Tuesday, August 27, 2013



Fletch makes a plea for help! Theme song void is growing to sinkhole proportions! Ears are imploding around the ark latex as sings impromptu theme song

named starters cause they ain't skeered Many teams 'why would we tip our hand?'

may play next preseason game. Anyone touch his knee in practice gets kneed in the groin by Jerry Jones

What does Enron and a baseball team have in common? Hint: Tickle/Slap Concept-- coming up!

Shoutout to Donnie Brewer pumping iron this am! -u-1-2 Brewer Quality Homes

Caller Silver&Black goes Silver&Blue:
-Raiders NOT committed
-Al Davis disaster 41mil $$ payout
-Dirt cutout on field
-Stadium is a pit He OUT

Tickle/Slap Concept, Enron Management for 'Stros?
- approaching record depths of BAD Only 1 guy makes over $1mill Owner will pocket $99 mil this year More than any other team
- owner Crane slashing expenses: that includes players $

announces official game watching location in Shreveport- drumroll...

Is Jerry's World TCU home field advantage? Will it matter?

University Lab stud commits to Ditching Bama and others

2014/15 going to be bumper crop for

After Miley Cyrus VMA performance... Geauxing Crazy admits he was choreographer. Happy with many aspects, left some things on the table

Nicholas Brossette@NBrossette 1h
I'm Officially a Tiger now! God Blessed!! Keep working and keep grinding everyday!! Hard work pays…

If LSU loses to TCU and you see a guy (or a lady) walking home on I-20, it's probably Geauxing Crazy or Wife.  She is TCU grad---loser walks home! HARDCORE

Was it a little "frosty" at lunch with Les yesterday? Glenn Guilbeau live on the program! AM1130

Peyton's Head@PeytonsHead 50m
Johnny Manziel met with NCAA investigators for 6 hours on Sunday. I'm assuming it was in the afternoon. Trust me, he can't get up in the AM.

says he believes that Jeremy Hill will play this Saturday v. TCU

Guilbeau says he personally believes Hill should "definitely be suspended for a couple of games."

West Monroe guys have been receiving a lot of talk down in Baton Rouge.

Les lets all of his coordinators run the show. He usually dips his hand in there but for the most part it's up to them.

Landers is practically giving away vehicles with their END OF THE SUMMER CLEARANCE: Women see clearance and start working out to prepare for maximum digging power through bins.  Men see clearance at LANDERS and think 'Ahhh- Easy! New Ram Truck For Me!'

Coaching ranks from Glenn Guilbeau now being discussed with the man himself,

Usually ranks new coaches low, new coaches in the fairly low.

Glenn Guilbeau prediction for LSU vs. TCU: LSU 24-17

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If you follow the fundamentals and do what you're supposed to do, then you'll get the job done.

Thank you and for joining us this morning to discuss LSU and LaTech Football!