Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Woes, LA High School Football Scandal, LSU Jersey Watch, Ark Razorbacks, Fletcher Punks I.T. Guy

Wednesday Woes, LA High School Football Scandal, LSU Jersey Watch, 
Ark Razorbacks, Fletcher Punks I.T. Guy

 @FletchWorldWide: Cupcake has derailed the show at least 5 times this morning. Crazy train
: Still caller Paul says: We need another radio show in the afternoon. Can you take someone under your wing and develop another show?

@FletchWorldWide: “@KissCountry937: Today's Kiss Class of the Day is Mrs. Wood's 2nd Grade Class at Platt Elementary School!”
@Sports_Wife alumni!

@FletchWorldWide: BREAKING NEWS: FEB 1 @Rotolos will be opening a new location in Bossier! @sbctb Will have 2 CALZONE WEDNESDAY places! #HumpDay

@FletchWorldWide: @ehisworldwide is BACK! @CupcakeKWKH struggles for his 'Big Word" We back on track now #Whew

@FletchWorldWide: Gibsland Bank and Trust throwing loans to locals for home improvement, business startup, you name it- they are propping up community!

@FletchWorldWide: Billy: Baseball is a disappointment. The way they treated @ToddWalker12 was a joke. @FletcherShow used to love Baseball Tonight, not anymore
: Used to have who hit home runs, concentrated highlights #baseball
: @FletcherShow used to sit down with little TV tray, log World Series in spiral notebook. Now he doesn't care much who wins

@FletchWorldWide: New Segment @CupcakeKWKH Big Word O'the Day
Today's Word: Musculature

Story @RoyLangIII broke HUDL... 
"We’ve never dealt with anything like this before,” LHSAA executive director Kenny Henderson told The Times on Tuesday"
: Get the whole HUDL story: Alleged Internet cheating- football coaches concerned
: Coach Ab #NDeSoto on LIVE to talk some HUDL
: Before HUDL you had to wait in real time to upload, have to drive halfway to wherever and swap tapes
: Last top ten match up when Byrd played Natch Jerry Byrd stayed up Sunday night making tape took HOURS, now takes seconds
: Each player has their own log in so HUDL account is accessible
: Football cyber wars! Coach Ab says HUDL will figure something out- too valuable of a program to not utilize
: @cvwildcatfan: kid left team. His uncle is a coach at destrhan. Gave him the log in info
: We will be watching how LHSAA treats this situation considering the harsh punishment Parkway suffered

@FletchWorldWide: Has anyone seen @BubbaWinningham since Corvette adventure? If you see him at @ThisIsChevyland tell him we are ready for a test drive!!

Cupcake's New Anthem! 
@FletchWorldWide: @CupcakeKWKH sings Love Shack: replaces with Hay Stack
Gets hazed mercilessly
- @CupcakeKWKH: haven't been hazed THIS much since I was a pledge

Arkansas Razorback Football:
@FletchWorldWide: One of the big problems with Arkansas is HORRIBLE QB
Need to run run run run!
@FletchWorldWide: Arkansas could have had a shot at @bharrisqb1 but they wouldn't change their offense #epicfail
@FletchWorldWide: Auburn's Malzahn is invested- wants to win Arkansas game, but players are blowing it off which may give Razorbacks a chance

@FletchWorldWide: Buy a ticket to @AdvoCareV100Bwl and get a ticket to ULM or LATech game! Buy 10 tickets? Get 10 tickets to LATech or ULM game!

@KaylaMSherrill: Things Arkansas excels at: interceptions, fake punts, doing something good and then following it with a flag. @RazorbackProbs
This is an actual sign on Arkansas campus...

@ehisworldwide went to Selena Gomez concert, suggests @CupcakeKWKH should have gone to meet some single mamas!

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow collected baseball cards and Chiquita banana stickers used to feature NFL teams 
@CupcakeKWKH says he was into Pokemon cards

@FletchWorldWide: @ehisworldwide 15-20 minutes in oven and broil it- PIZZALETTA only at Cascios Market Bistro (318) 742-3205

: @CupcakeKWKH expounds on his Pokemon collection
@ehisworldwide says this is the easiest trap he has ever set
: @CupcakeKWKH continues Pikachu talk...
Segment has been all bashing and fluff. Is this Sportstalk? Who knows--

@FletchWorldWide: Southern Pecan coffee is the Bees Knees @King_Hardware

@FletchWorldWide: Modeo call: History of #NDeSoto fighting Griffins being hashed out- new controversy: where did the trophies go? Modeo wanted to run up accuse and point fingers but lost his nerve. Dang!

@FletchWorldWide: #Steelers Down to 3rd string, defense gives 39 points/game. How can you evaluate the effectiveness of defense when injuries compromise?

@FletchWorldWide: Dazed and Confused soundtrack being dissected--

@FletchWorldWide: Tom Brady finished 56% of passes. He needs a @WesWelker
: @drewbrees has Graham, almost like cheating
: Cowboy fans-- it's looking bleak. Waters is out which means Romo will be peddling like a unicyclist in a windstorm
: Graff's dad was there when Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys and said "this will be the end of the Cowboys."

@FletchWorldWide: Thanks Regional Urology! Fletch is giving Dr. Jimmy Moss a call today for his check up! 683-0411

Hey Les- Look! A Time Management Workshop at LSU...
@FletchWorldWide: We promise Tiger Girl, Les Miles WILL NOT have bad clock management this Saturdag. We truly believe this.
- @Sports_Wife: Time management ALWAYS sends Les into a MAZE! Reminder
Last :30 of 2009 #LSU vs Ole Miss- Sound familiar?
- @creolelad2009: Now introducing the Les Miles Time Management System. This is why LSU fans hate him.

: Tiger Girl "if the player plays for 60 min, the fans should be there for 60 min...AND THE COACH BETTER HAVE HIS HEAD IN THE GAME 60 min!"
Chart forgot 'stare into the abyss and slip slowly into madness'

Go see the fellas! They are easy to spot under the 1800 square foot American flag at the corner of Benton Road and 220. Tell Denny and the gang we said- HEY!

How clean have some of LSUs Line Backers jerseys been? 
@FletchWorldWide: You want your LBs jerseys to be covered in blood, mud, and grass. The QB should be clean. LSU Kwon Alexander jersey has been looking pretty clean
When Alexander spoke to the media a few days ago, he said if everybody would play their position correctly, LSU would do well.

: @T_White11 is going to be a stud. Was thrown in to the pile and you can see that he's trying to do his best. #LSU
: LSU has to get McCarron if they want to put a dent in this game.

: Ralph is searching the web for some Selena Gomez tickets so he can join Ed Hardy, Saints Wife, and Saints Nugget.

@FletchWorldWide: Man called in to talk to the IP department and we're live with him on air pretending to know what we're talking about. #AM1130
@FletchWorldWide: Just gave this man our email:
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