Thursday, November 7, 2013

LSU XFactor! Parkway vs LHSAA

What might make the difference for LSU?
LSU's X-Factor? Cam Cameron... He will outsmart Bama Defensive coordinator Kirby Smart
- Mettenberger will be able to take advantage of Bama's defense-
After the Ole Miss spanking, he has learned his lesson.  Don't try to be a hero, its not always the big gun that needs to emerge. Sometimes the less sexy ways are the ones that win the games.
LSU's defense is young and hungry... and improving.
Bamas defense is given 26 points in 6 games- 5 points a game

Tre'Davious White  learning- becoming more effective
: Alabama's O-Line is the main reason for Tide's success over the last few years. This year's crew is a step below last years stellar O-Line
They shut out Arkansas, but who hasn't? and Tennessee, Kentucky
Why do you take the time to switch banks?  Because it pays off in the long run!

Les needs to bring the swagga back- onside kick, reverse pass: shake it up a bit
30-28 LSU wins ... From the Atlantic to the west coast people will celebrate
Ole miss tried rolling the dice and it didnt work but that is not their thing! It is LSUs thing. 
Mettenberger completes at least 27 passes; 300 + yards and 3 TD's in 30-28 win over Alabama

Could be Low T... Regional Urology.  Don't put it off, find out if you need a boost!

Caller, Haughton Bill, heard Saban's wife was in Austin looking around for real estate. He is a graduate from LSU. Met a woman from Michigan St that was furious with him because LSU stole their coach. That's how Saban does- leaves fan bases broken-hearted whenever he leaves for greener pa$ture$
He's also burned a lot of bridges and made a lot of enemies 
People say Bama will match $$ anything Texas comes up with, that's na├»ve- they have their own network! He would put a fence around Texas and EVERYONE- A&M, LSU, Baylor all would take a hit. Caller loves Saban- he never says anything embarrassing- like other coaches. 

Darrell in the Barrel: Learned on The Tim Fletcher Show: 
-Fletcher has no tolerance for cold if he thinks 45 is bone chilling
-Donnie Brewer is angry and ready to crush any and all competitors no matter the consequences
-HaughtonBill has a man crush in Saban

Brandon Harris says "It's official, I'm a tiger! I love my grandma right by my side!"
So proud of this young man! Hard working, big hearted and intelligent is not a bad way to go through life!


Parkway situation with LHSAA and Live Oak
Kenny Henderson, Executive Director of the LHSAA joining us only on AM1130. Check out the RadioPup app and hit 1130 The Tiger to listen on your cell 6-9am Mon - Fri
The committee of LHSAA: about 20 are principals, two are from coaches association, school board, superintendent, no staff members.
Henderson on consequences for violations "Depends on what the offense is and if it's in the handbook. If there is a penalty in the handbook, I go to the handbook."
Henderson "When you get to sportsmanship situations, it gets fuzzy. Unwholesome competition is a section."

Henderson: Destrehan's violation potentially changed the outcome of their game, that's why it was forfeited. With Parkway/Live Oak, it wasn't a game changing situation. It was more of a bizarre scenario that didn't benefit/negate the outcome of the game.

VROOM... Yeah that could be you, boss.  Chevyland.

 If Fletch was coaching Parkway, he would tell the team "they made this about that them? Let's light it up." Parkway should go for 90 pts.
Ms. Harris says to let the Panther students be entitled to make a difference for this city.  They had nothing to do with this disagreement, but will be penalized more than some can afford. 

Ponder This:
Why doesn't Destrehan fall under this rule?

14.3.9 If anyone connected with a school or acting at the instructions or request of anyone connected with one school is detected using any type of radio scanning device or other scanning device to intercept radio and/or wire transmissions from coaches of the opposing school during a game, the offending school shall be ruled ineligible for district and state championship honors for the season and fined $5,000 along with other penalties that may be assessed under the wholesome competition rule located in Section 5

Wrap your brain around:
As stated in LHSAA Handbook, principals seem to be responsible for overall management and administration of each athletic contest/event... so why is Parkway High School student body, athletics and families being punished for their principal attempting to enforce rules? 

Parkway Principal Nichole Bourgeois "We just found it necessary to go out ourselves and speak with head coach and when he would not leave the field after several requests, I requested that the police officers take him off the field."

The schedule is arranged in the week before the game.  If Live Oak had a problem with the pregame itinerary, why didn't they go to the LHSAA before the game?   Why isn't the coach from Live Oak facing any responsibility for ignoring the request to relinquish the field from the home team principal, announcements from the PA announcer and a police officer? 


3.1.2 The principal and his/her designee of each school involved in an athletic contest/event shall be responsible for: 1. The conduct of school officials representing his/her school.

2. The conduct of his/her team personnel competing.

3. Supervising the conduct of the spectators connected with his/her school attending an athletic contest/event. 4. The sports medicine aspects of competition as it relates to his/her team.

3.1.3 The principal and his/her designee of the home/sponsoring school shall be responsible for the overall management and administration of each athletic contest/event, including:

1. Preparing facilities for play, taking safety precautions and providing security.

2. Supervising the conduct of his/her coaches, players, support groups, spectators, and school’s representatives at the


3. The security and well-being of the contest/event officials from the time they arrive at the contest/event until they have

departed from the contest/event site.

3.1.4 The principal and his/her designee of the visiting team is responsible for the supervising the conduct of his/her coaches, players, support groups, spectators, and school’s representatives at the contest.