Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Caddo Parish Kickback$ Kick Balls and Take Names!

KICKBALL WAS INSANELY FUN!!!  Our team "The Caddo Parish Kickbacks" won! 
You MAY be able to squeeze a team in still- call IMPACT864 ASAP tel:318-670-3860

Nicknames were earned, dignities were compromised, highlights of the evening goes as follows:

- Joel was an intimidating force on 2nd base, mostly for his wife.  He wiped out Leah Anne and would have gotten a 15 yard penalty for targeting if it would have happened in the NFL

- Leah Anne carried the title of '3 for 3' for a while, until she started bragging too much and threw her karma off, but did pick up nickname 'Dozie' for surviving her bulldozer hubby

- Fletcher turned into Nick Saban 

- The fighting brothers McElhatten were the 'Twin Towers'  
     - Robert became HerKaLes when he knocked out a woman running to 1st 
     - Nick became Koby when he caught AIR catching a ball off 3rd

- Shea-Bay-Bay threw a shoe kicking and running... TWICE 

- Holly took on the role of intimidator, smack talking the other teams, especially when she was catcher 

- No one got dirtier than EH! He was Honey Badger- he was everywhere

- Alicia made the catch of the day (calling it before it was pitched), screaming:" I've got this!" earning her the nickname 'Got It Girl'

- As soon as it was kicked, Robert said, "oh $**T!" 

- Roy took one for the team when he leapt to catch a ball and landed in a gopher hole, but he lost points for leaving before the 2nd game. 

- Bone headed move of the night went to Aly when she finally kicked a decent ball but stopped to do a celebration dance on the way to 1st and forget to touch the base!

This is seriously the most fun we have had in ages!  Don't try to fit it into your schedule- text a few friends and form a team!  We got some exercise and made new friends with the other teams- great way to spend an evening!