Friday, November 1, 2013

Fletch's Friday Free For All!

@FletchWorldWide: Fletch and krewe get into the Halloween Spirit with a music video!
: Tunnel of Terror set up at Fletcher manor 
Biggest startle was when Caleb sticks his head out of wall with a horse head mask on
: @FletcherShow was carrying an ax and wearing a bloody shirt

@FletchWorldWide: Florida Atlantic's Carl Pelini, assistant resign at FAU over smoking pot @CupcakeKWKH can't find a song to match the moment
: If Saban got caught smoking pot there would be a frantic rush to find a Dr to write script for glaucoma treatment

@FletchWorldWide: Games to watch this weekend? Miss St will give S Carolina all it can handle, if @15_DakP is not interrupted with Russell
: Fl State Miami will be interesting

@FletchWorldWide: Woodlawn wipes out FairPark last night 8-0
Interceptions and dropped balls put FPark out of the game

@FletchWorldWide: Its a crystal clear fall day in Shreveport/Bossier #Friday

: Silver and Black asks if Valley Girl is the real name of a Frank Zappa song
: @CupcakeKWKH thinks Moon Unit Zappa has a lovely voice
Oh My GOD! Gag me with a spoon!
- @FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow says MIC OFF to @CupcakeKWKH

@FletchWorldWide: #Northwood is full of superstars- they are hard to stop because you don't know who to stop
- @FletchWorldWide: Walker moved to linebacker has been a good move #Northwood
- @FletchWorldWide: Billy and Ralph would have a BLAST at a Northwood game
Fans are loving their coaching staff
- @FletchWorldWide: Tonights game Benton and Northwood will be very entertaining with they swiftness they both move up and down the field

@FletchWorldWide: @CupcakeKWKH interjects his 'Smart thing' of the day which was reading off Benton and Northwood's schedule off the Internet

@FletchWorldWide: There is a reason why people choose not to gamble on NFL games-- details coming up! AM Radio 1130 The Tiger
- @geauxmetal: You can add last night's game to that reason! #MIAvsCIN

: Friday means its STEAK NIGHT at Cascio's for a perfectly cooked, mouthwatering steak. Sniff them out right between Airline drive and Benton road on Shed road!

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow remembers football game he got for Christmas in 1972. Pick out your play- long pass. Defense- blitz
Almost NFL: Cams vs Bolts instead of the Rams vs Colts

@FletchWorldWide: Last night's Bengal's Dolphin's game
If you had bet the over- BOOMSLAM winner
Over/under 42.5
BUT safety at end of game- LOSER
: That's your Gibsland Bank Smart Money Moment
Betting on NFL game is ALWAYS risky

You a motorhead? A stop by LANDERS to see the 2014 Viper is a must! Corner of I-220 and Benton road, Bossier City.

What are people saying about LANDERS?
 Check out this review:

@FletchWorldWide: Special Guest caller says @FletcherShow just saved a life with betting tips
: @ehisworldwide learned his lesson from a bookie named Whitey that he's not sure @CupcakeKWKH would have survived
: Back in the day @FletcherShow saw 3 guys go into his frat bro's room and start moving stuff out. Never heard from him ever again #gambling

: Colton Browning is back! Threw 4 TDs last week
5TDs last night- @ULMWarhawks are getting it done!
: ULM beat Troy. Why? Troy head coach says gol'durn #15! That's why. Guy is a magician!

@FletchWorldWide: @BubbaWinningham in gym for his semi-annual workout caught NFL segment on #FEAR -- Makes him miss old school football
: @BubbaWinningham This NFL-Light they are playing now doesn't reduce injuries, does reduce game highlights
: @BubbaWinningham heard the old school guys talk about clothes lining and slap to the helmet- cant do the rough and tough anymore #NFL
: New Football is the New Coke #NFL
: @BubbaWinningham says New Football reminds him of Ultimate Frisbee  #NFL
: Black Malibu from @ThisIsChevyland would be a PERFECT treat after Halloween @BubbaWinningham crew on Youree Dr! 

SEVERAL Pet Peeves of the Day: number of kids that leave candy wrappers on sidewalk
: @FletcherShow misses his news paper carrier- he was INCREDIBLE
Now he has someone who leaves it on the sidewalk for dog walkers to pick up

: Show is completely off line talking about @FletcherShow chest hair warding off any possibility of chest tat

Regional Urology Saving men from these types of life shattering displays on a daily basis! 
Take note ED HARDY/ehisworldwide
: @ehisworldwide rolls in 1hour 45 minutes late and derails show further wanting to talk Selina Gomez
: @ehisworldwide wears Led Zeppelin shirt to secure his man card during Selina Gomez concert

: @FletcherShow figures out @CupcakeKWKH running rough shot over show is his fault
: @ToddWalker12 and Donnie Brewer in studio yesterday learned why @CupcakeKWKH is CUPCAKE
: @FletcherShow and DBrewer cut 8-10 minutes of ads BUT @CupcakeKWKH forgot to press a button so Dan Patrick was recorded over all of them

@FletchWorldWide: @FridayFBFrenzy sponsored by @ThisIsChevyland will be ROLLING tonight! Bundle up for games, listen on cell phone on Radio Pup Ap or AM1130

@FletchWorldWide: Shreveport/Bossier @Saints fans need to head to @Rotolos to watch game because KMSS thinks we live in Texas #pfwjps

@FletchWorldWide: @Deadspin making a big deal about sportscaster doing sports as Ron Burgandy- uh- @FletcherShow did that years ago #whatsthebigdeal

@FletchWorldWide: Mizzou losing helps increase chance for SEC team to play in @AdvoCareV100Bwl
: Florida and Georgia will be a huge game that could affect bowl picks @AdvoCareV100Bwl
: Whats bigger? Team that brings eyeballs to the screen or puts fannies in the seats when choosing for bowls? @AdvoCareV100Bwl
: Lucky Jack question: where is @AdvoCareV100Bwl in pecking order to Liberty bowl?
: Liberty is in a pool of 6 bowls that pull third
@AdvoCareV100Bwl is 9th pick behind the pool
: Very cool event for Veterans!
Tickets for the Troops night at @ChickfilA on Youree Dr Nov 11 from 5-8pm @AdvoCareV100Bwl

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow driving Holmes Range Rover Evoque. Loaded up lumber for Tunnel of Terror in luxury for Halloween 

: 3or 4 pick will be pissed they didn't go higher- @ehisworldwide likes @AdvoCareV100Bwl 9th pick

@FletchWorldWide: #ElChico is the place for JR because he has so many kids and wants to impress the wife

@FletchWorldWide: If we don't score 20 points this weekend it will be first time in 10 years @Steelers
: Ready to surrender season, but Bengals bungle pulls #Steelers back in
Fine. Where else can they use Troy Polamalu

@FletchWorldWide: Arf Arf - @RadioPup is free. Download and enjoy The Tim Fletcher Show while you are on the toilet 

: Kobe Bryant $24,363,044 from the Lakers. Is this the biggest direct deposit every?

@FletchWorldWide: Mettenberger went for the home run instead of slow and steady. Will he learn?

: Haughton alumn, Mississippi Satate QB Dak Prescott playing at a high level with a heavy heart shows what caliber kid this is. Mom has terminal cancer

@FletchWorldWide: Supercilious is today's Word of the Day for @CupcakeKWKH
: @CupcakeKWKH says supercilious means good looking - wrong

: No LSU game means this is WEDDING WEEKEND! @King_Hardware is the place for guys to get in and out for gifts! Shreveport Line Ave.