Monday, August 5, 2013

Fair Grounds Field Update

How about an update on the BATS of Fair Grounds Field? Thanks to Sam Stroope, who started the Facebook Page, "Rescue Fair Grounds Field," I was able to contact Rob McKay with Wildlife Abatement.  

I put McKay in touch with Rod Richardson, the Director of Communications for the city of Shreveport.  After those two gentlemen had a conversation, I spoke with McKay, who is currently working two bat excavation jobs.  When he was told the city has been quoted a $500,000 fee to guarantee the bats removal from FGF he said, "I've never seen a job where it costs more than $10,000 to take care of the problem."  Richardson also liked the idea of saving the city a significant sum of money.

McKay told me he could take a look at the situation at FGF next week, if the city asks for his assistance.  Sounds to me like a no-brainer. A $10,000 roll of the dice that could net significant savings for the city along with hundreds of bats.  

Bats stuck in the nets
Proof of drugs in baseball. Weed.

Field is drier than Steven Wright

Taylor Moore said these seats had 10-year lifespan...
They are now 27 years old

Moore said he would be surprised if AC Units
had not been ransacked

Empty Concourse at Fair Grounds Field

The Final "Updated" Standings---2011

When a faded outfield fence is greener than the grass?
You might be a city that doesn't care for baseball

Two bird skeletons were on the step above these seats.
Who wants chicken?
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Excuse me, Fletch... could you sit down?
We can't see the game.