Monday, November 25, 2013


: Why would Notre Dame play in New Jersey against an American Athletic team and lose their Christmas break when they can play here?
: If Notre Dame plays an ACC team in AdvoCare V100 Bowl, they get better opponent, their Christmas Break & four days in hot recruiting turf
: Mark Schlabach picks (ACC vs. SEC)
 - Boston College vs. Ohio for @AdvoCareV100Bwl
 - Not going to happen. Dude- know what you are doing.

: Cowboys got it done
Does that mean Donny Brewer is going to be decorating all his quality homes with Christmas decor?
: How Dez Bryant wasnt a catch is nuts
Refs are screwing up right and left
: Cowboys are in 1st place again
defense showed up more than expected
: Cowboys vs Oakland is a rest game
: Ditka ‘The Cowboys don’t have anyone who can cover Victor Cruz.’
Is that the same Mike Ditka who traded his whole draft for one player?
 - @rdebello: @FletchWorldWide 49-17. Nuff said
: Victor Cruz had one catch for 5 yards and we turned it into a touchdown," Scandrick said
: Donnie Brewer says he is a better father when Cowboys win... AND is reducing prices today! Better husband? meh- she's always mad
: Donnie: "I'm ready. It's a Super Bowl year." 
#cowboys  #wishfulthinking  #wakeupfromlalaland

Donnie Brewer: @FletchWorldWide stranger things have happened! #Romo #CowboysNation
: Donnie Brewer is so happy with his Cowboys, he could possibly give away the trailer thief $100.

Sleep like your floating on a breeze dude...

: LAZBOY Thanksgiving Sale
36 months no interest $300 Lazboy gift card with any TempurPedic mattress purchase 
: TempurPedic 25 year warranty.... 90 day sleep satisfaction guarantee. 

: @ehisworldwide is happy with his picks, LSU does not lose 2 in a row
: @ehisworldwide LSU showed the blueprint of how to stop Johnny Football
: Manziel's hand is hurt worse than has been revealed
He is overcompensating with bad mechanics

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: Billy: Dont understand how LSU shut down A&M
: Saw a lot of zone from LSU this year, they finally trusted their players to play man to man
: Why did it take so long for LSU to give freshman on secondary a chance to SUCCEED-- Tre'Davious, McGee, Robinson...
: JManziel needs to take his money now. LJ makes a good point, the option style QB will be obsolete in a couple of years

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: JManziel will potentially go into the NFL 0-2 against LSU
: See how many teams that are 5-6 in the AFC now? Around 7.
: Rammer-jammer t-shirt lady asks stewardess 4 help finding seat on airplane. Skandar to stew: only a dumb-a** Bama fan can't find a seat on an airplane with 3 chairs per row that are in order.


: Tiger Girl: I've had a lot of fun in Tiger Stadium over the years, but not as much as this Sat. The Tigers are back and the defense!

: Ralph: "I mean I'm not voting Les for governor or anything, yet."

Byrd Forecast:
CE Byrd 24- Shaw 0
Holy Cross 35 - Shaw 28
Rummel was only other team to shut out Shaw 38-0

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