Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LA Tech Coach Reveals Bulldog Problems AND Evangel Coach Interview


: Ever feel: lets just get this over and regroup for next season?-Fletch 

Not yet. We have that obligation to our senior class. -Holtz

: It has been a frustrating year. Frustrating we didn't get to play in a bowl game which was the goal we set for our season. -Holtz

: LA Tech injuries: "in 27 years I cant say its the most I've seen but its up there." -Holtz

: We've been on the merry-go-round of QB's with injuries, we've been rotating and rotating. -Holtz

: One more game. One more opportunity to represent this great University and senior class. -Holtz

: The only way we'll improve this team is by developing. -Holtz

: Over 30 seniors left last season, we can only give 25 scholarships, so that was 6 guys that should have been red shirt freshmen. -Holtz

: You've got short term goals that you have to get answered and you have long term goals you have to get answered. -Holtz

: If you have a QB that is skilled to play and can stay healthy year round, then you only need one QB. But if not, you need backups. -Holtz

: Holtz hasn't made any decisions concerning his staff. Doesn't want to throw anyone under the bus.

: First you look at our coaches, "are doing everything we need to for our players?" -Holtz

: When asked if there was going to be any coaching changes: We're not going to reach our potential by pointing fingers and blaming specific people. -Holtz

: We've all got blame in this to go around.  -Holtz

: This weekends game isnt about analyzing next seasons returning players, its about finding a way to win for the guys not coming back. -Holtz

: Spring ball is when Holtz will look at returning players improvement and development.

: @FletcherShow makes @CupcakeKWKH say a promise to never play poker with real money.

: Cupcake's dating advice:
"You could monogram a turd and women would still want it."
"Guys: ignore a girl for a week it will do wonders. No texts, face to face contact, or anything."


: Evangel Eagles, Coach Byron Dawson-

: Evangel playing John Curtis...again. John Curtis' coach is the second most winningest.

@BPCCChancellor: "second most winningest?" Who is the "most winningest"? :)
: Most winningingest is Coach John McKissick... also famous for the kissingingest coach

: "It's not John Curtis is unbeatable, I think the way we've carried our team to this point is from faith in Jesus Christ." -Dawson

: Evangel Eagles leaving Thanksgiving evening to make it all the way to John Curtis.

: "I trust the guys here, all of the coaches. We just really trust in each other, and most importantly trust in God." -Dawson

: Keyunta Dawson for the Saints, Coach Dawson says "yeah we talk...but those conversations are between me and my brother." #oooh