Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NFL Coverup Controversy, and Cupcake Intervention

Show begins with a major intervention.  Fletch and EH are role playing...
@ehisworldwide is Earl is 'champion'
This is to aid in @CupcakeKWKH development
- Will this intense behavioral study and ultimate life lesson help @CupcakeKWKH not throw himself under the bus?

- good example of dysfunction is after hearing someone reference fig newtons
@CupcakeKWKH says I eat fig newtons every day!

@FletchWorldWide: Uh O
Show computer is frozen
@ehisworldwide sings Eagles ballad to bring us back from ad break
@CupcakeKWKH 'Eagles are my favorite band!'

@FletchWorldWide: NCAA President Mark Emmert special relationship with Saban
Emmert hired him at LSU: highest-paid coach at the time
- Emmert is absolutely the best boss I've ever had
Saban said at LSU in 2004
Billy: NCAA is as hamstrung as its ever been

@FletchWorldWide: What day is it? 

@FletchWorldWide: Nigerian Dr that discovered CTE is Nigerian and not a football fan

@FletchWorldWide: There is a special place in hell for people like Paul Tagliabue and Roger Godell #NFL #PBS

@frontlinepbs: Purdue study: Even HS players w/out concussions suffered cognitive impairment over the football season #FrontlinePBS

@frontlinepbs: Of the 34 brains of former NFL players that have been examined at BU, 33 had the disease. #FrontlinePBS

@sacca: @christianism @frontlinepbs It's been making it harder for me to enjoy the games at all anymore

@miradu: @sacca @christianism @frontlinepbs Do rugby players exhibit the same symptoms? Maybe we should switch sports.
- @omid: @miradu @sacca @christianism @frontlinepbs it's the helmets and the perceived protection they similar damage in other sports :(

@christianism: @omid @miradu @sacca @frontlinepbs crazy. I'd rather my kid be an MMA fighter in middle school than play football. I wonder where this goes.

@christianism: “@frontlinepbs: Of the 34 brains of former NFL players that have been examined at BU, 33 had the disease." Unreal. Not sustainable.

@kbpotts: .@frontlinepbs I'm still struggling to come to grips w this reality. Homecomings, rivalries, and the intertwine of the sport w our culture

@egojab: @Jason talk about what? Your vilification of any voluntary dangerous activity? Let’s keep kids in bubbles.

@patrick_hruby: I spent time in Ann McKee's lab and it was completely chilling #LeagueOfDenial
Excerpt from 'GAME OVER'

Former NFL lineman. Call him Max. It’s better not to use his real name...

“Look at that hit,” he said. “In the old days, I would have gone, ‘Oh, man, great hit.’ Now, I see it differently. I can’t watch this s---.”
Neither can I.

This is going to sound strange. This is going to sound especially strange coming from a sportswriter on a sports website. But here goes:
This fall, for the first time I can remember, I won’t be watching football.

Read more of Partick Hruby's 'GAME OVER' here:

How CTE Affects the Brain

To See Four Stages of CTE click on image

Comment left under Frontline Story "How CTE Affects the Brain"

Pollie Samson, RN
I am a registered nurse working in a psychiatric center. One of my patients is a former NFL player, quite young, once vibrant and popular with his team and the league. Of course I cannot reveal any more about him as an individual. He carries the diagnosis of schizophrenia. I believe he is another victim of CTE. He is violent, hears voices, and has no connection with the real world. The thing that makes this so difficult for me is that the entire medical staff believes his problems are attributable to a psych disorder aggravated by drug abuse. They will not even consider CTE. I was unable to get anyone to watch your program even to get a better sense of what might have happened to this man. My heart breaks for him. He once had all the potential in the world. Now he is in a locked unit with people accusing him of being a drug addict and psychopath. Perhaps he is both these things. But did CTE get him there? Why can no one help this man?


---Where you can find KIND OF A BIG DEAL---

Is trying to globalize a sport that shortens people's lives
Global Football's Jim Hawthorn 
'Gorty- there are nothing but consonants in the names! What time is it? My watch says it's 4 in the morning. I should be at home watching Bonanza!'

Be the King of the Grill! Smoke the competitors with your Smoker! AND support local business too! selling local merchandise!

NFL Set up panel mid 90s to study concussions 2010 sent out pamphlets to players stating there is no connection: concussions and football

says Rodger Godell is only a puppet NFL Owners have to be held responsible

Chevyland Silverado: its a classic... not a lot of changes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Happy Birthday !!

Nigerian doc was told if 10% of mothers don't let their boys play, it is the end of

they've created energy absorbing bumpers on automobiles, why haven't they created an energy absorbing helmet?

Mentality of players equipment based on comfort, weight and style- Peyton Manning wears outdated helmet

Their are better helmets available but players don't want to wear them

There are companies like Riddell who sponsor schools Wearing another type of helmet that may be safer is discouraged


Evangel Head Football coach Byron Dawson live on the program!
- Byron found out his brother, Key Dawson, was signed by the Saints by his mother singing WHO DAT song over the phone

Why do players play knowing the drawbacks of the game? Coach Byron Dawson: Love of the game overshadows the danger of the game

How good can Conner Curry be? Coach Byron Dawson- sky's the limit

School in Ohio recently banned "tag" because it was too "physical"
Caddo does same thing
- Obesity prob with kids- Caddo Middle Magnet Recess: No balls allowed, aren't allowed to run etc

RP has a 6 year old that wreaks havoc in football... RP facing a dilemma... Do I want my boy playing tackle football at 12?
take out 'hits' and get back to tackling

-earlier the kid starts learning the proper way to tackle and the fundamentals, the less likely he is to get injured.
-I coach kids from k-8th grade. We hardly have injuries because of the way fundamentals and technique of wrapping up

You can watch the full League of Denial documentary online at the PBS website. 

- Send the link to , evidently it wasn't important enough for him to watch.

Vern believes NFL concussion problem is just "the tip of the spear" in concussion problem