Friday, September 20, 2013

Minden, NCaddo and Shreve Coaches LIVE! FRIDAY FOOTBALL FRENZY


@FletchWorldWide: Haynesville vs Homer FIERCE RIVALRY! Game is tonight- Haynesville is SO good!

@FletchWorldWide: Ms Julia Smith having tonsillectomy today- She'll be chilling with mounds of ice cream and jello very soon! @ehisworldwide

@FletchWorldWide: @coachjerrybyrd on with us NOW
Listen Online:
Radio: AM1130 The Tiger

@FletchWorldWide: @coachjerrybyrd says NCaddo has more of a passing game so hopefully slick field won't affect them as much

@FletchWorldWide: @coachjerrybyrd says linemen are mudders- like slopping around

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow saw bingobangobongo offense on TV: thot of @coachjerrybyrd

@FletchWorldWide: Vidalia's mascot should be THE ONIONS @FridayFBFrenzy

@FletchWorldWide: @CupcakeKWKH just got approved for car loan! #fridayfavourite Gibsland Bank and Trust

 Gibsland Bank and Trust: You down with GBT? Yeah you know me!

@FletchWorldWide: E'BODY SINGIN BRASS MONKEY! #DownwardSpiral

@FletchWorldWide: It was so muggy, I lost my wallet #badjokefriday

@GOLanders bought shipment: 2013 Dodge Dart SXT
Fully loaded, 41 MPG, auto trans, all power& more
MSRP $20,040
Selling $16,998 #stealofadeal

@FletchWorldWide: Billy: Official's call turns game: NCarolina ran for TD, called back for stepping out of bounds. replay showed he was in #REFgetsitWRONG

@FletchWorldWide: Billy: Refs didnt even review call on NCarolina- lost it for them

@FletchWorldWide: Minden Coach Spencer Heard gearing up to host Haughton

@FletchWorldWide: Minden QB 3rd year starter- very good arm, intelligent. Coach Heard impressed with 99 yard drive from Southwood game

@FletchWorldWide: @BrotherBigJ morning show: 1130 The Tiger... Friday Football Frenzy on Newsradio 710

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow has been stumped twice this morning... @cupcakeKWKH is enjoying it immensely

@FletchWorldWide: @FletchWorldWide: @cupcakeKWKH needs to date someone that drives a Camaro! @ThisIsChevyland

@FletchWorldWide: Coach Richard Lary on the show in a bit!

@FletchWorldWide: Longhorns reaching out to Saban! #RollTide

@FletchWorldWide: Carmel Mudslide @FletcherShow drinking today! King Hardware Coffee #fridayfavourite

@FletchWorldWide: Captain Shreve lost their season opener by 3; won the next week by 3. Like to keep it close!

@FletchWorldWide: Dr. Moss at Regional Urology loves his LSU Tigers! Low testosterone? Let Dr. Jimmy help you get back on track. 683-0411

@FletchWorldWide: Captain Shreve's Richard Lary expected to join us on the show. This year they've earned and lost 27 pts. They're 1-1. Very even.

@FletchWorldWide: Captain Shreve's head coach, Richard Lary joins us on-air! Talking the importance of coaches teaching in high schools.

@FletchWorldWide: Is it good consistency for the Gators? Lary: offense is struggling a little bit, defense is on deck. They don't want the Even-Steven.

@Sports_Wife: Carpool envy @GoLanders DODGE CHALLENGER

@FletchWorldWide: How important is it to have your face on before district playing begins? Defense gelled in, offense confidence, even coaches.

@FletchWorldWide: Lary says you have to go out and find yourself. Defense needs to step up, but we're getting better there. "We gotta play smart."

@FletchWorldWide: Mansfield v. Shreve @ Mansfield. No sloshy field tonight, surf the turf? Going to be a great game! Good luck to both teams.

@FletchWorldWide: Rotolo's, get in mah bellllyyyyyy. 
This weekend is awesome for Rotolo's! Friday Footba Frenzy, Tech, LSU, and SAINTS!

@FletchWorldWide: Monday starts "Craft Beer Week" at Rotolo's! Pint Night is Monday, if you come drink Abita then you get a free Abita pint glass!

@JacobHester22: On my way down to Baton Rouge to watch the Tigers play! Listening to my guy @FletchWorldWide on the way down.

@FletchWorldWide: Follow @FridayFBFrenzy for tonight's high school football updates! Also check out! #yeeuh

@ehisworldwide: Saints nugget surgery went great, adios allergies!!!! Getting a whole new 10 year old, so pumped for her

@FletchWorldWide: @cupcakeKWKH in his first year as P.A. Guy said after a five yard gain near midfield:"first down Byrd at the 52 yard line!"

@FletchWorldWide: Kansas 41-35. LATech will play well, but Kansas will end up on top. #collegepicks

@FletchWorldWide: LSU 38-20. Not only do the win but they cover. #LSUvsAUBURN #collegepicks

@IamOden: @FletchWorldWide   RT @_KatherineWebb: @radar_online has called and harassed my family at their house multiple times. Their story is FALSE." 


@FletchWorldWide: Coach of the Week nominees: Captain Shreve's Coach Lary, Fair Park's Coach Greene, and Evangel's Coach Dawson. Go head. Getcha vote on.
@FletchWorldWide: to vote for this weeks Superior Bar & Grill Coach of the Week!