Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Late Day Wrap Up: LATech Tuesday Recap + MINDBLOWERS

@FletchWorldWide: DB from Brewer Quality Homes hit by a thief in the night!
DB says "You're ballsy, but you're gonna get caught!"

@FletchWorldWide: Thief's getaway truck: Dark colored, 4door, F250, Fx4 model, cab lights on the front #WeDontPlay #YoureBallsyButYoureGoing2GetCaught

@FletchWorldWide: Stolen Travel Trailer
Play-Mor model
Stock #1215424
White w/stripes
3 windows on one side

@FletchWorldWide: Brewer Quality Homes Trailers Stolen
$1K Reward 

@FletchWorldWide: Les "if we had done this and they would have done that..."
If its and buts were candy and nuts, we'd have a Happy Halloween #LSU

@FletchWorldWide: In triple coverage in the end zone, you can try but ya'aint gone get it!
#YoureBallsyButYoureGoing2GetCaught #LSU

If the same defensive line shows up for Arkansas or Furman, will LSU have two more losses?

@FletchWorldWide: Don't want to roam for hours for rent sign, sand paper and liquid nail! Go to @King_Hardware get it in 7 minutes, grab wife gift #HERO

@FletchWorldWide: Houston Texans released for team rule violation
Sam Montgumery- for smoking weed

@FletchWorldWide: Cajun Rob calls- sick of seeing gifted LSU players WASTE their opportunities because of weed #LSU #YoureBallsyButYoureGoing2GetCaught

@FletchWorldWide: Drawing line: Lack of work ethic and smoking pot?
#LSU culture coming to light?

@FletchWorldWide: Les Miles is lacking strong hand in his program
Eventually it will erode from the inside out
Recruiting is going to suffer! #LSU

@BubbaWinningham: @FletchWorldWide Win at any cost is the rule of the day.  Makes it easy to overlook character flaws.  #LSU

@FletchWorldWide: @BubbaWinningham putting in long, tedious training hours at Corvette Academy to improve Chevyland. Taking one for the team! 

Get ready for some MINDBLOWERS

Jared #1 calls in: the only time we talk about #LSU program being tainted is when they don't win. MINDBLOWER Wtf? Us? Naw bruh! Well, maybe?! 
@FletchWorldWide: LSU freshmen have occasionally shown brightness/potential but none have shone bright like a diamond. Shone is a weird word. Shone. Or should it be shown? MINDBLOWER 
Jared #2 calls in: "Wish we would've given the ball to Jeremy Hill more and I guarantee we would've won." Back to back Jareds! Or was it Jerret? MINDBLOWER
@FletchWorldWide: Cupcake says he knew Auburn was getting WiFi a couple of years ago. Cupcake is a psychic. MINDBLOWER

@sydneyfletcherz thought she saw crime scene on LSUS campus, it was for Forensic Science class 

FletchWorldWide: Did Mett's ego come to play against Ole Miss? Was Cameron wanting him to throw those deep passes? Was that an option? #YoureBallsyButYoureGoing2GetCaught

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@CupcakeKWKH - I kno a lot of $80/hour jobs
@sydneyfletcherz - Name one you can get

@FletchWorldWide: @Rotolos will have a tap dedicated for a local beer starting Thursday, Oct 24!

Sam Montgomery, former LSU Tiger, now out of NFL for smoking pot in the team hotel lobby before the Texans game. Third round draft pick. The lobby? Really? #YoureBallsyButYoureGoing2GetCaught
Hopefully it was just a cigar!!! 

Grambling Update:
@FletchWorldWide: football practice facilities will be renovated, new coach, Dr. Pogue has seen the light.

@FletchWorldWide: If someone wanted to donate $1M to TAF for an LSU jumbotron, no one would tell them to give it to the school and then let them decide.

@FletchWorldWide: Let's see if Grambling gets new floors, new cloth pads WITHOUT the mildew and mold.

@MuscleMilk heard Grambling story and how G-Men were paying for #musclemilk and #gatorade out of pocket. Shipped enough for rest of season. #HERO

@FletchWorldWide: . @AaronsAces well the good news, the Grambling Tigers are back, the bad news, the Grambling Tigers are back with a winning-less season."
@FletchWorldWide: People were trying to help Grambling's football program but Dr. Pogue only wanted it if it was for the whole university. -AD
@FletchWorldWide: People were trying to help Grambling's football program but Dr. Pogue only wanted it if it was for the whole university. -AD
@FletchWorldWide: A press conference requires something...THE PRESS. You can't have a press conference in a room full of no one. #Grambling
@FletchWorldWide: . @AaronsAces provided best coverage of Grambling and continues to always be there for ULM, LA Tech, and Grambling. #KNOETV Thanks AD!

Bold styling. -  Sport-tuned Alfa Romeo Giulietta chassis. -  Interior detail. -  Strong fuel economy
Oh by the way, the Dart is under $20K. http://t.co/JvyXi51Zax

@FletchWorldWide: Pet Peeve of the Day: People who turn on the heat WAY before the temperature is low.
@Sports_Wife: @FletcherShow chooses me turning on heat as his Pet Peeve o'the day
Gee sorry- guess my pain meds for my broken ankle make me frail
@FletcherShow: okay. i feel bad now. sorry sweetie #EnjoyTheTrip #Guilt

@FletchWorldWide: "The Show" calls in: "Les did the right thing by taking the blame yesterday. I think Les still gets compared to Saban even 10 years in." Well yeah! That will never end. 

"We've got to stop comparing ourselves to Bama. We're just not that program." -The 

Drive thru for a refreshing treat with zip when 2pm slump hits
@SmoothieKing Corner of Youree and 70th in Shreveport

@FletchWorldWide: What does Holtz think the sticking point to advance between 20s? Its going to be more difficult, the # of turnovers we have in the red zone
@FletchWorldWide: I think momentum goes back and forth during a game. Soon as you think the air is out of the balloon, someone steps up and gets a turnover.
@FletchWorldWide: Smoothie King $5 medium smoothies all day Friday! E. 70th location. #TechTuesday @SKShreveport
@FletchWorldWide: Two things that don't lie- hips and stats #TechTuesday
@FletchWorldWide: Has Holtz seen some players slacking off on effort when it comes to playing lesser teams? He says no. We have great captains, they play hard

@FletchWorldWide: What's best for you? Lease or buy?
Use the GBT Calculator 
#GibslandBank Useful tools!
https://t.co/GN7CWrKvK3 http://t.co/Arni7fYvus

@FletchWorldWide: Holtz would rather Ryan not throw around the ball 50x this weekend. You dont want to put that much on your freshman QB. Rather 25x a game.

@FletchWorldWide: . Thank you @LATechSHoltz for joining us for Tech Tuesday presented by Smoothie King of Shreveport! #AM1130 #LATech