Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HUMP DAY HAPPENINGS on your daily dose of FLETCH


Today is the LAST DAY to sign up for

We're trying to come up with names!
- Uniballers, Fletchaholics, R U Ballin?
- We need kickball team name/theme! Bad News Beers Bad News Beards Wolf pack
- Fleet Foxes Gonna get ya out! "what the Fox say" walk-up music The Reapers- Grim, song don't fear the reaper Need Kickball name
- Monticello Massacres Low T Timmies What Whats! Need kickball name
 Kickin' Gonads, Familia Jewels, The Boys
- Caddo Parish Kickbacks
- Big Baller Fletch Callers
not a lot of leg strength in that family. Very top heavy
it's all in the hips. Just tap it in.

Is BabaBooey?
: Is the new Baba Booey? ”he looks like a horse

Missouri and Georgia Tech SUCK but since they are 3-0 they will get love in polls

Why should be more optimistic than 37.7 times Brees felt impact when he dropped back
Only thing to worry about Brees is that he stays upright. Not really a Brees thing but more of an offensive line thing.
not for the timid soul, including conditions off the field

All the fellas are worried about teams like Florida State and Wisconsin not being as good as their record indicated

$5.99 Calzones alllll day at Rotolos!  then Cinnamon Pizza Ala Mode Dessert

Dak Prescott---THE man for Mississippi State the rest of the way. says he called it before the season

Will ole miss stay within 4 TD's if Alabama this Saturday? Our resident a Rebel says, "oh yeah"
Ole Miss has a handful of tall, fast receivers... If Bo Wallace gets protection, should be able do good things against 'Bama secondary

What Edmunds Says

If you dig the 2014 Dodge Charger's bold styling, wait till you see what else this full-size sedan has to offer. It's a great all-around car at a great price.  Smooth yet well-controlled ride; big-and-tall interior with quality materials; potent V8s; available all-wheel drive; excellent optional touchscreen interface.

With rainout in HS football, what effect if any does it have on power rankings? It shouldn't penalize either team.
Instead of penalizing for a rainout, schools power rankings are based on the amount of games they actually play.

Caller El Guapo has parrots? Buckeye and Miles!

Raph excited for Tech game in Texas. Says its great for recruiting

Nutella, peach schnapps and snuggie for Donnie Brewer for Cowboys game

Billy think LSU needs to beat Georgia by 14 to prove they are "for real."
If Georgia beats by two or more TD's, EH says Skandar won't be calling in.
1 lb of chicken salad for each of us if Georgia DOESN'T win by two touchdowns.
30-20 Georgia, prediction from caller.
The return game, special teams will be pivotal for

McElhatten are joining the kickball team, think they'll bring a Yeti full of cold beer to the game/practice?

. piss poor? You British?
playing the worst possible music choices we could imagine. Typical.
Sack-o-shame: has to be the bathroom attendant for a day.

getting emotional with Arkansas' past struggles being brought up...on top of their present ones.


- Rare to hear 'popular' and 'cupcake' in the same sentence.
- Fletch doing Twitterverse this morning pretending to be Cupcake. Don't worry people. Syd the Kid will be back tomorrow.

“I once told Dietzel he was too soft to make a successful head coach,” said coach Bear Bryant- Dietzel proved him wrong

Zud the Hut says most memorable Bayou Bash was 2004 with Paul Dietzel.

The bridge between Dietzel, Saban, and Miles is joined by national championships.

Cascio's open late tonight and Friday until 9! Yummmmm. My mouth is literally watering.