Friday, November 8, 2013

Predictions Served Hot With Sports Nuggets in Spicy Tiger Sauce

Predictions sprinkled throughout, with nuggets of sports wisdom- cough! cough! Its all about perspective people...

: Silver and Black: Sad to see Dorsett struggling with CTE
Farve will be next- Wonder about other greats. Sad situation--

: Tammy freaked out on Finebaum yesterday
Took a couple of pot shots at Wall Street Journal guy- GOLD
: Finebaum is the Stern of sports

: Silver & Black Prediction: 24-21 LSU
Hit Hill with Dorsett wheel route
Delahoussaye going to get it done

: @King_Hardware got the grills and smokers you want to put that venison on the table!

: Cajun Rob says LSU going to win with one of those quirky Les Miles moves...
27-23 LSU

: Dr TV: 30-10 Bama

: @AdvoCareV100Bwl BOGO buy bowl ticket get a LATech or ULM ticket free #BOOMSLAM

Coach's salaries released:
: LATech Skip making $Mil with combined paychecks
Berry dragging in last place in money race in LA

: Lil' Jerry thinks Cupcake may be improving: at least he didn't hear him on PA tell crowd to get loud when home team was on offense

: James likes Saturday Replay of Friday Football Frenzy
Tells @FletcherShow to keep up the good work
: LOVES that Oregon got whipped, fun seeing truth emerge
: Tight shots of Stanford's players showed steely readiness
: Standford ran the ball 66 times, threw 13 passes
Oregon: only 58 plays from the line of scrimmage
Cajun Rob: Stanford is the West SEC 
They play smash mouth football

@FletchWorldWid concerned: LSU doesn't have a 'GO TO' guy on defense
@ehisworldwide And you STILL think LSU will win?

: James: 31-30 LSU

: Paul Cush: 25-20 LSU
Stop by the grocery and get primo snacks for the watch party
Chicken Salad, egg rolls, meat pies... #itsallgood

: Clint: 
Parkway win over Airline
Saints win over Cowboys
@e_woody15: even though I dislike the cowboys I pick the cowboys to win
: Clint: 30-20 LSU

: @CupcakeKWKH bio says "I like to jog around the city! Stop by and say hi!" Admits: he hasn't jogged in 2 years

Syracuse v. Maryland
GAINESVILLE... Florida v. Vanderbilt

Tickets for the Troops Night at Chick-fil-A on Veterans Day

The AdvoCare V100 Bowl will hold Tickets for the Troops Night on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, at Chick-fil-A on Youree Dr. from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Anyone who purchases dinner at the Chick-fil-A location at 7010 Youree Dr. on Veterans Day can help support the AdvoCare V100 Bowl’s Military Ticket Initiative just by mentioning they are supporting the Bowl’s Spirit Night when they purchase their food.

The proceeds from the evening will go toward purchasing tickets for the men and women of the armed forces to attend the 2013 AdvoCare V100 Bowl.

Each year, the Independence Bowl Foundation donates tickets to various military bases throughout the region. Bowl representatives will be on hand if fans would like to purchase tickets at a discounted price to donate to the military.

: Ralph: 42-27 LSU -- High hopes?
: Ralph told Cupcake "If you hang up on me before I get my 'Geaux Tigers' in, I'm coming up there." 

: Griffin Fan: 24-16 LSU-- Because that was the Griffin's winning score last night!

: JP from Rotolo's: 28-24 LSU -- Rotolos won Best Pizza in Shreveport Bossier!
Secret S'port Times team tried them all and ROTOLOS was best! Hear what the Shreveport Times said:  Unlike some other chain competitors, the pizza at Rotolo’s isn’t out of a box, can or bag — and that’s just the way owners John and Jennifer Psalmonds want it.  

We start at 7 or 8 a.m., slicing and cooking, making dough and getting everything ready for lunch and dinner,” said Psalmonds, a C.E. Byrd High School graduate who went on to graduate from Louisiana Tech University. Jennifer Psalmonds graduated from Loyola College Prep and Louisiana Tech. “It’s just a better quality of food when it’s all prepared fresh.”

: BILLY: 42-14 BAMA

@darebouche: I have seen it with my own eyes on many occasions. I hereby declare  @CupcakeKWKH has become a legitimate local celebrity. @FletcherShow
:Cupcake wonders "What am I going to be called when I'm 45?"  
"Uh...fat, drunk, and stupid?" @FletcherShow 
@ts_more: @FletchWorldWide going #richieincognito on @CupcakeKWKH today. #ToughinUpTheRookie

: Thanks Dr. Jimmy Moss for helping @FletcherShow get out of his funk! Got low-testosterone? Call 318-683-0411! #RegionalUrology

: G$: 17-14 Bama

: Donnie Brewer, from Brewer Quality Homes, going to Tuscaloosa AND the Cowboys v. Saints game? He's ballsy, but he's gonna get caught.
: Donnie Brewer:
27-24 LSU
34-31 Cowboys

: If you work for Donnie Brewer, you get to go to Cowboys games and LSU games. @FletcherShow step up your employer game.

: Johnny C: 42-31 Saints
: Preacher Man: 27-24 LSU
: Gino: 24-21 Bama
: Ed Hardy: 27-23 Bama
: Syd the Kid: 21-17 LSU