Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hartley Release, Who Will Texas Hook, Cowboys Insider Talks

Garrett Hartley released...Will always be remembered for aiming for the Fleur de lis between the pipes & nailing it
When Peyton watched Hartley shank one- the writing was on the wall He gone. Released yesterday.
70% of kicks are one point away from being a D, something has to change.
Saints are in the Red Zone too much to not have this weapon be a consistent, dependable option.
How many times did Saints change their game plan because they knew they didn't have a leg man?

Neighbor that doesn't like Hartley sends him this for Christmas.
Rick comes into the studio to defend him and his release from the

Patrick says "you gotta have a guy you can rely on. Field goals, a 26-yarder? They're making those in YMCA."

Rockin' Rick, thank you for the weather update and the defending of Hartley

Andrew @drinkrealbeer  "laces out finkle"

If Saints lose and get in on a wild card, that's okay.
JJ Lewis joins us in the studio! We ask him "what does Mr. Irrelevant mean?" He answers with "Uh, Garrett Hartley?"

With Graham, it won't be "we've got a 55-yrd lets do this." But on the 30-45 yard field goals, he'll be accurate.
Shane Graham will be faced with a pivotal kick- maybe he will be Saints 'I got this' guy
Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker said "I got this" and Raven fans thought... yeah!


E'time I hear HUMP DAY my mouth waters for a calzone Rotolos is in my brain CALZONE WEDNESDAY!

Rumor on message board not true- Parkway's Brandon Harris did not lose the tip of his finger in championship game... He did break his ring finger on his left hand, but it is still there. How do these things get started?


Billy: Finebaum show is going national, so why is it still all about Bama? EH: Because that's what makes it what it is
TheTimFletcherShow @FletchWorldWide 5h
Billy: Finebaum is going to be Bama 24/7 not SEC. He cuts off everyone else that tries to talk about anything else
What Chris Fowler is to ESPN's college football coverage, Finebaum is to SEC Network
Billy: talk local when you are local, but if you are going to be regional/national your discussion should include a bigger audience
People sometimes don't want Fletch to talk high school football and Saints, but that is what his show is
In Fletchland SEC Basketball trumps what the Knicks are doing, football is relevant 365.
Billy: Bama is about to have a powerful recruiting tool as Finebaum's show grows and ESPN is behind that. Not exactly a fair shake.
Finebaum is the Jerry Springer of Sportstalk
it was great to hear Billy for the first time in forever. "As we sit here right now" "almost to the point" good stuff.
Dr TV: I dont think Finebaum drives the show, he just lets these crazy people call up. He doesnt care bc he knows people listen to hear them

Everyone impressed how Cupcake's smedium shirt is holding back the remnants of chicken wings from days gone by
Cupcake: they seriously act like I won't put them on blast this afternoon from 3-7
Cupcake: thinks Fletch and EH wont show up and MIC OFF him on KISS Country
Now Cupcake is playing recordings of himself from KISS country and cackling wildly in the background

Ted Madden, Dallas WFAA guest on today's show...
  How legit is he? His twitter account is verified!!!
The masses are as disgruntled as they have ever been in Dallas And the conversation has to start and end with Jerry Jones
Dallas has NO DEPTH: There are a lot of players that shouldn't be on the field 19 defensive lineman have played this year
Madden: this is as bad as I've seen (fans disgruntled)
Jones addressed again why Dallas Cowboys have no General Manager "Why do we need one? I'm going to be making the calls anyway"

Hopeless situation for Cowboys fans because it will never end
Jason Garret is basically a robot
It's time for Dallas to change coaches
Every single week there is controversy in Cowboy Nation

Madden likes Dez He is a kid in a man's body, not disciplined but has a good heart
The indignation that the media feels about Dez isn't matched by Cowboy fans
Dallas Cowboy analogy Here is your laptop- keys E A N and D are missing Give me perfection Not going to happen

Only way change is going to happen is if Cowboy fans boycott the game and hit Jerry in his pocketbook But that won't happen
Some say get rid of Romo Probably be the best thing that ever happened to Romo EVER

 Derek calls in to ask if Romo were leaving Dallas, where would he go?

Garrett: "We've put ourselves in a position to win our division." I don't know how much "putting" the Cowboys have done... low?  Could be LOW T
Make your appointment and get back in the game!
Regional Urology


One word that described Texas Mack Brown's press conference 'Wistful'
The condescending sadness that says 'Yeah it was great, but its time for change'
Madden: How many colleges say, when the job comes open,"this is best college football job in America."
Hint: Will you hire an NFL coach? He will have to have extensive college experience.
How many more coaches will get raises because the Texas job is open?
Chip Kelly” already said he is not interested
Les Miles was one of the 7 names on a poll list Madden: He isnt a good fit for Texas. Got to please to many different pools of people. Les is not that guy
Briles is a great coach, but dont think he's the one
Dark horse in Texas hunt: Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris
But Texas wants something new and shiny Something that will knock the Cowboys off the front page
Urban Meyer, Jimbo Fisher Texas best bets for big sexy name
When will Texas pull the trigger? Got to be soon, but probably after Jan 6 with bowl games and championship

What does Texas need to look for in a coach? A guy that knows how to work with kids and really build relationships. Not just watch tape.

Texas needs to find an offensive wizard. Everyone knows that a talented offense S-E-L-L-S.

What young college football coach is making his mark as a defensive-minded coach?
Which Texas entity is in more dire situation? Texas Longhorns vs Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys... because there is little hope of change.
Bossier City firefighter for 15 years, JJ Lewis, former Shreveport Captain clubhouse attendants, joined us in studio!

JJ wants to know who talks slower, him or ? He hears himself talking fast in his head but then it comes out of his mouth.

STK: If I had a dollar for every time I try to lock my house with my car clicker...
 Really considering sticking my head in the dishwasher to clear my sinuses. Can't. Breathe. Help