Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tech Tuesday Wrap Up + Parkway vs Haughton Smack Talk + Gruesome Gruden!

Jon Gruden Quotes During the Seahawks/Rams Game

“He should voicemail get open!”

“Mike, the best band to ever come out of Seattle was, of course, Pearl Jam. And that’s what I expect the Seahawks to do – just jam it up the middle.”

“The Seahawks defense has to go balls deep to win this game.”

“I bet you like sitting at red lights.”

“I just wanna see some football, man”

“Ultra high speed slow mo”

"You're paid to know the rules. You have to know the rules" Coach Gruden on Bill Belichick 

"They faked the toss crunch & run a bootleg back to the right, then go to a whirlybird in the endzone." Yes, Jon Gruden just said that.

“Mike, did you ever see the movie ‘Cast Away?’ In that movie, Tom Hanks’ only friend was a ball named Wilson. In this game, Russell Wilson’s only friend is a football.”

Gruden a bit too envious of Russell Wilson's big hands.

"Hootersberg Hootersberg Hootersberg. You've got to call an audible"

@MattRobinson91: If anyone cares, Jon Gruden said "balls deep" on MNF last night. Another gem: "I bet you like sitting at stop lights." Classic Gruden.

@AndrewSiciliano: Gruden may lose his mind with the next penalty flag. This is must-see TV

What do we say?

@FletchWorldWide: Billy says The Seattle Seahawks are posers as the best team in NFC

@FletchWorldWide: Billy: Black Sabbath theme song wakes us all up!

@FletchWorldWide: Rams defense is good enough, offense doesn't exist #NFL

@FletchWorldWide: Billy: NFL concussion rule is making it impossible for defense not to hit low

@FletchWorldWide: Throwing a lot of force on knee, and if there is any plant on the foot it's all over #NFL

@FletchWorldWide: Coincidence that quarterbacks numbers soaring as rules tighten? #NFL


@FletchWorldWide: Bailey's Fine Jewelers: trusted jewelry repair and pay TOP money for the old gold laying around.

@FletchWorldWide: Kickball moment: all @CupcakeKWKHhas to do is put it in outfield, instead he makes a soft liner to first followed by huge crap eating grin

@FletchWorldWide: Silver& Black says Brady yells on the sideline and it doesn't create situation like Dez

@GeauxMetal: Only because Brady looks like he is a hit man for the Russian mophia w/his new haircut!

@FletcherShow point is it is a distraction to have someone screaming in your face when you're attempting any preparation for the gam

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow fell asleep with Come on Feel the Noise blaring in his headphones

@FletchWorldWide: Tech Tuesday! Find out about the $18mil project @LATechFB is working on! 

@FletchWorldWide: @CupcakeKWKH eating a cupcake that has been in the radio station kitchen for a while. Has an Easter Bunny on it.

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow and @CupcakeKWKH decide they are grown ups and can eat cookies for breakfast if they want to.

@FletchWorldWide: Low T Timmy thinks @CupcakeKWKH should visit @RegionalUro1 for a snip so there is no chance of fresh buns being cooked in an oven- ever

@DomMcatee8: “@FletchWorldWide: LJ: If Parkway runs the table at every game away from home, they'll get put up as one the greatest HS teams.” Bold

@FletchWorldWide: Class 4A there are no schools in our area in top 10, #Northwood is 13th

@FletchWorldWide: 3A Evangel #4, North Webster #13 

Top 4 are Select Schools

@FletchWorldWide: 1A Haynesville #1 No surprise there!

@DarrellStrahan: I believe they will b state champs. They were a tough opponent few weeks ago

@FletchWorldWide: If you are looking for a Silverado, Chevyland is your obvious choice. 

