Thursday, October 10, 2013

Evil NFL Owners, Conference Rankings, Kickball Pains: Thursday Show Wrap Up

@FletchWorldWide: Why 3 HS Football games tonight?
Kids don't get to really blow it out when they have to get up the next day at the crack @FridayFBFrenzy

@FletchWorldWide: Byrd vs Airline
Haughton vs Southwood
Bossier vs North Webster
Is Byrd EVER going to have a FRIDAY game?

@FletchWorldWide: Has anyone seen @darebouche ?
Starting to get concerned.
- @darebouche: Hospitalized with lobster claw injuries & windburn 
- @DarrellStrahan: He might be stuck on a government run train that got shut down

@darebouche spotted in North Korea ski resort

L.A. Times report on the win for NFL this week.nThank goodness! Those owners need to catch a break every now and then!
@FletchWorldWide: #NFL tells soft headed state legislatures that retired pro athletes coming in to rip off Cali's workers comp #liarliarpantsonfire
@FletchWorldWide: This does not cost Cali peeps anything- it's NFL team's insurance that pays #liarliarpantsonfire
@FletchWorldWide: We are literally starting to loath the NFL
@FletchWorldWide: @NFL @nflcommish 
Why do you want us to HATE you? Why do you want to continue to be total AHoles? Americans want to LOVE football! Idiots!
@FletchWorldWide: @NFL owners continue to be the most evil smut AHoles ever?
Why not be heros? Why do you want to make it HARD TO LOVE OUR FAVORITE SPORT?
@FletchWorldWide: Who do we despise more?
#softheadedlegislature that cashs paychecks while soldiers suffer
#NFL Owners

@FletchWorldWide: Have you been to @King_Hardware ?
HUNTING SEASON is HERE!!! Put your prizes is the VAULT

@FletchWorldWide: Advice for @CupcakeKWKH 
David's girlfriend needs to stay home
It's not a couples thing
It's a guys trip

@FletchWorldWide: New hash tag #DavidsGirlfriend
-needs to stay home
-recognize its a boys trip

@FletchWorldWide: First #LSU @SEC road trip for @CupcakeKWKH 
Serious advice/help for him needed
- KillerDawg advocates @CupcakeKWKH stealing his friends girlfriend and proceed to carry the party to New Orleans
- @CupcakeKWKH likes the plan. His friend's GF is hot

@FletchWorldWide: @BubbaWinningham letting Silverado trucks go at ridiculous prices 
Because @LATechFB is off this week? 
Worried- Someone check on him 

@FletchWorldWide: DrTV bringing Trivia Challenge
Best Out of Conference Win Percentage
10- USA
9- MAC
8- Sunbelt
7- Mountain West
6- American Athletic
5- Big 12
4- Big 10
3- ACC
2- SEC
1- PAC 12

@FletchWorldWide: @drewbrees now saying his son will not play tackle football during childhood years

Cupcake using "Girls just want to have fun," as bumper music on a sportsTalk show=11 year old girls singing along. Not target audience
@FletchWorldWide: @CupcakeKWKH talked about women earlier and he thinks about Cindy Lauper- pronounces LAPPER 
Could be LowT
@DarrellStrahan: Worse yet, grown men w "Girls Just Want 2 Hav Fun" stuck in their head accidently start singin it at job n front of others

Lack of football stadium solution:
Tennessee and Virginia Tech will play on the infield of Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016. Let's stage games at Boothill Speedway & LaDowns!

LaZy Boy Proprietor Alicia Powell's finger-- her exact quote "Kickball's not for sissys!"
@FletchWorldWide: Caddo Parish Kickbaxx lost last night
@FletcherShow says his kicks like 1972 place kicker- nice trajectory arc plenty of time to get under it and get him out

Harper Boys are now @JEEP GUYS!
Caught the fever!
1977 CJ5 JEEP
---- ----