Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday's Twitter Action!

TWITTERVERSE: "Famous" Jameis Winston

@BunkiePerkins: All that the "The Johnny We Know" Tumblr is missing is Sarah McLachlan music bed and a picture of Manziel with a recue puppy.

@FletchWorldWide: I think Bieber handles himself well.-Cupcake

Did you read about it in the Seventeen magazine you stole from the women's restroom? -Fletch

@FletchWorldWide: Gibsland Bank & Trust Co on E. Texas now sponsoring the show! Check out their location. They have their own post office. Schwiiiiiing!

@FletchWorldWide: Thanks @LATechPWalsh for the scoop on @LATechFB and thanks @SKShreveport for sponsoring "Tech Tuesday"

@FletchWorldWide: Offensive line: will Holtz coach up the players to improve them or will he get the message out that people could be coming off the bench?

@FletchWorldWide: @LATechSHoltz takes the blame for #LATech loss to North Carolina State. What does that say to the team? What is the morale like? #AM1130

@FletchWorldWide: @LATechPWalsh joins us after the break for Tech Tuesday! #LATech @LATechFB sponsored by Smoothie King on E. 70th! @SKShreveport

@FletchWorldWide: If you had to go through the weekend without a Yeti cooler or an R&V Works Fryer, we're so sorry. King Hardware & Gifts will hook you up!

@FletchWorldWide: Chimi V's LA Tech HQ in Bossier City! 29 degree beer, $11.99 fajitas every day! Patio scene like no other! Old Minden Road next to I-20

@cupcakeKWKH: I'm pretty excited to go back to work tomorrow morning! I've felt empty and lonely the past three days.
@FletchWorldWide: . @cupcakeKWKH this is extremely depressing.

@FletchWorldWide: Rotolo's: Calzone Wednesday, Friday Football Frenzy, Saturday LSU, Sunday Saints. Rotolo's is your football HQ! E.70th near Fern Ext.

Gibsland Bank & Trust...
Northwest Louisiana's Great Banking Team!!

@FletchWorldWide: Behind the Scenes: Cupcake admits that if he were on a houseboat, he would wear a life jacket 24/7, to sleep, in the shower, bathroom, etc.

@FletchWorldWide: Johnny Manziel getting flagged for pointing at the scoreboard? When did that become a penalty? "This is what our team is doing to your team"

@FletchWorldWide: SEC grade for the weekend: 
@ehisworldwide C
@FletcherShow B

@FletchWorldWide: 80/20 LSU/TCU at game. Couldnt hear TCUs crowd
@_KrisJackson: @FletchWorldWide JerryWorld is odd with sound though. Was sitting above LSU tunnel and couldn't hear Tiger Band from opposite end.

@FletchWorldWide: LATech had no vertical throw- bubble screen bubble screen bubble screen

@FletchWorldWide: @ehisworldwide  Clemson was the most impressive team of the weekend

@FletchWorldWide: @ehisworldwide After watching Alabama, LSU's offense looked good

@FletchWorldWide: Talking college football- what happened to LATech? Grambling looked like Grambling unfortunately. LSU was exciting to watch

@FletchWorldWide: Good morning and welcome to the Fletch Show--