@FletchWorldWide: Razorbacks vs Auburn Tigers

- Bielema doesn't like hurry-up offense because creates injury

- Bielema has filed complaint with SEC office

@FletchWorldWide: Some clips TV copy doesn't match film copy

@FletchWorldWide: Bielema says Auburn's omission of wide angle view of one of the Tiger's 2point conversion sets isn't fair! NFL says they don't care

@FletchWorldWide: Arkansas has to beat Auburn to make it to @AdvoCareV100Bwl

 Rocky Casio in the warm kitchen stirring up magic concoctions and experimenting with perfect harmony of ingredients Casio's Bistro

 Russell Wilson passing, ball seems to take off under his chin

Comes from shoulder, like you are throwing a dart

Like a doink! Not a voovff!

@FletchWorldWide: @CupcakeKWKH tries to distract @FletcherShow again with sound effects

@FletchWorldWide: If the NFL had any stones they would have schedules a Saints/Falcons or Broncos/Patriots up against the World Series

@FletchWorldWide: Coming up at 8 on the show, @LATechSports AD @tmcclelland joins us...@myoder84 of @awfulannouncing jumps on at 830!!

@FletchWorldWide: Rams equipment manager sues NFL, claims he was fired because of his age: Judge rules NFL's arbitration policy "unconscionable and unenforceable" lacking fairness and impartiality

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@FletchWorldWide: TheTruth: Niners are starting to catch fire! Cowboys will shoot themselves in the foot.

@FletchWorldWide: Lucky Jack: Seatles offense was exposed last night. Felt sorry for Rams- should have won

@FletchWorldWide: Thanks Landers Fiat! Landers Fiat is the number 1 Fiat dealer in Louisiana. It is one spiffy vehicle AND Fletch can fit in it.

@FletchWorldWide: Smoothie King Tech Tuesday! LA Tech Athletic Director Tommy McClellan live with discussing new renovations for the Bulldogs! So many caps...

@FletchWorldWide: If you have open-end stadiums, the noise escapes. Now with Tech's renovations, the stadium will be perfect.

La Tech alum owns Smoothie King on E. 70th and the one in Ruston! Support Tech Tuesday and/or a healthy lifestyle and stop in!

@FletchWorldWide: From a university standpoint, they're doing great. Alum section at football games, now extending to men/women's basketball! #LATech

@FletchWorldWide: "The relationship with athletes shouldn't start once they leave, it should start while they're here!" Tommy McClellan, La Tech A.D.

@FletchWorldWide: "The announcement we made yesterday will help recruitment and will continue to do so." Tommy McClellan, La Tech A.D.

@FletchWorldWide: How excited is McClellan for his 1st year as AD and having a basketball program that is going to be phenomenal?

@FletchWorldWide: I'm so excited for this season. The potential we have...this is really a launching pad for us. McClellan on La Tech Basketball @LATechHoops

@FletchWorldWide: Thanks Tommy McClelland for joining us for Tech Tuesday! Matt Yoder from http://t.co/rqKFvCPmy4 joins us shortly! #AM1130

@MPWatershaper: @tmcclelland Great interview on @FletcherShow this morning. LaTech hit a home run with this hire.  

@tmcclelland: @MPWatershaper thanks mike!

@FletchWorldWide: Fox Sports "Keys to Win World Series":

"Go to Boston with 3-2 lead." 

"The team that goes to Boston with a 3-2 lead will win." Brilliant.

@FletchWorldWide: An element that has gone unnoticed: the Saints running game picking up. 

-Matt Yoder

@FletchWorldWide: Health of Saints receivers/offense in general: Jimmy Graham maybe limiting himself in the next few games

@FletchWorldWide: Check http://t.co/rqKFvCPmy4 for some really great info throughout the day that happens to be quite entertaining as well! Thanks @myoder84!


@myoder84: Honored to check my first @FletcherShow Mind Blowing Moment of the Day off the bucket list!

@FletchWorldWide: Marshall Henderson, Ole Miss basketball star, missing first few games of off-season, his first game will be LSU.

Dads and daughters love ROTOLOS!