Thursday, September 5, 2013


It's that time again.....KICKBALL!  

Team FLETCH is KICKING IT! We DARE you and your buddies to sign your team up and try to steal our championship trophy!  Come on slow and lazy!!! BRING IT!  

Now which disguise should we wear as our uniforms? Hmmmm


This is our 3rd season of adult kickball in Shreveport/Bossier.  Businesses, organizations, friend or individuals...come out and join us.  Now you can register online at as a team or individual. Yes...we will have occasional theme nights and door prizes. Official Impact 864 "We do Kickin' Right" league shirts will be on sale.

Here are the basics:

This year the league will be under the direction of Matt Sansoucie ( and Meagan Best ( You can register with them or online. They will be your on-site officials and coordinators.

WHAT: Impact 864 Co-ed Adult Kickball League

WHERE: Cargill Park in Shreveport. Fields 6-10. Security provided.
WHEN: WEDNESDAY NIGHTS. Starts Wednesday September 25th @ 7:00pm-9:00pm.  Registration is open now until Tuesday, September 24th at noon. The season will end with our championship on Wednesday, November 13th. The playoff format will depend on the amount of teams. Tiebreaker as follows: head-to-head record, runs scored, and run differential

WHO: Anyone 18 and older who wants to come out and have a good time. Meet new friends or business contacts or just have fun with a group of old friends and associates. This is a co-ed recreational league. Each team will have at least 3 active female players.  All female teams are OK.

HOW MUCH: Teams and individuals can register. Each player is $40 to play ($400 per team)

10 teams max, 6 team minimum

10 players to a team max ( a team can have an additional 4 part-time players to fill roster)

ALL players must sign a waiver before playing. They will be available at the park.

Each team is responsible for team name and uniform. We strongly encourage creativity!


Come on man…its kickball! You’re an adult…act like one. If you’re playing to be a competitive jerk then find somewhere else to play. Have fun, treat others and the game with respect, make some friends, and don’t take it too seriously.  That goes for friends and family too. If someone is cheating or causing problems, talk to an official. Watch your mouth…there are often kids around.

Food and beverages: Food and drinks are allowed. Alcohol is prohibited by SPAR…our policy is to don’t look, don’t tell. If alcohol (or the effects because of alcohol) becomes a problem then we will look and tell.


We follow WAKA rules with modifications. You can look up the rules online

Team captains will submit final scores to the official after the game

Each regular season game is self-umpired under an honor system. Championship will have officials. If a team has a dispute, ONLY the team captains should discuss it and work it out.  Close calls can be settled by rock-paper-scissors, a dance-off or some other means. Team captains can ask the official to intervene if necessary.

10 run max per inning. 15 run mercy rule for game.  Each game is 7 innings or 1 hour time limit. The inning that is currently being played when time expires is the last inning. The entire inning can be finished if last batting team is behind.

Bunts must go at least 10 feet (a box will be chalked). No double kicks (counts as foul). Pitcher and infielders must not “creep” towards home plate past 10 feet until contact has been made with the ball.  A chalk mark will be on the baseline and in front of the pitcher’s mound. 

Each team will be required to submit a batting order to the other team prior to game start. No batting out of order.  An order sheet will be provided.

Substitutions may be made. Once a player is replaced by substitution, that player can no longer play in the same game. Only exception is medical or personal emergency.

4 fouls is an out

No lead offs or steals.

Infield fly rule is in effect.

2 base max on overthrow.

Tagging someone out above the shoulders is not allowed unless the person “ducks” into the throw or tag.  The runner is safe if hit above the shoulders. Don’t be a jerk and throw it too hard. That won’t be tolerated either.

Pitchers: this is recreational…no 70 mph rollers with English please. Just roll the ball…not bounce it.

Pick up your trash

Don’t drink and drive

Tommy Scott
Impact 864, LLC