Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The biggest NFL AHole, SEC Talk, Vaccaro is being compared to who? And other Tech Tuesday Fun!

Tech Tuesday brought to you by SMOOTHIE KING!

@FletchWorldWide: Billy wants his Nobel Prize winners to do something! Not just come up with Theories! Get off your butt Physics nerds!
- Anyone can come up with theories! Billy has a theory: Jax'ville stinks

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow implored folks to "purchase their @AdvoCareV100Bwl sickets... Err... Get their teats... Err." Buy tix 221-0712

Cajun Rob says ESPN is in love with Mettenberger and LSU because they want LSU to beat Bama- they want to keep SEC out of Championship
- Who is going to beat Baylor though? Oklahoma or Texas may get into a shoot out with them, but probably won't win
- @JonathanDNida: @FletchWorldWide let's wait until Baylor beats a team with a pulse b4 we crown them. I doubt they make it through OU, TT, OSU w/o a loss.
- 78-21 blowout if Mack Brown stays atop the Longhorn when they play Baylor
- @JonathanDNida: @FletchWorldWide let's wait until Baylor beats a team with a pulse b4 we crown them. I doubt they make it through OU, TT, OSU w/o a loss.
@FletchWorldWide: Cajun Rob says Oklahoma is knocking but won't walk through the door of success #sec

@FletchWorldWide: AJ McCarron been whacked out since split with Katherine Webb
But the princess kissed the frog after Miss St
- Did Saban tell McCarron to get his filly back?
- 2013 McCarron stats
17th in passing efficiency 162.7
209.6 yards per game
29th in TD tosses

9 conferences produced QBs in NFL
Top 5 QB Producers for the NFL
5th: Big 12
4th: Big 10
3rd: PAC 12
2nd: ACC
1st: SEC

I want people handling my money that are happy, got a good vibe, good mojo, tapping into a positive flow, the bigger picture

Why didnt Cam Newton's folks name him Fig? 

@FletchWorldWide: Dodger baseball King Vin Scully will be back next year 
@FletcherShow says he could learn so much from him because he knows when to shut up

@FletchWorldWide: Preacher Man says I predicted LSU would win by 20 against MissSt
Will beat Florida by 3/4 #Tigers
- Florida's secondary is so stinking fast
But Cam Cameron will put together plays to score 35 or more if the players execute #LSURoar
- Odell Beckham Jr. will not speak to media before game against Florida
2012 LSU 14-6 loss
Beckham Jr: 4 catches 78 yards AND haunting fumble

@Sports_Wife: Broke ankle, been pleading for fruit
@FletcherShow -we have none
@CarolineLA1995 finds fresh raspberries and grapes in kitchen 

Tommy Scott coming to save the day before Sportswife gets the scurvy! 

@topbug: @Sports_Wife @FletcherShow  
What's the address? I think I know where I can get some fruit. #ediblearrangements

@FletchWorldWide: @CupcakeKWKH 2nd attempt at playing Vin Scullys call of Uribe's 8th inning hit sending Dodgers to 4-3 victory over Braves #awkwardsilence
- @FletcherShow begging Flip at ChimiVs to hire @CupcakeKWKH to get restaurant open at 6-9am

GO TIGERS-- One of many fun LSU Gameday Enhancers at KING HARDWARE!
@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow got LSU game towels from @King_Hardware to get revved up for Florida!
@Sports_Wife very happy!!

@FletchWorldWide: Cupcake Fixing Bugs... Does this really happen twice on live show?  http://t.co/vUjtb9WkZm

@FletchWorldWide: @Comcast tortures @FletcherShow yet again
Listen live as he recreates the magic
AM 1130TheTiger

@FletchWorldWide: Killer Dawg says Dixon saves LATech twice last week

@FletchWorldWide: Ralph brings trivia: 1st Super Bowl played where?
- @CupcakeKWKH answers correctly Los Angeles!  
The excitement in his voice shows how often this happens

@FletchWorldWide: Matt Flynn, wanna switch jobs? $14.5 million in guaranteed money last 2 seasons. I work with @CupcakeKWKH
- JR calls: Matt Flynn who started one game with Raiders, one with Packers, made more than Jacob Hester 
- 7.2 mil per start #overpaid
- @FletcherShow give me 5 weeks to get in shape- I'll pull the Flynn shift
Earlier Fletch compared himself to Rob Ryan minus the belly

-- um 

MATT YODER Twitter: @myoder84 from Awful Announcing 

 Talking Saints with us! Make your Tuesday better. Turn to AM1130

@FletchWorldWide: Falcons loss does the Saints a small favor but Patriots now have a bumper and more room now. Peyton might coach this one differently
- The attitude and the aggressiveness from Vaccaro is the missing element of the Saints defense but they now see that.


@FletchWorldWide: Vaccaro just might have it in him to be the next Troy Polamalu. #Saints


@FletchWorldWide: Worst human being on earth is named Dominic Raiola from the Detroit Lions. Now harassing the Wisconsin band members during National Anthem.
- @FletchWorldWide: Raiola doesn't understand that not every band member is DVR'ing GLEE and has no clue to what a 1st down is. They're actually (GASP) fans!
- @FletchWorldWide: Raiola channels inner "Fred 'The Ogre' Palowakski" from Revenge of the Nerds


Donnie Brewer aka DB checking in from his Cowboy Lair:
@FletchWorldWide: DB says he hires Saints fans so when the Cowboys win and Saints lose he can come in and gloat..... but this hasn't happened yet...#Saints
-Romo makes his O-line look much better than they are because he's a mobile QB. For being so mobile, you'd think he'd be a little faster.

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