Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Show Recap- LSU Is in Ground Hogs Day, Ole Miss Review

@FletchWorldWide: Les says we gave them too many turnovers and that's my fault. #lsu
Wait! We thot Cam had the keys to the offense-?

ChimiVs used to be an El Chico's- there for decades! Kept the good old seasoned grill/skillets that make the fajita steak luscious #delish

@FletchWorldWide: What boils @FletcherShow WHY did #lsu let the clock click down?

@FletchWorldWide: LSU now has 2 losses before November which shouldn't happened
@FletchWorldWide: LSU Tre'Davious White says he was so sorry he let fans down but, this kid is going to be a #STUD

@FletchWorldWide: Now @FletcherShow wrongly bashes @CupcakeKWKH for playing one of the best songs ever- Champagne Supernova 

@FletchWorldWide: Gibsland Bank and Trust says make today the day you find the way to make home improvements #HappyMonday GBT

Ole Miss @ehisworldwide almost got LYNCHED 
Claims LSU got what they deserved with Cam Cameron, he doesn't fit LSU style of ground and pound
Ole Miss fans have to be pretty happy
But Ed Hardy feels like they will sniff greatness then tank because they are Ole Miss
Ole Miss isn't intimidated by LSU, they play big teams all the time, used to getting their doors blown off, another slam- they go to work
Ole Miss missing 5 defensive starters, patchwork crew #lsu
We were not expecting the #SaturdayUpset but @TimBrando called Ole Miss win
Dr Bo Wallace put on his surgical mask and with precision sliced up LSU
Somehow Wallace kept making it happen #lsu
Tim: "One things for sure, Bo Wallace will never be the first in line at a buffet. He is the slowest QB."
But he was fast enough to get the job done Saturday.

Chevyland Impala is that sleeper that surprises you when you get under the wheel with giddy up and luxury! Chevyland on Youree Dr!

@FletchWorldWide: Billy says #LSU over estimated their team and they were never a championship team.
Defense gave 500 yards #LSU 
Billy: as soon as I saw DJ Welker play- he is not SEC. He doesn't get the job done
Former Evangel Eagle, Jamario Rasco one of the ONLY ones on Defense playing with passion #LSU

@FletchWorldWide: @Rotolos has something BIG coming Thursday Oct 24

@FletchWorldWide: @ehisworldwide bitter and angry about being taken off the front page of
@FletcherShow will say Funeral song playing to bring us back from the break Thanks @CupcakeKWKH 
@Sports_Wife likes it

@FletchWorldWide: Oregon and Baylor: how are they putting so much points up? Receivers are ALWAYS OPEN
@FletchWorldWide: They remind @ehisworldwide of @LATechFB from last year
@FletchWorldWide: Missouri unranked two weeks ago, now number 5 #BOOMSLAM

Does he have a heart after all?
Watch Saban frustrated with his Bama players running up score on Ark

@FletchWorldWide says LSU has 90% chance of winning 
Arkansas fans would LOVE those odds! 
LSU fans will say "I hope we lose this one so we can get rid of LES MILES" @FletcherShow says thats #wrong

@FletchWorldWide: Nuts and bolts, for rent sign, liquid nail, baby gift, fresh ground coffee, a key made, LSU fan frills @King_Hardware

@FletchWorldWide: Cajun Rob is still a passionate LSU fan but "welcome back LSU."

@FletchWorldWide: @FIATUSA Landers has the hottest, most unique wheels on the road now...
"Four real humans and their stuff can fit inside, and a fifth can ride along in a pinch that will pinch. The high roof and the huge front quarter-windows lend the interior a capacious feeling, and the cabin’s fun “squircle”-shaped design theme and its quality materials make it feel Eurostylish."


@FletchWorldWide: Why did LSU wait until :03 instead of :28 to call a timeout? Everyone's curious. 
@wadegautreau- he liked his chances with a chaotic kickoff return.
- @BrotherBigJ: he admitted he was focusing on setting up the block

@FletchWorldWide: Les takes his brain out and drop kicks it up in the stands when pressure is on during last few minutes of a game #LSU #LSUroar
@Sports_Wife says "We are pooping in our pants. What can we do to stop pooping our pants?" 
@FletchWorldWide: A&M and LSU fans need to have a beer together #PoopyPantsMonday
At the end of a game @LSUCoachMiles facial expression reflects a wipe board full of information that has just been erased.
@FletchWorldWide: Was Tim more surprised that Ole Miss went down the field in the final drive or Les having poor clock management?

@FletchWorldWide: Sports Wife wants to know "why are we never open? LSU offense is never open."
@FletchWorldWide: Mills needs to get lost in the play. He can't do it. #LSU Couldn't cover a Chicken Salad Sandwich with a blanket.

@FletchWorldWide: Cascio's red beans and rice Monday! PERFECT for today's weather
(318) 742-3205 call in and drive thru to pick up

Ralph: If LSU is happy with a 2-3 loss season after having Atlantic Ocean type depth then lock in Les Miles as a keeper

@FletchWorldWide: Auburn going into CStat was pretty impressive. Auburn now ranked 17th. LSU fans, do you wish you would've stayed?

@FletchWorldWide: Auburn coming in to A&M to win was an eye opener
LSU fans didn't show up and stick around to watch

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@FletchWorldWide: Donnie Brewer called in to remind everyone his Cowboys are leading their division and his Tigers won Sat....Mizzou.