Monday, September 23, 2013

What you missed on Fonday Monday! And who won Saints vs Cowboys! And where to get BOGO craft beer NOW!

Well, there you have it. Had there been a vote, our poll reflects Saints would have won!

Fletch's Sunday column in The Shreveport Times was all about the North West corner of Louisiana and its conflicts when it comes to Cowboys vs Saints. Check it out:

@FletchWorldWide: @Sports_Wife twisted @FletcherShow arm for last minute trip to BR for @LSUfball no traffic, no crowds 5 minutes before kickoff

@FletchWorldWide: @LSUfball fans pathetic pantywaists for not showing and leaving early for game against Auburn! @FletcherShow SHOCKED at LACK of intimidation

@FletchWorldWide: Guess @LSUfball fans don't rally unless its A&M or Bama
Fat asses stayed in the parking lot cooking and eating #thefoodnetwork #LSUmeow

@FletchWorldWide: @ehisworldwide 'Give your @LSU tickets away to someone that will use them! Fill the seats to support your team!'

@FletchWorldWide: Watching @DuckDynastyAE last night, they got their @YetiCoolers 
@King_Hardware getting new shipment!
@FletchWorldWide: @LSUfball zipped up and stored themselves in subzero temps after halftime

@FletchWorldWide: @FletchWorldWide: 1 @LSUfball fan yelling/cursing at the defense 
Hey MORON they're up 35-14! What do you want?

@FletchWorldWide: Back in the day Saban complained @LSUfball fans care more about partying at tailgate than getting inside #DeathValley #LSUmeow

@FletchWorldWide: Cajun Rob says Lance Moore and Colston wouldn't be performing without @DrewBrees #WhoDat

@FletchWorldWide: Cajun Rob says before they won national champ they weren't as many @LSUfball fans #LSUmeow

@FletchWorldWide: Cam Cameron setting up #BOOMSLAM 
Healthy dose of Jeremy Hill, then 2nd half fresh Blue legs! #LSUroar
@FletchWorldWide: @OdellBeckhamJr has hands like flypaper #LSUroar
@FletchWorldWide: Mettenberger was throwing lasers #LSUroar
@FletchWorldWide: Mettenberger could throw for #300 yards if he wanted #ThisisSparta #LSUroar
@FletchWorldWide: Preacherman says Was @LSUfball thinking about upcoming games and held back? #SecretStory #LSUroar
@FletchWorldWide: Jeremy Hill has another gear- he get the ball, he gone #LSUroar
@FletchWorldWide: Les isn't going to run it up on anyone- saving for the bigger battles

@FletchWorldWide: @drewbrees is the ShuffleKing Mettenberger did well shuffling #LSU

@FletchWorldWide: @ehisworldwide says @FletcherShow was grouchy going into @LSUfball because @ArkRazorbacks tanked to @RFootball #pigphooey

@FletchWorldWide: Cajun Rob says Lance Moore and Colston wouldn't be performing without @DrewBrees #WhoDat

@FletchWorldWide: If Tony Romo throws fewer then 25 times
And @DeMarcoMurray runs at least 25 times
@DallasCowboys WIN

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow pantsuit and considering espadrilles before @RegionalUro1 gave him #ShotintheASS he needed- literally 
Not #LowTTimmy anymore!  Don't believe us? Check out this pants suit video!!

@FletchWorldWide: Drive a BRAND SPANKING NEW Accord for $6 a day! @HolmesHonda

@FletchWorldWide: Jason Hatcher looking good @dallascowboys 
Last year injuries plagued them: #NFC are the worst this year
Good for @dallascowboys

@FletchWorldWide: #GiantsNation fastest plunge off the cliff #NFL

@FletchWorldWide: Chevy truck that stands 7'8"#BubbaGetsItDone
@DarrellStrahan: @FletchWorldWide Is that like stepping out of a deer stand & missing the first rung of the ladder?

@FletchWorldWide: @BubbaWinningham interesting theory on LATech loss #Listen1130TheTiger

"Just committed to LSU!" he wrote on Twitter over the weekend. "#GeaxTigers."

@FletchWorldWide: Baton Rouge 9th grader commits to @LSUfball Only thing @FletcherShow committed to at that age was nilla wafers & peanutbutter lunch e'day

  "@cupcakeKWKH: Snowy is out of the vet after her hysterectomy. Yes, things like this happen to dogs too. #mansbestfriend"
@FletchWorldWide: @cupcakeKWKH posted pics of his dog Snowy after her hysterectomy. @FletcherShow says #ManUp @RegionalUro1
@FletchWorldWide: @ehisworldwide wanted to pick up @cupcakeKWKH for Bossier game, but no! And @cupcakeKWKH got lost

@cupcakeKWKH: This movie wasn't funny. #Fletch .@fletchershow .@sports_wife

@FletchWorldWide: Slayer calls to gloat #Cowboys #Win
@FletchWorldWide: Thanks for calling Slayer, congrats on cowboys winning one less than @Saints

@LAstate7on7: Mr. Denny Rogers giving great talk to players. Thanks for your all your support @Landers @FIATUSA 

@FletchWorldWide: Whatever happened to the old fashion draw play #NFL

@FletchWorldWide: @Rotolos Abita Pint Night Monday!! Buy Abita get a pint free! @FletcherShow and @ehisworldwide making lunch plans...

@FletchWorldWide: JP says LATech did e'thing right! Dixson is #1RB for a reason

@FletchWorldWide: @myoder84 from @awfulannouncing on NOW
Listen Live talking @Saints

@FletchWorldWide: Was@TheJimmyGraham a little shy about hit last week
Is there any concern of him losing his bad boy toughness or is it temporary? @Saints

@FletchWorldWide: @Saints offensive line is OFFENSIVE
Recent discovery: ITS NOT @MarkIngram22 fault!

@FletchWorldWide: When @drewbrees is leading rusher there is a problem! @Saints

@FletchWorldWide: @Saints feeling loss of Kromer

@FletchWorldWide: Under Kromer's tenure as @Saints OL coach they sent 5 players to a combined nine Pro Bowls and tied for fewest sacks in the league with 96

@FletchWorldWide: Perfect weather for @GoLanders1 @JEEP

@FletchWorldWide: @LSUfball fan slides over 'Ya'll got any pot?'
@FletcherShow 'Uh, I've never smoked pot -EVER! Is this what goes on in the stands at games?

@FletchWorldWide: Same drunk @LSUfball idiot after on side kick 'Whats wrong with Special Teams coach? Why aren't they lined up on the 50?'

@FletchWorldWide: #NFL paying QBs so much, they can't afford decent OLine @Saints

"They are out to get him..."

@FletchWorldWide: Jeremy Hill is as talented as Cecil Collins
Hope similarities stop there @LSUfball
One sad story...

@FletchWorldWide: Cecil Collins outran Miss. State for 60 yd TD with only one shoe on, 
but couldn't outrun the law #LSUroar

@FletchWorldWide: Who are 4 #NFL QBs benefiting most from developed pocket passing?
Colin Kaepernick
Russell Wilson
Andrew Luck
Ryan Tannehill