Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Afternoon Wrap Up: Parkway/Byrd, Red River Brewing, Top 4 Teams Headed for Championship

@FletchWorldWide: Number of QBs from Shreveport in NFL is phenomenal
Bradshaw, Furgeson, Humphuries, Booty, Booty, Berlin, Battle, Woodley, Maddox...
@FletchWorldWide: Shreveport NFL Horizon: Prescott and Harris
@FletchWorldWide: 12 NFL QBs come from Shreveport- for a city our size that's pretty stinking impressive #MINDBLOWER

@FletchWorldWide: Challenge: Check mood of @Jeep drivers compare to other drivers- Jeep life is happier! @golanders @GoLanders1

@FletchWorldWide: Shreveport WOW factor: Remember when Hal Sutton and David Toms on Ryder Cup team

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@FletchWorldWide: Billy: Who are your top 4 for Championship? Florida State, Oregon, Alabama... Maybe @Mizzoufootball
@FletchWorldWide: With what Oregon has ahead of them, they could be vaulted ahead of Alabama.
@FletchWorldWide: Alabama will play Mizzou so SOMEONE will have at least one loss

@FletchWorldWide: @AdvoCareV100Bwl got BOGO ticket bonanza! Wait til last minute to buy ticket and you will miss out!

@FletchWorldWide: Rams called Brett Farve #desperate times call for desperate measures
'Can I wear my blue jeans?'
@FletchWorldWide: Was Brett Farve #catfish by someone posing as the owner of the Rams?
@FletchWorldWide: Rams-- Call Billy Joe Tolliver or Jamarcus Russel
Caddo Parish Kickbacks had game last night- we are old and we keep falling down--
@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow went past 1st base and stepped in hole and hit the turf
Heard something pop
With @Sports_Wife broken ankle
#LIFEisOVER for Fletchers

@FletchWorldWide: Congratulations @CupcakeKWKH! Filled in with stellar preformance!! 
#CaddoParishKickbacks liking the cupcake!
@FletchWorldWide: Sean Payton of the Kickback's: Cupcake.

@FletchWorldWide: Low T doesn't have to B-- click or call and make your appointment! Get your life back! (866) 683-0411

@FletchWorldWide: Big game for Mississippi St tonight
Looking forward to seeing @15_DakP light it up

Let's throw some muscle behind support for Ma' Peggy: Prescott Family @15_DakP

@FletchWorldWide: JP from Rotolo's and Jared from Red River Brewing live in the studio! #AM1130 @Rotolos @redriverbeer
@FletchWorldWide: Biggest challenge for @redriverbeer was getting federal licensing which took almost an entire year!
@FletchWorldWide: Reason for year long wait: to make sure you are running a proper brewery and "not running a front for something else" ...cough meth cough.. Licensing was a challenge: Inspector comes in to make sure @redriverbeer isn't a front for Breaking Bad situation
@FletchWorldWide: @Rotolos carried NOLA Tin Roof, Abita, when JP heard about @redriverbeer he jumped on it.
@FletchWorldWide: When did the winning flavor get it? First batch of the Hayride! Played with pepper flavors!

@FletchWorldWide: We're up to 13 QB's from SBC who played/play in NFL

@FletchWorldWide: So how many times has @FletcherShow blamed @CupcakeKWKH for things he really didn't do? #thatsjames #noitsmark #promise
@AngelaThomas710: @FletchWorldWide @FletcherShow @CupcakeKWKH EVERY time?? haha

@FletchWorldWide: The gates of heaven have opened. @TimBrando and @FletcherShow on #AM1130 right now!

@FletchWorldWide: Jared from @redriverbeer: "My wife's a Northwestern guy, I'm an LSU/Tech guy."
Fletch: You've really got it covered...your wife is a guy?

@FletchWorldWide: State legislators stepping in to keep the "L" in ULL instead of them becoming The University of Louisiana.

@FletchWorldWide: Coach Feaster from Parkway on air talking the big game v. Byrd coming up! #AM1130
@FletchWorldWide: "The big games for us were the games leading up to this one. The ones that got us to this point." Coach Feaster #Parkway

@FletchWorldWide: "This will be a great game for our program whether we win or lose. It's not a playoff game so we don't have AS much pressure." Feaster

@FletchWorldWide: Parkway band had to stop playing two years ago v Byrd because Jackets couldn't hear plays. Now Parkway band has to be in bleachers.

@FletchWorldWide: Feaster doesn't expect an extreme fan base from the Byrd Yellow Jackets. Will "The Hive" prove themselves?
- @jacobmhicks: @FletchWorldWide he must be delusional. can't wait to prove him wrong
@FletchWorldWide: "Byrd has that advantage, they've got a student body that can yell." #thehive #cebyrd
@FletchWorldWide: Feaster doesn't go by his practices to determine the ending result. Says they've had a good week but that doesn't guarantee a win.
@FletchWorldWide: Does it matter what crew officiates the game? Parkway writes the check since its a home game, "since it's 5A we always have good refs."
@FletchWorldWide: Could the Byrd v. Parkway game eventually become "The Red River Rivalry"?

@FletchWorldWide: Coach Mike Suggs from C. E. Byrd joins us after the break! #AM1130
@FletchWorldWide: How satisfied is Suggs with his boys tackle-to-tackle? "Our offensive line has improved a lot since last year."
@FletchWorldWide: "Having a good week of practices makes you feel better and think more positively, but you never know." -Suggs
@FletchWorldWide: "Parkway has such a good offense and such great talent, we've got to keep control of the ball." -Suggs
@FletchWorldWide: Byrd's interior line is very confident of a win. Not in a cocky way, but believing they can do it.
@FletchWorldWide: "Our kids are confident in what we do. They believe and when they do, they're focused on playing hard and doing right." -Suggs
@FletchWorldWide: Will Byrd fans pack the stadium? "Absolutely, I think Feaster is looking for some extra zeros!"

Jared: 34-31 Byrd
JP: 35-28 Byrd

@FletchWorldWide: For years it's been Evangel, Calvary and West Monroe. That was our only hope for a state champ. Now we've got Byrd and Parkway in the mix.

@FletchWorldWide: Cascio's Market Bistro! Open late Wednesday and Friday! Best hair in the restaurant industry. Teaspoon of love in every meal! Shed Road

@FletchWorldWide: What Feaster tells us and what Feaster tells his kids: totally different. 
The man knows what he's doing but he makes a REALLY good effort.
@FletchWorldWide: Watching two completely different offenses will make this game very interesting! #ParkwayByrd


@FletchWorldWide: While @Sports_Wife is in a wheelchair, @CupcakeKWKH talks big smack.

Blue Chip TMT vs Coach Thurman Byrd vs Parkway SMACKTALK!
@bluechipTMT:  Feaster is obviously suffering amnesia from the 2008 & 2010 seasons. The City crossed the river and took over! #ByrdGang
@coachthurman:   Parkway by 21.
@bluechipTMT: “ Parkway by 21.” maybe on an Xbox computer simulator.
@coachthurman:  or maybe not
@bluechipTMT:  I have 5 defensive backs that say different in purple and gold. better yet, an entire defense.
@coachthurman: confidence is acceptable.

@FletchWorldWide: If you're not at Rotolo's today, then you are missing out on history. @redriverbeer local brewery presenting at Rotolo's today! BE THERE.
@FletchWorldWide: If @CupcakeKWKH got the hostess job at @Rotolos he could be a Hostess Cupcake. 

"Hostess with the mostest? Or hostess with the leastest?" JP