Monday, December 9, 2013

Did AdvoCare Get A Winner? How NW Louisiana Teams May Make History AND Which Bowl Games Are Worth Watching

Fantabulous Football Weekend
If only there was a toilet in the couch
Come on LaZBoy! 

Red Zone should have been called the White Zone on Sunday
Crazy final 2 minutes- 5 TDs scored in Ravens game
: How tough is your QB? 
Brees and Romo would play hurt, what about Arron Rogers? Surprised he didn't play yesterday
: Bears Cowboys game going to be fun tonight!
: Most dangerous wild card team?
EH- Panthers
Fletch- Niners
: If Saints and Panthers each win at home in their match ups Saints win the division. How will Saints win division? Thought common opponents was second tiebreaker?
Billy says: Every road game for the Saints is like trying to scale a big mountain
But Saints road record is pretty good, we just remember the losses in playoffs because they ended the season

: @BubbaWinningham have these numbers been photoshopped?


Parkway road warriors
Byrd swarming
Haynesville blowing in
Many of course...
Calvary will get it all kicked off at noon on Thursday

: Patrick, Haughton fan, says EVERYONE should rally around NWLA teams!
ABC: Thinks Byrd is going to win
Fletch: seriously think all of NWLA teams have legit shot at win
: There is a chance for history to be made in Louisiana with 2 public schools in the same district possibly grabbing two state titles
: How happy can you be for Byd?
Coach Suggs getting to the Dome with his son on the roster!
@FletchWorldWide: rumors started the year off that Calvary was not even going to have a school (evangel has been hearing that for years about their schhol's "demise")...they lost first 3 games, but they just got better and better and now are a force to be reckoned with!

Advocare V100 hit a HOMERUN with Boston College and Arizona
- BC is led by senior running back Andre Williams, who leads the nation in rushing yards with 2,102. 

- Arizona features junior Ka’Deem Carey, the 2013 Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year, fifth in the country in rushing yards at 1,716, and second nationally in rush yards per game at 156. 

: According to yahoo sports: out of all of the bowl games the @AdvoCareV100Bwl is ranked 20th for best matchup. 15 other games ranked below
Advocare V100 Bowl better than 20th according to Dr. TV 
EH: 2 Good Things About Matchup

1) you have to appeal to the mass audiences and please the ESPN's of the world
2) this will bring locals in to watch a good game and it's going to be high scoring.

: Dr. TV: We say Arizona has been on the rise but they've been pretty good the last few years. Almost every NFL game you see an Arizona alum.

Not ONE PAC 12-SEC matchups
That's what Advocare could have pursued if hotel/motel tax would have been voted in... Alas...

Auburn has to be thinking "Dude! We got another shot at it!!"
"Right now, we can run the football on anybody," Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said.
Auburn started fall practice with four possible QB's;Nick Marshall has been a Home Run choice

Fletch doesn't like Gus Malzahn's fist pumping antics on the sidelines- gets on his nerves, but he is a student of the game and it is impressive to see what he has done with his book learning and cypherin.' Guy named Gus reads a book on Delaware Wing T- and modifies it:
Bingo bango let the fist pumpin begin
Bingo bango Auburns' getting wins

Auburn played big boy football. When they roll into defenses, the opponent's Heals- butt- back- helmet hit the ground in that order. 

"The M&Ms dont melt in your hand either. Marshall and Mason rushed for 304 yards and four touchdowns on a program-record 46 carries Saturday. 

Dismukes “You try to stop one and the other one breaks loose. You try to stop Tre and Nick breaks loose. You stop Nick, and Tre breaks loose.”


11 year old boy from Shreveport named Oscar made it into Yahoo Sports' Saints recap. 

Bears Cowboys game going to be fun! 
How tough is QBs? Romo would play hurt, what about Arron Rogers? Surprised he didn't play yesterday

Josh: Calling Cupcake out
Metallica's Cyanide came out 2008- how is that classic rock?

: Bubba: the BCS championship is decided by a mixture of polls some computerized, some human generated. Come college playoffs, they're gone.

Basketball vs Bowl Selection
Which is more fun?

Which bowl games are worth watching?
Ok st vs Mizzou
Duke vs Tex A&M

: Dr. TV: I don't really see a lot of important games. LSU got jobbed.

Bowl tie ins are ridiculous- would be nice to go to nice destination
LSU not a sexy bowl game this year at all!
LSU vs IOWA in Tampa in the Outback Bowl
How dreadful would it be if LSU gets bored with their matchup and tanks? Ug

: The whole crew was at Rotolo's last night! Tried some new stuff! Chicken Caesar wrap (nom), Chalmette Cheese Sticks ooooh yah.

@FletchWorldWide: Brock, Florida State fan:
Who have y'all played that is scary? 
"We played top ranked Clemson, smoked them like a pack a' Kools. Everyone we played, we smoked them like a pack a'Kools." 
Sounds like Florida State may need a surgeon general instead of a team doctor. 
Clemson wasnt top-ranked when Fla State beat them. But we liked Brock's enthusiasm---and he has a great laugh for radio! 

: @CupcakeKWKH gets a phone call from a GIRL. We've already checked, there is no family relation. So it counts!

: Congrats @drewbrees on fastest QB to reach 50,000 yards! #WhoDat