Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Full of Football

Thursday - full of football - is here!
@FletcherShow will probably go to the CE Byrd vs Calvary
@ehisworldwide calls in from walking trail and is dodging snakes

Hit on @drewbrees should be a wake up call to @SeanPayton - Got my back dude?

Trent Richardson heard about trade on SportsTalkRadio
     - What if he didnt turn on radio and shows up at practice flaunting new ink #BrownsForLife
Trent Richardson 59 yards per game 2012, but 58 catches in backfield and Colts (dead last in catches 2012) now has options
     - Cleveland gives up! This year is over
@Colts have a pretty good young nucleus to carry them forward for the next 5/6 years

Landers Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM - Bossier City

Chrysler 300 setting standard for luxury sedan that families can afford at Landers.

North Caddo's @coachjerrybyrd texts @FletcherShow and asks who has WEDNESDAY SPECIAL - Suddenly @Rotolos is PACKED Rotolo's has new beers on tap!
- Coconut Curry
- Abita's French Connection
- New microbrewery in town will be well rep'd at Rotolo's!

Top 25 Coach Ranking
- @LATechFB will be disappointed
- @LATechSHoltz 121 out of 125
Top 10 in Coaches Ranking 
1. Mack Brown
2. Jerry Kill
3. Al Golden
4. Charlie Strong
5. Sonny Dykes
6. Bronco Mendenhall
7. Rich Rodriguez
8. Larry Coker
9. Hugh Freeze
10. Frank Beamer

Homer vs Haynesville this weekend! Grab a #YETI and go early cause its going to be BIG! @King_Hardware
Gus Malzahn "running QB helps in many different ways" "we have to work on drops" #Auburn

Next hour we will find out what Auburn QB Nick Marshall and LSU QB Zach Mettenberger have in common #hmmmm

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The last 2 mins of last week's Auburn game #winning 
Auburn has QB that is starting to 'get it'

What do Auburn QB Nick Marshall and LSU QB Zach Mettenberger have in common? Both ousted from Georgia #AuburnLSU

LSU Fans aren't taking this game seriously, but shouldn't discount it. Auburn has SEC talent and coaching

@FletchWorldWide: @ThisIsChevyland Bringing you FRIDAY FOOTBALLFRENZY! #boomslam!
@FletcherShow is launching into Jim Hawthorn impression #HiEverbody!

Cupcake not too hyped about @FletcherShow and Donnje Brewer cooking up a deal: cowboys lose, Cupcake pays $1K toward purchase of home

@coachjerrybyrd: @FletchWorldWide @FletcherShow @Rotolos Coach Ab Photo bomb

Football Forecast 
Thur 30% Rain
Fri 80% Rain
Sat 30% Rain

@FletcherShow says @cupcakeKWKH walks like a giraffe on a dance floor #lmao

Billy: Running QB gives LSU fits and Auburn has an athletic QB and 17 of top 21 top tacklers returning 

   - @Faxis: @FletchWorldWide Tell that to Johnny Football.  We held him to 27 rushing yards.

Billy: I have no idea if LSU is a strong team yet, they haven't played anyone yet

Regional Urology: 683-0411. Don't be Low-T-Timmy any longer. Call Dr. Moss and set up an appointment! #lowtestosterone

The 3 teams LSU has beaten: UAB ranked 82, TCU ranked 92, and Kent State ranked 113. All ranked in total offense. #accomplished

Brees voices his opinion about Goldson and his actions, Malcolm Jenkins defends him saying his fine is from his history. #saints #NFL

Pet Peeve of the Day: another loss.

NFL Tackling Rules
- JR call: GOOD insight on how to tackle, step by step
- 16-year-old HS player died from football. Helmet-to-helmet, got a concussion, passed out, and never woke up. Will we ever avoid concussions?
- JR: Basically 'If you don't want to get hurt, don't play football. Heads up, heads down, heads around- 300lb tanks running, slam into you'

- Stefan from the joins us on-air! Talking bowl picks on
- For each ticket sold for this years they'll take $1 and evenly distribute the $ to 4 charitable organizations.
- 2 of the 4 organizations are: Wounded Warrior Project and College Football Assistance Fund. The other 2 local ones will b announced Nov.4
- Non-profit organizations can submit an application, just do it before Oct. 18!

Cascio's Market Bistro:
Artichoke chicken casserole Sandwich: Cajun roast beef on jalapeƱo cheddar bread
318-742-3205 drive thru to go!

Dr. TV suggesting indie tunes to everyone this morning! Guitarist for Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine, Tom Morello!

Dave Foster:  it was more like rise and whine
I'm not rising and/or grinding.