Monday, November 4, 2013

YOU Have The Power!! Pick A Winner This Weekend!

It's the biggest regular season football week for fans in our corner of the woods.  
LSU at Alabama

Saints vs. Cowboys

If diehard LSU fans who also happen to either be diehard Cowboys fans or Saints fans could only have one of their two favorite teams win this weekend, which one would it be? 

For the Saints or Cowboys fan, a loss brings a year of tormenting from co-workers who favor the victor this coming Sunday night. 

For LSU fans, a loss to Alabama might not cause turmoil in the workplace or home (i mean, really. who in Shreveport/Bossier actually likes the Crimson Tide? outside of Caddo Correctional)---but it would give Nick Saban three straight wins over Les Miles, widening the gulf between the two programs a little further apart. 

So, which one do you choose?