Monday, September 9, 2013

Saints, LSU, Cowboys Rundown--

@FletchWorldWide: GoodMorning-- it's good because Monday night football is here!

@FletchWorldWide: @RoyLangIII spots panda bear on a motorcycle #timetopullover

@FletchWorldWide: @MarquesColston became leading receiver of all time with a flying grab! #WhoDat

@FletchWorldWide: Tony Romo's toughness was not in question last night and @dallascowboys defense looked good!

@FletchWorldWide: @OdellBeckhamJr punt return- potent!
@FletchWorldWide: @OdellBeckhamJr #HeismanHopeful #LSUroar

LSU's Odell Beckham Jr. named SEC Special Teams Player of the Week: 

Four touchdowns, and a 100-yard missed field goal return for a score

@FletchWorldWide: Quad cab @RamTrucks on sale at @golanders !! Don't bother looking anywhere else for the Ram Truck you want!

@FletchWorldWide: Leading rusher in the NFL? @TerrellePryor -- should have won that game

@FletchWorldWide: @Saints defense is going to get it done thanks to Rob Ryan and Vaccaro!

@FletchWorldWide: Interesting how @KennyVaccaro4 got into the minds of @Atlanta_Falcons

@FletchWorldWide: Bailey's Jewelry makes repairs to broken pieces or will buy that gold and give you big money for it!

@FletchWorldWide: @ehisworldwide Payton was selective and accurate with plays

Brandon Harris Parkway QB coming by to say hello at Friday Football Frenzy ay Rotolos!!
@FletchWorldWide: @ehisworldwide Friday night we didn't get out of the car wanting to listen to 710 KEEL #FletchFrenzy

@FletchWorldWide: Friday Football Frenzy was ALL OVER THE PLACE! From Haynesville to Natchitoches

@FletchWorldWide: Friday Football Frenzy had 6 coaches on live! #FletchFrenzy

@FletchWorldWide: Who is going to throw the most $ at Nick Saban?

@FletchWorldWide: King Hardware for paint supplies, home repair, general fixits without having to walk the caverns of giant superstores! #easy

@FletchWorldWide: NFL Refs now frisking players for illegal substances #chickengreese

@FletchWorldWide: @LSU can now target down the middle because they trust Mettenberger #LSUroar

@FletchWorldWide: SaintsWife calls out @ehisworldwide live @ThisIsChevyland ad 'pathetic'

@FletchWorldWide: Impressive @15_DakP looked like an SEC starting QB
So effective during the first half, he wasn't needed on the field during the second!

@FletchWorldWide: 19 yards rushing was most for @steelers #WTF
@FletchWorldWide: If there is a panic button in the #nfl #Steelers are pushing it the hardest

@FletchWorldWide: Only NFC South team with a win @Saints #BoomSlam

@FletchWorldWide: . @myoder84 live on-air with us! Tune in at #AM1130!

@FletchWorldWide: FOX went crazy about the Superbowl being in New York. Anyone remember seeing anything for New Orleans during Week 1?

@FletchWorldWide: "Noted lyricist, Eminem, joins us in the studio now." -Musburger

@FletchWorldWide: Who had the better showing? Better pregame, postgame? Best announcing? Find out on #AM1130!

@FletchWorldWide: Thanks @myoder84 for hanging out! Check out

@FletchWorldWide: #Georgia is a good football team who's season is on the line every game.

@FletchWorldWide: "STUNG BY THE JACKETS!"

@FletchWorldWide: @AdvoCareV100Bwl supports our community by supporting the little people's! SPAR football and YMCA! Thanks @AdvoCareV100Bwl

@FletchWorldWide: J-Bo giving us a rundown on Haynesville