Monday, November 4, 2013

Saints-Jets: 3 Things That Blow Your Mind and What's Brewing at Parkway

EH is trying tho avoid talking about the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Fletch says that was his name in high school. 

What market is dish #1? HERE because of KMSS showing Cowboys games. Fletch says he's had enough he is throwing the cable boxes out the back door and calling direct tv.

26-17 Saints have the ball: 3 plays that blows Fletch's mind.
1) 2nd and 11 Drew to Moore- Moore stretches to get the 1st down. Clearly gets it- Refs blow it!  Jets call time out, Sean doesn't challenge the spot!

2) 3rd down and 2 inches: Jed the Head wide open ball hits him in the hands and-- whoopsy! If it would have been Jacob Hester that is caught, done and finished, Head had hands like stones! Not a horrible call, but why not run it and get the first down?

3) 4th down and 2 inches- why try an end-around with your 3rd string tight end? That play didnt work with Reggie or Devery, why would it work with Josh Hill? Mind boggling what Sean Peyton was thinking then. Saints did not give it to Pierre Thomas enough!

Fletch made chili last night complete with beans. Turned the night into a flatulence symphony. 
Ed Hardy had plans of sticking to football talk only but #DERAILED

Cajun Rob- at 3:15 I was concerned, but he thinks the loss will make them hungry. Cowboys and Saints have the same problem: they play up to big competition and down to others... Fletch says The ball will be put in Romo's hands to win. Vilma is a shell of himself, Vaccaro can't be a frelancer which is his style. Stills needs to get man to man, we don't know if we will have Sproles. Mecham pulled off a miracle juggle catch. When push comes to shove they need to run it! But they aren't- 

Sportswife has been saying all year Saints have used Sporles too much and have not saved him as their secret weapon... And now they are paying for it. "Do you wear your hand beaded evening gown to carpool everyday? No- The damn beads will fall off! You take that drag out and flaunt it during special occasions." 

Fletch been rolling in this Holmes European Range Rover Evoque-- not bad for a guy from Arkansas! Rides like a smooth sports car- everything about it is unique- unexpected- take a test drive! Tell 'em Fletch sent ya!

Going to have a Special Guest on Wednesday: Brandon Harris from Parkway!
He's putting on a football camp this Saturday for youth! 

Fan Base Uprising at Parkway!!
- Petition starting against LHSAA ruling against Parkway
- Imagine the cost for players families, band, spirit squads if they are having to be on the road for every game?!
- Parents are fed up! And we don't blame them!
- Fletch behind you %100 and will support in any way we can


Look who's talking about the Tiger/Tide Tango on Twitter:
Odell Beckham: what up blood
Tyrann Mathieu: wassup young king
Odell Beckham: coolin bruh how u livin??? #Blessed as always??
Tyrann Mathieu: Of course .. You ready ??
Odell Beckham: U already kno #BornReady