Wednesday, November 27, 2013

AdvoCare V100 Bowl Discussions

Checking in with Stefan from AdvoCare V100 Bowl:

Still the same group of about 16 teams....chance there's could be a five way time on the coastal side boston college, Pitt, North Carolina, Syracuse if they can get eligible, Georgia Tech. 

Do they want someone familiar with the bowl?
Not neccessarily- bowls tend to lean towards new teams to experience the bowl so fans can see different teams. 

AdvoCare kind of resigned the idea of an SEC team after Georgia Southern beat Florida. 

More likely to see a school nearby?
The regional teams that can bring people
Obviously still trying to get Notre Dame here
There will be some extra pack-12 teams
Notre Dame after this weekend will likely be 8-4

Washington state, Oregon, Arizona State are likely competitors as well. 

Is AdvoCare weighed more now on what's more attractive to the local teams or on who you can get?
Continuing discussions on this. 

If ULL came here for AdvoCare bowl, they'd bring the party, the fan base, and a good game. 

221-0712 can call for tickets!
Cole Vosbury from the Voice will be singing the national anthem there!