Friday, October 25, 2013

FRIDAY WRAP UP: Byrd vs Parkway, Dak Prescott Miss St, Bo Harris Former LSU Tiger & Cin Bengals

@FletchWorldWide: Jim Nantz takes over the show complete with bird sounds and some guy with transparent skin.

@FletchWorldWide: ABC on with us, he thinks Mizzou is going to get wiped off the map tomorrow.

@FletchWorldWide: Mizzou has good pass rush tho, you don't want to get into a shoot out with them because that is their comfort zone

@FletchWorldWide: SCarolina has to hope Clowney has a good game.

@FletchWorldWide: ABC thinks tomorrow will be another #UpsetSaturday

@FletchWorldWide: When is Ohio St going to have that game where they don't get that lucky break late in the game - Inevitable?
Spending some quality time with the kiddos this weekend? 
Winning school gets 10%

@FletchWorldWide: @Rotolos EXCLUSIVELY offering @redriverbeer HAYRIDE!
Tap looks like a big guitar!

MINDBLOWER @FletcherShow starts movement- not in his bowels either- BROHIBITION!

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow properly grossed out by @CupcakeKWKH talking with cinnamon roll stuck all over his face
@FletchWorldWide: Poor woman gives @CupcakeKWKH a strange look, so he thinks she likes him and follows her around the gym #FreakyFriday
@FletchWorldWide: @CupcakeKWKH doesn't remember what happened after 2 beers #lightweight
: @OvaltineJenkens claims @FletcherShow is too hard on @CupcakeKWKH - then he sneezes all over cinnamon rolls

@FletchWorldWide: Jerrod Craft Brother made big plays, 12 points and picked off Shreve in end zone, rushed for 108 yards #Haughton looking GOOD

: Dak Prescott played like a STELLAR SEC QB last night! #MSU could beat SCar
: How incredible would it be if @15_DakP lead MSU to @AdvoCareV100Bwl


: Let's throw some support behind Haughton Buc D@15_DakP Mom, Peggy Prescott #MSU. ---- Contribute ----
: Billy: Mullen lost valuable time.
@15_DakP keeps having to get MSU back into rhythm after Russell bottoms out
: Russell can't get it done- Mullen is stuck in 'but he's a senior' quick sand. Stop slowing @15_DakP progression! He is your man #MSU

@FletchWorldWide: Billy: Worried about @Saints on Sunday

NEW FEMALE CALLER! Hey fellas! It's a girl!!
@FletchWorldWide: Lady on the line arguing-- with someone in her car? All you hear is yelling 'YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR MOUTH!!' Uh-- is she talking to Fletch, Ed Hardy or Cupcake? Heads are turning. Ed and Cupcake are pointing at each other.  
Lady, "Hey! Uh- is this KISS COUNTRY? I want you to give a birthday shout out to Ron McClain. He is 14 goes to Haughton Middle School!" Fletch and the gang blows it out for Ron!
: Gary McCoy from @KissCountry937 joins our quest to make sure Ron McClain's birthday is happening in a big way #FridayFun

@FletchWorldWide: @ThisIsChevyland is the ONLY Chevy dealer sponsoring the SPORTSTALK you want! Click here to check out what they have rolling in!

@FletchWorldWide: Thanks to Bo Harris, Capt Shreve, LSU alumni and former Cincinnati Bengal for being on with us today!
: Bo Harris about LSU: need more discipline, they are one of the most penalized teams
: We generally win games, but we are having a hard time stopping people
: Question for Bo: Who is best QB Harris played with? Answer- Joe Furgeson. Makes sense to us!
: Does Bo Harris think Miles & LSU is entering Bear Bryant/Bama era? Bo says offenses are so dynamic, its hard to compare
: Harris excited about opportunities former athletes have to make an impact! High school/college players call Community Renewal (318)425-3222

: Cush's Grocer and Market has three generations of passed down recipes. That's some tradition. Flournoy and Ellerbe and it's gumbo Friday

@FletchWorldWide: If you have good wide receivers you have a chance to beat LSU
@FletchWorldWide: D.R. Call- Still doesn't believe Ole Miss won
Couldn't watch the game for fear of health issues

: King Hardware has what you need for weekend fix it jobs 
-takes 10 minutes
-same low prices as big guys
Get your apron, coffee, rake, fryer, and candle! One stop shop.
Line Ave. Uptown Shopping Center Shreveport

@FletchWorldWide: @CupcakeKWKH claims board is haunted
@FletcherShow says he needs to work with Ralph in Bail Bond biz for a while

@FletchWorldWide: Parkway/Byrd game starts at 7pm, will have overflow parking

@FletchWorldWide: Stefan from @AdvoCareV100Bwl joins us now on #AM1130!
: @AdvoCareV100Bwl sending out scouts next week to hunt for competitors. "The pictures still not very clear, but looking good for qualifiers."
: Duke v. Virginia Tech: fletch thinks Duke will get the win, Ed Hardy violently shakes his head. I didn't know Duke had a football team.
: 221-0712 for tickets to the @AdvoCareV100Bwl  and thank you Stefan for keeping us up to date!

@FletchWorldWide: JR breaks out the Steelers stat with a win and predicts 21-20 on a blocked field goal attempt.

@FletchWorldWide: TWITTERVERSE on Parkways/Byrd Red River Rivalry game! See the smack talk, click on the TWITTERVERSE tab

@FletchWorldWide: Rusty pulls for Byrd, says it's going to be a great game. In Rusty's perfect world, Byrd 13-0 Parkway 12-1 and they both end up in SuperDome

@FletchWorldWide: People that don't know what Cupcake looks like ask to see him and once they do they say "oh that's what I thought!"     ---Really?

@FletchWorldWide: Landers Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is putting a Fiat in front of Rotolo's to really visualize that Italian model with Italian food!

FRIDAY FOOTBALL FRENZY to vote for your Superior Grill Superior Steakhouse Coach of the Week!

@FletchWorldWide: In the trenches, Byrd has the big boys making the tackles. If Parkway TE's don't get their head across at that angle, it's not happening.
---@LeeGataHillah:  not sure you have seen the size of Parkway's off. line...can't be many any bigger in this part of the state

@FletchWorldWide: EH: 41-28 Parkway
Fletch: 49-40 Parkway
Cupcake: 58-55 Parkway
Syd: 42-35 Byrd