank & Trust 

: JP Rotolos Big Boss Man in studio!
: Today @GreatRaftBeer is releasing their flagships at Rotolo's 
: Starting at 4:30, the tapping begins for @GreatRaftBeer only at Rotolo's on E. 70th near Fern

: @GreatRaftBeer founders consist of MBA's, IT managers, and biochemist degrees. Looks like dreams for @FletcherShow and @CupcakeKWKH are gone
:Brainiacs were working in a big city, far far away when they began learning more and more about craft beer.  Recognised that there was a void in Shreveport Bossier area and wanted to fill it-- with beer.  We are good with that.  Been working on it for a few years: business plan, building, etc.
: Education is a really big part of craft beer. Having a tasting room for people to learn about new beers and different kinds. -@GreatRaftBeer
: Brewmeister is Harvey Kenny who's been brewing for more than 15 years. Guy knows his stuff.
Ginger is a useful tool, chocolate can get out of hand
: JR, 1st since prohibition to buy a local brew beer! Went home to show his wife; she said "why are you at a bar at 3pm while I'm working?"
: Pale ale will be your best pairing for wings.
: What does JP have paired up with the new @GreatRaftBeer? "I'm thinking of pairing it with another beer."
: Double IPA Ermahgerd only available at Rotolo's 
Next Tuesday get a taste of their Christmas beer, "Awkward Uncle".
@GreatRaftBeer is kicking off their local brewery success tonight at Rotolo's! Come on!!

GENTLEMEN, DO YOU HAVE A MAN CHAIR? LaZBoy has a 2 for one low price going on now!

: This has been a really great group of kids and they've done exactly what they needed to to get there. -Suggs
: Why are there so many reductive running backs?
I think it's just a product of what we do, scheme wise. -Suggs
: Archbishop Rummel. First time in two generations that Byrd has gotten the chance for a state championship.
: How has Rummel improved:
They had some players out in the beginning of the season and now they've had time to get healthy. -Suggs
: They're the defending state champions and it will be a tough challenge. -Suggs
: At least 3/4 of our team hasn't even seen the actual dome, more less played a football game in it. -Suggs
: Rummel is a power football team, and very well coached. Offensively, there very much like Stanford. -Suggs

: Go to the Byrd gym and purchase tickets for the game from 8 this morning until?
: How is for Suggs having his son on the roster?
It's going to be very special no matter what. -Suggs
: It's been really special hearing from HS buddies that I haven't heard from in years. So much support. It's overwhelming sometimes. -Suggs

: Archbishop Hannan is a scrappy bunch. They're burning the clock down and not letting you touch the ball. -Bachman; Calvary
: We slowed the tempo way down because we had guys going two ways. -Bachman
: If QB plays well then you've got a chance. If the QB isn't good and you lose, it's going to be like it's his fault, it's not fair. -Bachman
: We're looking forward to winning Calvarys 1st state championship.

We're going to Piccadilly, they're giving us 10% off, so...yeah. -Bachman
: Is there pressure or pride with new blood going to the dome? I think it's both. You want to be included in the success. -Bachman
: Going to the dome isn't the goal. Going to the dome and winning is. -Bachman
: Parkway had a sign that said "Good Luck Calvary" and I think that is a class act that should be noted. -Bachman
: When we face each other we're ready to fight, but when we walk away we're ready to support each other. -Bachman on NLA schools going to Dome
: "Go Jackets, go Panthers, and go Cavaliers. Let's bring this home." 
-John Bachman of Calvary

: @CupcakeKWKH word of the day
JOLT  --  "All those people jolting down the hallway"

: ABC Caller: Buying his ticket to @AdvoCareV100Bwl 
History in the making- Most decorated players EVER!
Get yours NOW

: AdvoCareV100Bwl Looking GOOD compared to-
Clemson vs Ohio St
Stanford vs Mich Stt
Arizona St vs Texas Tech
Dammit Ma'! I got my head gear on!