Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Parkway Duel Threat QB and LSU Commit Brandon Harris Special Guest

Parkway Duel Threat QB and LSU Commit Brandon Harris Special Guest

Highlights from Harris Interview:

Brandon's dad was huge influence and he and his family prayed about his decision before choosing LSU. Took his grandma to LSU camp as well as other colleges to meet coaches. Les Miles took time to come sit down and eat with him and his family. Brandon listens to his grandmother and she felt good about Miles. 

There are a lot of twists and turns in recruting; every day there is a new rule, you have to know what call to take from which coach on what day. Brandon still gets mail and other offers, but throws letters aside. He is 100% LSU!

Signing is tomorrow, but there won't be any hat swapping fiasco. "My dad said there would be no flipping on decision once it was made. I announced this summer, had my celebration and that was it." Tomorrow (Thursday) is a commitment of scholarship from LSU to Brandon. This isn't binding like the National Letter of Intent but it is a new relaxation of rules by NCAA for HS athletes who graduate early.

In the spring and summer, teammates would say practice was "7 on 7, on Brandon," as different coaches were always coming to look at him play.  Still, Coach Feaster treats him the same as all the rest;,made him run track Soph and Jr year, said he was going to have to be athletic if he wanted to be Parkway QB. Brandon says Coach Feaster doesn't get enough credit- he has done so much for him!

Brandon try's to encourage other players as he was encouraged- Louisiana players he tells them how playing in state would benefit them but doesn't try to flip commits 

Brandon Harris Fan caller: want him to know he enjoys high school career and looks forward to next level. Was surprised how poised and professional he is. 

Brandon says he never imagined the magnitude of his high school career- people come to him wanting a picture or autograph. Especially the little kids coming up to him- means a lot. That's one of the reasons he wanted to hold a camp- to be able to give back to these little guys that look up to him.

Camp- Parkway's stand out players will be there along with their coaches.  Going to be a great day for youth. Shane at Smart Phone specialists has donated $75 so first 75 kids get in free.

Under Armour game Jan 7, 2014. He spends the week there- goes to Disney with other recruits. Brandon wants a state championship for Parkway and looks forward to turning it loose in Florida.
People tell him he has a better shot at playing at Baylor or someplace else, but he wants the challenge at LSU. He wants to start, he will go against great competition which will improve him. Karen, the mother of his best friend, Broderick Jefferson (LaTech commit) calls and says she is very proud!
Brandon loves to get the ball into Broderick's hands- he is talented enough to go to any school in the country--wishes schools were looking more at players accomplishments, passion etc instead of just physical traits.

Preacher Man: Hits controversial subject- how do u feel about Parkway traveling to all their games?
Brandon- we are close- we play as one, we don't care where we are and coached by best of the best. We look forward to the challenge. Our fans are UNBELIEVABLE- travel better than anyone! Panther Nation will rise to the occasion!

North vs South LA- has Brandon heard any controversy about LSU players being polarized? Brandon says no. If you can play, you can play- Jacob Hester, Kyle Williams, Tre'Davious White, Mo Claiborne- they came from here and did well and he will follow their lead.

Caller: Brandon comes from Christian background, grounded and supported by a lot of family. Caller married into the family and enjoys watching and comparing Brandon to some of the greats. Encourages him to focus on his talent and reminds Brandon he will fight hardest when backed into a corner!

Ralph: Wants to congratulate him! Stay out of Shady's!

What does Brandon say about Cam Cameron? He is excited about the possibilities when working with Cameron. Just look at the progression Zach has made- Brandon wants the instruction and insight. 

Andre' asks how Brandon thinks Parkway Panthers will be next year-- Brandon discusses the weapons coming up behind him. Back up QB 6'4" and fast, Parkway will be fantastic next year!

Brandon misses Fletch so much on TV. He says everyone in this area misses Fletch on TV and on the sideline. Misses the jokes, says he used to hurry home for the show and really misses that now!

Fletch says Brandon is great embassador for Shreveport/Bossier and looks forward to seeing his progress!