Monday, October 7, 2013

Romo, Clowney, Mack Brown and other Monday Tidbits from the Show

@FletchWorldWide: Don't blame Romo completely for that pick... Stepped on O-Lineman's foot while striding, which led to the feebly thrown pass
- @photosbyd: @FletchWorldWide Romo had Murray wide open on a check down pass!!!
- @FletchWorldWide: Cajun Rob I almost feel sorry for Romo. He was left out there to fail
- @FletchWorldWide: Jerry Jones "yesterday was a moral victory" #completelyoutoftouch #livinginOZ
- @HWrightTyndall: A 1.2 bil my-QB-can't-close victory..
“@FletchWorldWide: Jerry Jones "yesterday was a moral victory" #completelyoutoftouch #livinginOZ”
- @FletchWorldWide: When your QB is putting up points for the other team the 1st game it hurts, 2nd it's bad, 3rd it's a problem, 4th it's an epidemic. #Romo
- @FletchWorldWide: Aaron Murray knows just how Romo feels.

@FletchWorldWide: Siri hears the show:
You know we have a chance to make a blouse party thats good enough, I've been put in a position to file it there

@FletchWorldWide: Silver & Black going by Purple & Gold this morning... Compares Mettenberger to the Ruston Rifle
- @FletchWorldWide: Jeremy Hill is a man among boys. No wonder they didn't suspend him. EH says he reminds him of an Earl Campbell
- @redmonson: @FletchWorldWide Seriously? Campbell wasnt a criminal and was a great back. Hill is one and will never be the other

Regional Urology -
@FletchWorldWide: Cupcake playing Toto "Africa". On SportsTalk radio. Morning drive. Low-T Cupcake?

@FletchWorldWide: Jimmy, die-hard Cowboys fan at the game y'day:"buddy leaned over to me and said, 'we're looking at LSU-Georgia II'l

@FletchWorldWide: Vilma still helping the team on the sidelines. Meeting with linebackers etc @saints
@FletchWorldWide: Can't make the club if you're in the tub- Harper ain't cutting it #WhoDat
@FletchWorldWide: Vaccaro make Harper look lame #WhoDat

@FletchWorldWide: Cupcake terrified at the memory of riding the SporTran. There's a stop right by his home!

@FletchWorldWide: Holmes Honda: the home of the Honda Accord for $169 a month. ONLY $169 a month.

@FletchWorldWide: Billy: "no chance for anyone in SEC to win National Championship except Alabama."
@ehisworldwide: "Amen."
Prayers for LSU?
@FletchWorldWide: Stat nerd says LSU is #9 in projected standings
@FletchWorldWide: Who is ranked above #9LSU in projected BCS standings?
5Ohio State
6Florida State

@FletchWorldWide: What if Michigan blows past their schedule? 
What if Michigan and Ohio state are facing each other undefeated?
@FletchWorldWide: The rest of the college world is getting sick of SEC #winning

@FletchWorldWide: Why #Chargers DJFluker is scary

@FletchWorldWide: Donnie Brewer making people's dreams come true by helping families find the perfect home for them! #BrewerQualityHomes

@FletchWorldWide: If you are a friend of Mack Brown, do you implore him to leave before Texas steps into the ring with Baylor? #friendsdontletfriendsimplode
- @GCSounderFan: @FletchWorldWide OU is this week. He won't need to wait that long.
- @Bada_bing3: @FletchWorldWide @FletcherShow If you don't implore Mack Brown to leave; then at least be on the sidelines to throw in the towel 4 him!!
- @Sports_Wife: Baylor set league record 
864 total yards 73-42 victory over WVirginia
Scoring most points by Big 12 team against another conference foe
- @CollegeGameDay: While you are enjoying your morning coffee please take a look at @BUFootball's box score.
- @drack48: @CollegeGameDay @BUFootball Only Baylor can turn it over 4x and still win by 31 points!

@FletchWorldWide: Cupcake literally didn't understand that yellow school buses actually take kids to school. Thought we made PC ride SporTran.

Tiger Girl questions: why did Mettenberger play the whole game? We have to have a QB next year, so why not put in backup to let him have some experience
- @FletchWorldWide: There's a code among coaches: you can show up teams by running the board up or by saying we don't really have to try to anymore. #lsu
- @FletchWorldWide: #LSU kept Mettenberger in after everyone knew they had the game, but Mettenberger was holding back from A blowout.

@FletchWorldWide: If you still don't have a Jeep, your days of bliss are slipping away! Get to @GoLanders1 today! Become one of the envied!

@FletchWorldWide: JR feeling the Buc love and a Pittsburgh fan is happy today.

@FletchWorldWide: The Fletcher household puts the "N" after F-U.

Is it your night to take care of dinner? Rotolos is a favorite for dads!
@FletchWorldWide: Rotolo's the best place to watch ANY football games! All throughout the week and weekend. Get some pizza, wings, and beer! E. 70th near Fern

@FletchWorldWide: Jadeveon Clowney has done NOTHING this year. Check out his stats for the season: 12 tackles and 2 sacks. Best player in college?
- @Sports_Wife: @FletchWorldWide can't be the best if you aren't playing #NFLdraft

@FletchWorldWide: TWITTERVERSE is on now! Topic: Tony Romo's interception 
Listen on 1130theTiger
- @FletchWorldWide: Tony Romo: bachelor party consisted of 12-15 guys, no alcohol, and hide and seek. Getting cray-cray Romo

@FletchWorldWide: Ralph has a pet peeve for the day: they didn't show Jerry Jones face when Romo threw his interception.
- @IamOden: @FletchWorldWide my pet oeeve of the day: Fletch gives no credit to FSU, ever. As talented a team as any in the country.

@FletchWorldWide: We don't want to see an Oregon v. Ohio State national championship but there's a large chance we potentially will.
- @IamOden: @FletchWorldWide Ohio state's Strength of Schedule is way below an undefeated ACC team and PAC 12 team. Would be behind both.

@FletchWorldWide: Dennis bringing us poetic justice this morning about Alex Smith