Monday, November 4, 2013

Incognito and LSU-Bama HATE WEEK Begins!!

Will recruiting suffer if Bama beats LSU again?

Saban quote: Mediocre people don't like high achievers and high achievers don't like mediocre people. Does this make you like him more, or Les? 

We don't like you Satan- you nailed it! It's 10am, time for a mid day nap followed by a beer... Who's making gumbo today?

LSU tunnel experience vs BAMA tunnel experience

Last time Alabama had a week off to prepare for LSU things didn't go well for them- LES needs to play with reckless abandonment- 

The LESTICLES need to DROP!  Drop em LES! Drop em like they're HOT!

If Les is having to hold blood thirsty Tigers back in the tunnel and they have that red blazing focus in their eyes LSU will win this game! Go for risk reward!  Les needs to push Bamas defense to have to prepare for the unconventional. BOOMSLAM! Crazy enough to work! Louisiana living large- reality TV Star Mecca! That is how we do it! Try not to watch- you can't take your eyes off this freakshow!

Dolphins big money rollers making chump change rookies pick up big tabs that blow a third of their salaries is NUTS. That's EXTORTION. Could this have turned into another Hernandez situation?

Johnathon Martin out of Standford now at Miami- he left Dolphins. He said he was bullied, we thought maybe he needs to toughen up. BUT now finding out it means he was stuck with $30,000 tab from Veterans hazing him- and other crap like that- he is broke. Martin salary $400k, says he has a family, can't play this ridiculousness. Richie Incognito forced Martin into funding Vegas trip also- Martin not even going. Richie Incognito sent texts, messages that were harassing racially, threatening, etc. Richie- get ready to kiss your NFL carreer goodbye... You idiot.  You ain't gon be Rich-ie any more! Dolphins big money rollers making chump change rookies pick up big tabs that blow a third of their salaries is NUTS. That's EXTORTION. Could this have turned into another Hernandez situation?

The Miami Dolphins have suspended starting guard Richie Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team.

Uncle Pat used to pull them around the house by their big toes or squeeze achillies. Would Martin still be a Dolphin if Incognito done that type of hazing?  Dolphin's message board: Incognito:
Deadspin following Walrus- is Walrus Incognito? 
Incognito's dad posts that Martin and Pouncy are black brothers that do drugs and want their coaches to die of aids... Uh we'd be leaving dear old dad message "take your fingers off the keyboard"

When Joe Horn was on the show he talked about Rookie that put a snake in his bag- Horn didn't run the guy into debt and threaten his life, he said OK Rookie- get ready to carry my bag where ever I go!

Bubba calls in talking how it felt to drive the new 2014 Corvette: 110 on straight away- 100 down to 30 for hairpin in about 3 secs then back up- Bubba never been on any thrill ride/roller coaster that could touch this- Chevyland has some on order. When Vettes come in they are wrapped in white plastic- buyers say do not touch my car! I want to take the plastic off myself. 

LATech facing Southern Miss- needs to put up!

2:48 left to play 4th down and 11 and he punts- Cowboys' Wade being himself- 'Boys got ball back with :58 seconds- Kicker looked like Cupcake in crisis mode- 

When are NFL coaches going to learn? You can't sit on a lead in the last 2 minutes.

The next caller challenged Fletcher Show to do Upsets of the week- EH says he is the only one that picked the right teams and covered the spread. 

Someone is getting UPSET and its college football...

Ralph: been a crazy season. All the upsets have got him upset! Now on Monday he feels like LSU will kick butt, but EH says Tigers don't have the defense. They need to get into McCarron's face but don't think they will! Tigers are 10.5 dogs, Cupcake looking for over/under... Uh... Waiting... Total number of points expected to be scored- Fletch looking now... Neither can find it. Fletch guesses 48-49? Vegas doesn't have them out there. Catch up!

GIBSLAND BANK & TRUST: Try to find a friendlier group of people-- no really that's a challenge! 

DONNIE Brewer brewing up some MINDBLOWER DEALS:
Largest service dept, 20 acres of inventory, in house financing 

Cupcake admits he was busy trying to snake the last piece of pizza at Rotolos instead of helping Fletcher with boxes or cripple Sportswife with the door... He says he couldn't help it. Rotolos has that effect on people. 

   ------  Ram 1500 Motortrend's truck of the year   ------

Donnie Brewer: how does he feel as a Cowboy fan? Its the NFL... Anyone could win on any day. Especially since the salary cap. Used to you could say the worst WILL NOT beat the best- not anymore.  He sees 9 wins for Cowboys and predicts LSU will beat Bama.

Which do u take? LSU over Bama or Saints over Cowboys
You can only pick one!  Leave your pick in comments...
Johnny C: LSU over Bama
Joe: LSU over Bama
Fletch: Saints over Cowboys
Donnie: LSU over Bama
Geno: LSU over Bama

EH says Cowboys and Saints have in common: Lot of competition in their divisions catching up

Fletch makes a mistake- Cupcake is giddy!!!!!

EH says he was disappointed in Florida State against Miami 

DOES THIS GUY HAVE LOW T? You never know-- could be! Feeling grumpy, sluggish, lost your zest for living-- make your appointment NOW! Regional Urology: Call the guys now at (866) 683-0411

Baylor / Oklahoma
Oregon/ Stanford
We haven't see the marque upset yet-- will LSU nail it? 
Fletch said Tennessee will beat Auburn. EH wonders why Fletch hates Auburn: Malzahn is a turd.

Drew had some choice words for dude that went for his knees-- Saints have to check yourself and get aggressive! CE Byrd has a play called the BLAST where tripple team the 
OLine isn't even getting in their way! Defense just runs by them.