Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grambling Football Program in Chaos and Fletch's Prediction Hits With Accuracy

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ESPN projects Notre Dame opposite either Duke or NC State in the @AdvoCareV100Bwl #GoldDomersInPortCity

Thanks to Aaron Dietrich Sports Director for KNOE 8 Sports for being on the show this morning to bring us the story-- Big grumbling at Grambling!

@AaronsAces: Sports Illustrated on Grambling campus, sniffing around. School prez met w/players... Players walked out. Getting ugly!

What causes Grambling to never get their eggs lined up? Doug Williams did what he could, but couldn't wait to get out of there.
Grambling has become a joke of a football team. It's a shame because no one will step up to lead them to their potential. They should be a proud football program.
About 60 GSU alumni have penned a letter to pres voicing concern. $ was returned to donors that was for facility upgrades.

Fletch says, "What would happen if the Grambling players go on strike? Just refuse to play?"

We'll be addressing all this and more first thing tomorrow on the show!

Chimi V's Fajita Factory is the best place to watch your favorite team in Bossier. LSU game? See ya there. La Tech game? See ya there!


@FletchWorldWide: Steve Graf wins Toyota Bassmaster Weekend Series South Central Regional Championship with massive 20.23-pound sack

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FletchWorldWide: Billy not a big believer in the Aggies... Says they were lucky to survive Ole Miss. Hopes Les Miles keeps the gas pedal mashed down Saturday

@FletchWorldWide: Who does Vegas believe are the top 4 teams in College FB?
1) Alabama
2) Oregon
3) Florida State
4) LSU

Stanford 5th in Las Vegas poll surprising? How about Baylor?
Fletch thinks Stanford deserves their #5 spot