Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Who is a Better Daddy: Miles or Saban? Sanford and Son and Warning for Saints Fans

11-12-13: Magical day! Make a wish...
"I wish this entire show was punctuated with Sanford and Son photos"

Eeeeyou got it!

Pats visiting Carolina on Monday night football: good show. Some people are saying Panthers are Superbowl contenders!  

Did John Chavis go home or get stuck in the bathroom during the 3rd quarter? 
"Who turned off the lights?"(Flushing) HEY! TURN ON THE LIGHTS!"
"3rd Quarter starting here at Bryant-Denny Stadium... Alabama kicking off leading 17-14..."
"HEY! Let me out of here! Good god where's the light switch..."
"That's another Alabama first down..."

Gibsland Bank and Trust
Get out of the red and get into the Black. Cupcake playing BLACK SABBATH for background music- we think he finally gets it.
These are good guys... go see them for your home or business loans!

Are you at the END or the FORK in the road with the Tigers?

Billy: Sometimes I just like to watch the accident, so Ill watch the A&M game
Fletch: It will be like a Benny Hill episode: 
Imagine Aggies break the huddle, sending Evans wherever LSU places Jalen Mills. LSU responds by sending Mills to the other side of the field. Que the Benny Hill music as Evans relocates to match up with Mills. LSU sends Mills back over and Evans chases him yet again -Infinity loop-

The HogFan in Fletcher is ELATED to see 2 Evangel Eagles headed to Hogtown to help turn the ship around!  Santos Ramirez, Evangel defensive back originally leaning towards LSU committs to Arkansas!

Ohio State WR Evan Spencer says they would wipe the field with Bama and Florida State-- apologizes soon thereafter. Meyer must have sat him down for a lecture.

CHEVYLAND... Bubba has finally lost it. How is he going to afford Rotolo's pizza for the Friday fam feast if he is selling Silvarados for THIS PRICE? Man's got to make his nickel somewhere! We are concerned!

LSU lost 7 defensive stalwarts from last year...If another mass exodus happens again this year, Tigers are in trouble. Les stresses he can get them into the NFL quickly, Maybe? Seems like Saban keeps players longer. He has a system that players want to stay in for more instruction.

Saban is the dad who reads the paper and shouts at kids to get off the lawn. Miles is the cool dad playing WIFFLE ball with the neighborhood kids. Which one's system is more effective? Players seem to connect to both for very different reasons.
- Saban is the harsh disciplinarian who toughens a kid up so they are better prepared, but never tells the kid he loves them.
- Miles connects with the kid with playfulness and compassionate, but doesn't discipline or teach structure.

Matt Yoder--- Central Ohio's Biggest Saints Fan checks in with us...
Saints fans don't get too excited, Graham will be playing with foot injury. Sproles should be off special teams, Colstons banged up, Ingram was playing against weak and caving Dallas defense,
Brown getting whipped by a one legged man...

Jimmy Graham is a difference maker, Brees leans on Graham and needs that weapon. Carolina can go across the country and whip up on San Francisco- their front 7 is lethal. That is dangerous for Saints. If saints can get their running game going they might have a shot because it will give passing game a break. Short week then Saints play Falcons. Atlanta is playing poorly, but they will rally to try and beat Saints. 

Practical joke or settling a bet?
Monday Night Football: Gruden reined it in but Tirico said a penalty was on Incognito- waited- there was no correction- maybe he was settling a bet or practical joke?

Jay Glazer interviewing Incognito:
How much does access play a role? Incognito is going to sit down with someone he can trust- but that will be the only way the interview happens. Wasn't completely soft-ball, FOX bungled it by not making it clear they were running it in two segments. 

Chris Collinsworth: best or worst analyst?
Best. Would you rather have him or Phil Simms? Go down the list...

Verne and Gary? 
Gary Danielson's Pammy Nomination "Florida/Georgia game means so much because it means so little"


College football broadcasting landscape could explode if Tebow joins the rank
Tebow going to CAA to get representation for broadcasting. Will be CBS or ESPN.
SEC Network would be good place for him. How good will he be? He'll struggle being critical. He could moderate First Take. Surprised they haven't kidnapped him already. 
Fletch says if you're watching Storage Wars Bristol and you see them roll up a door and Tebow is sitting in there duct taped to a chair with Incognito walking around waving an unpaid ESPN cafeteria tab... 

Louisiana Tech Skip Holtz is on today: a magical day 11-12-13 at at magical time 08:09:10--- and no one remembers to acknowledge it.

Holtz "We are playing our best football at the end of the season and that is what you want. Not a lot of teams can say that in November."
Airline alumn, D'Angelo Brooks picked up a safety, Kendrick James and others made a difference.

LATech put the HURT on Southern Miss Saturday: 
A+ effort by the DAWGS
Ran for 311 yards, Kenneth Dixson had over 200
Scotty Young stepped in to fill void with Ryan Higgens on the shelf
Defense Adairius Barnes was a difference maker  
Adairius Barnes Named C-USA Defensive Player of the Week
Holtz has been developing depth- played 45 or so players vs. Southern Miss

LATech playing Rice:
Of all D1 schools, Rice had 18 or 19 returning starters while LATech has 18 or 19 new starters. They will be a tough nut for Tech. Gains was defensive player of the league. Kicker is very talented. There is a reason they are tied for 1st. 

Rice gave Houston a run for their money. North Texas beat them mainly because they couldn't convert on 3rd downs and had turnovers plus surrendered a punt return TD and gave up 65 yards on another punt return.
LATech Special Teams: we've been down, but getting Tevon King Back COULD BE HUGE!!
QBs: Ryan Higgins or Scotty Young? Dont know yet. Still waiting on doc. We have 2 very capable QBs so its not a controversy, its depth

Fletch complains -AGAIN- about Cupcake interrupting and getting him off track. Cupcake punished with a "Mic OFF"

Chimi Vs $11.99 Fajitas - PERFECT for chilly day - hot sizzling pan of tasty meat!

Woodlawn Knights Coach Jerwin Wilson calls the Show!  Cupcake answers- will he accidentally bump the mute button?

Up against DeRidder: they are 9-1. It's a tough district, we will have to go down there and beat those guys. 
Carrying 45-48 guys down to the game so fatigue may not be a factor- they just have to play well. If we show up to play, we can beat anyone. We have to control the ball- not turn it over and we will win.

People are fighting over this kid-- Donavan Wilson
Everybody wants him but his is focused on his season, not recruiting. He works hard- 13 interceptions so far this season. 

Which Other Woodlawn Knights Are Getting Attention?
Fadarius Johnson reciever over 800 yards receiving and 8 TDs
Tramain Taylor, Jamal Brown, Trayvon Adams stand out players!

DeRidder will look at 25 seed and underestimate Woodlawn... A dangerous move by the Dragons. We believe Woodlawn can play with DeRidder and we think Airline and Haughton will be dangerous on the road in first round!