Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LA Tech Tuesday and So Much More-- try not to look

Cupcake wears Fletcher out: I'm the kind of guy that goes to Wal-Mart in my PJs and slippers and sees nothing wrong with that.

North DeSoto's Coach Abernathy and Awful Announcing's Matt Yoder on today

: Adam's Holmes European Joke: if you're an American in the living room, what are you in the bathroom? Ur a peein'.... Hahaha

NFL wouldn't be the NFL without Brees and Brady
A shot to the neck has to be flagged or NFL loses meal tickets like Brees and Brady

Take the Quiz!

Who are the quarterbacks for the Buccaneers, Browns or Titans?
Don't know? Neither do we. Like we said- Godell is making sure refs know. Make the calls or we all on skid row!

Some of us get blindsided financially
May need someone to run interference- Gibsland Bank and Trust ALWAYS been there for Fletch! 

Coach Ab from North DeSoto on with FLETCH!
E Jeff has only given up 32 points all year
Pearl River is the only team they have played similar to N DeSoto
N DeSoto plays meaner Defense and will match up well 
N DeSoto has a great kicker, if we can move the ball and get them out of field position we'll be good

E Jeff beat Jesuit 25-0, this will be the most athletic team ND has faced all year

They aren't real big, they can just run

We're 6-0 too, from Northwood on we're undefeated. They are coming to us after a 5hour drive

This split has made money for the LHSAA
Ab thinks e'one should play everyone. It's watered down the state championship to have so many.
4A is only place not been watered down

How is health of NDeSoto
Mainly bumps and bruises, but pretty good
Starting guard's broken ankle not doing them any favors, but they will get through it
Bunch of young backups ready to go
Last Thursday they had to make crazy improvisions
Ab wishes he had as many audibles in his home life
Ab gets lots of flags thrown at him at home-- Fletch sympathizes

Ab says- If I still had my 82 Monte Carlo with the Honey comb wheels I'd be in it right now blasting Black Sabbath!

"I'm hip, I'm slick and ALL the women love my 8 tracks!"

State Troopers should forgive at least 10 miles over when this song is playing: 
Van Halen: "Unchained". It's what North DeSoto will be Friday night!! 

@CupcakeKWKH Sports Update announces that Saints have found replacement for their starting QB Greer and calls Centenary's BBall team the Lady Gents #EPICFAIL

Bubba Checks In:
Brady and Brees wouldn't have been as successful ipback in the 80s. Pretty soon we'll be picking up our play stations and playing virtually 
Pads are slim and trim- how bout put em back in REAL PADS

Linebacker Luke Kuechly on Gronkowski

@FletchWorldWide: After the break, Graf calls in to take the OPPOSITE side of the penalty call. Tune in to AM1130 to hear some debate ya hurdddd?
: Graf, from a defensive back point of view, got the call right because the route he was running was expected to be at the end zone.

@FletchWorldWide: Pet Peeve: people that wear house shoes to work (@CupcakeKWKH) and people that do sports updates for Centenary and call them the Lady Gents

@FletchWorldWide: @sydneyfletcherz sneezed her headset off and propelled herself 4feet backwards #boomslam

@FletchWorldWide: @myoder84 says @espn post game show is one of the most thorough things they do during the week. They check every box for #MNF

@FletchWorldWide: And now @FletcherShow is rapping to "This Is How We Do It"

@FletchWorldWide: New 2013 Honda Civic LX for $99/mo. WHAT?! Holmes Honda. Wow!!

@FletchWorldWide: Head coach of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, @LATechSHoltz live on-air with us at AM1130 for Smoothie King's Tech Tuesday!
@FletchWorldWide: One problem is having the consistency at certain positions effected by injuries like continuously having to rotate new guys in. -Skip
@FletchWorldWide: "Momentum is a really tough thing to stop once it's started on you." -Holtz
@FletchWorldWide: Holtz says Rice played an outstanding game, head coach Bailiff, unexpectedly lost his father this last week, Rice team showed respect.
@FletchWorldWide: "There's still two wins left to get us in a bowl game." This weekend is @LATechFB Senior Day, go support the La Tech Bulldogs!

: Fletch: "@nflcommish took a nice nap in his coffin and he went back to sucking the blood out of NFL players paychecks."