Monday, September 16, 2013

Saints Solutions (its not pixie dust), Today's Show...

Evangel, Fair Park and Shreve- your coaches are up for SUPERIOR COACH OF THE WEEK! Go VOTE at FRIDAY FOOTBALL FRENZY!

"One yard and a cloud of pixie dust." #MarkIngram #Saints #NewOrleansSaints

1) Give Pierre Thomas and Travaris Cadet the carries that Mark Ingram is getting.  Make Ingram inactive to motivate him.  Seems like he played much better when Ivory was activated last year.  PUSH Ingram to panic mode: show him he is replaceable.  That is when he taps into his full potential.
2) Jacob Hester is a better full back than Jed Collins and Jacob can pick up third and one, fourth and one yardage. 

@FletchWorldWide: Brees has to get rid of the ball faster after yesterday. When he got rocked, it should have set it in stone for him.

@FletchWorldWide: Even @Sports_Wife was saying "@Saints are using @DarrenSproles too much! He is going to get hurt. We need to save him!"

@FletchWorldWide: After Graham got up after that hit, and he didn't miss a play? Dudes got to be the toughest in the #NFL 
#NewOrleansSaints @TheJimmyGraham
 What you missed from Today's Show-- Monday, Sept 16, 2013

@FletchWorldWide: Schiano says Freeman could lose starting job next week- and fans are starting threads like "Everybody cuss out Greg Schiano".  Tampa Bay, Detroit #DirtyTeam

@FletchWorldWide: Sweep the floor pizza at Rotolos is like an apple: need one a day
@FletchWorldWide: @dallascowboys got to make plays
Dunbar fumbling hurt!

@FletchWorldWide: Pass interference on @dallascowboys @MoClaiborne was bogus

@FletchWorldWide: Jed the Head and Ingram should have been out by halftime @SeanPayton got options in Louisiana @JacobHester22 DOESN'T MAKE THOSE MISTAKES

@FletchWorldWide: Need a south Louisiana fix? #Cush'sMarketGrocery gumbo

@FletchWorldWide: #Longhorn fans standing on ledges across Texas. Revenge of the Nerds guys on defense

New @Saints d├ęcor: @GHartley5 leg lamp #score

@FletchWorldWide: @BubbaWinningham is no Jen Bielema! Loyalty to his customers and community is why @ThisIsChevyland sells more CHEVYS than anyone in Louisiana #BOOMSLAM

@FletchWorldWide: #12thMan calls in- Aggies defense are a wet paper bag AND they are SPOILED @JManziel2 560 total yards against Alabama

@FletchWorldWide: #12thMan AJ McCarron just makes plays and offensive lineman are solid

@FletchWorldWide: @JManziel2 is that 11year old that is the best kid on the field #punchandswerve

@FletchWorldWide: Nose hair discussion commences #DownwardSpiral

REGIONAL UROLOGY LOW T ALERT!! @ehisworldwide slams @Audioslave! Complains @cupcakeKWKH doesn't EVER play Celine Dion, then spends longer than 50 seconds in bathroom

@ says @Saints can do it
@FletchWorldWide: How many 1st-round running backs are number one on special teams for kickbacks...?

@FletchWorldWide: Who is the great defense in college football? Billy says this year is the worst he's seen

@FletchWorldWide: LSU's defense is getting better and better; Michigan State has best defense nationally, but they haven't played really anyone yet.

@FletchWorldWide: ACC still looking good! Going to be a good bowl game this year!! @AdvoCareV100Bwl Get your TICKETS now!

@FletchWorldWide: Pet Peeve of the Day: The mess in the TowneSquare Media kitchen. 
Looks like the Pike house.

@FletchWorldWide: Skandar calling Fletch out on his Pet Peeve of the Day.

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow claims UAPB victory- while toting the camera on sideline, Fletch jumped into the huddle and called the play that won the game

Low numbers... Cost of Donnie Brewer stellar home AND attendance at Raiders game

@FletchWorldWide: Happy 50th birthday to Johnny C!

@FletchWorldWide: Central Ohio's number one #Saints fan, @myoder84 from @awfulannouncing live on-air with us! #AM1130
JR Steelers report:
- Roethlisberger throw more! Go back to the Patriot smackdown from last year! Big routs, slants, ins
- Steelers have no running backs! Over and under is 8 1/2. Currently $1.488 million under the NFL salary-cap limit of $123 million.

Cascio's Market Bistro:
Red beans and rice today!
Rocky's specialty, nomnom. Shed Rd!

@FletchWorldWide: You don't want to play a playoff game in Seattle.

@FletchWorldWide: No longer a billionaire: T. Boone Pickens

@FletchWorldWide: Texas AM v. Alabama earned a 9.0 national rating. The highest rated game they've had in 23 years.

AZ State v. Wis. FREAK SHOW: 
1- Wisconsin drives down the field with 18 sec. Wisconsin QB rolls left, stops, drops to his knee and smacks the ball down.
2- The ref has his hands up for Arizona to line up their defense with 4 sec left, but he's standing over the ball so Wisconsin can't spike it.
3- With one sec left, ref moves and the clock hits zero. Game over. Weirdest ending to a game. #Wisconsin #ArizonaState
Fletch thinks its past time to make REFS available to media to question 

@FletchWorldWide: #ArizonaState although the No. 1 party school in America, Cupcake says "horrible tailgate experience." Not sure if we trust his judgment.

@FletchWorldWide: Wisconsin game was SO BIZARRE Jen Bielema tweets #karma -Twitter went NUTS called her #whitetrashhooker