Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brain Birthdays! Demons! Warhawks! Cajuns! It's All Here!

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Ricky Williams advice for Manziel 'I did a lot of things wrong, just don't get caught and if you do don't tell the truth.' #gigem

Got to get up early to slip one past NCAA or stay up late, or don't go to sleep or sleep all day or take a nap or catch narcolepsy #idiots

worries that might not see the field. If Aggies lead Rice 35-0 at half, why risk injury by playing him (1 of 2)
(2 of 2) on the other hand---if Rice leads A&M, 17-14 at half & comes in, leads 5 straight TD drives---Hand him the Heisman

KING HARDWARE Smokin' Cajun Grill CG40
CAPACITY: 40" COOKING SURFACE Versatile design allows to slow cook/smoke at 200 degrees or seer/grill with surface temps up to 750 degrees. Stainless Steel Grill Surface for easy cleaning Front shelf with utensil holder Removable side shelves that double as heat tray 3" easy read Thermometer with long stem for more accurate temperature. Liquid holding pans for moistening food, this also allows cooking with flavor enhancers. Self-igniting wood chip tray for smoking and enhanced flavor Made with heavy gauge carbon steel Two solid rubber wheels and two swivel castor wheels with locks for ease of movement

Pet Peeve of the Day: Jerry Jones saying he got a CT scan......anonymously.

Anonymously, Jerry? really? In the metroplex, Jerry Jones says he underwent a CT Scan "anonymously":
-Sir, what's your name?
-Uh... Barry Bones
-Barry Bones?
-Perry Pones...
-I thought you said your name was Berry...
-Mary Moans.
-Is that a Super Bowl ring on your finger?
-That? Nooo... fake. It's a Stupor Bowl Ring. Won a bong tournament.

The best part of Jerry's trip to the CT Scanner---he says he was told he has the brain of a 40 year old. Yes, 40. 

I'm a Brain!!

I'm 40!!!

We visited with KNOE-TV sports director, Aaron Dietrich, who enlightened us on northeast Louisiana HS football, calling Neville the best team in the area, followed by West Monroe, Ouachita Christian with Bastrop and Mangham expected to challenge for 4A and 1A state titles respectively.  One West Monroe Rebel in particular is in the news... mammoth offensive tackle, Cam Robinson has narrowed hs choices down to Alabama and LSU... Dietrich believes the recruiting will continue even AFTER his announcment on ESPNU next Wednesday.
makes a good point. Cam Robinson's announcement on Wednesday is a verbal he could potentially change his mind.

We also got the Talons out! ULM heads to Boomer-Sooner land to take on Oklahoma.  Dietrich has confidence in the Wild (Todd) Berry's!
Now talking ULM going in as the underdog by 22 points. Can the Warhawks prove themselves?

Dietrich prediction fell a bit short of a shocking upset, but he believes the Warhawks will easiliy cover the southern Nevada point spread, calling for a 30-27 OU win.  I think a little more highly of the Bob Stoops'--I think OU wins, 42-28.

Talking some south Louisiana high school football and Ragin' Cajun time coming up! Listen in at AM1130!

Next up, we traveled south via a visit with KATC Sports Director Travis Webb in Lafayette. The Ragin' Cajuns hope to whip Arkansas with the Sun Belt for the second straight year after ULM's "upset" of the Hogs last year.  

$115M on ULL stadium renovation. "People are pumped!" says people around the Cajun world are helping pay too!

Webb is gulping the Cayenne Kool-Aid, calling for a ULL upset of Arkansas.  I'm not going there--for two reasons. Arkansas has much better football players at most positions--and, they have a real head coach as opposed to last year when the Warhawks wore the Hogs down in overtime. When Mark Huspeth looks across the sideline, he will see a Big 10 badass in Bret Bielema as opposed to... you know who: 

Enough cajun food, let's get a little Tex-Mex into our diet.  To Austin, Texas for a chat with KEYE-TV's Adam Winkler. 

He had bad news right out of the chute: If Ricky Williams pays a visit to his Texas-Ex stomping grounds, hope he packed his own Doritos. 

Adam Winkler delivers us the news: POTENTIAL FAST FOOD STRIKE IN AUSTIN!

 Winkler said the reaction to Governor Mack Brown's pronouncement of coaching til 2020 was met with a "meh".  If the Longhorns can make it through the early "juggernaut" schedule of New Mexico State, BYU and Ole Miss---watch out! 8 wins is nearly a given!

Fletch asks will Texas shock the world with "this is horrible" or "We're back?" He says only way is if they prove themselves.

Finally, we took a jaunt up north of the border and then north of another border to Springfield, Missouri where Northwestern State opens the season tonight. The Demons take on Missouri State in a game you can catch on AM1130 The Tiger (pregame 5:30pm, kickoff 6:05pm).  Demon Radio Sideline Guy, Tony Tagliavore expects the unexpected with so many new names and fresh faces among the Demon 2-Deep. 
Local legend @radiotvman, Tony Tagliavore on air with us talking @NSUDemons #AM1130TheTiger 
Great show... loads of fun... and tomorrow, we get to do it again, with real football to recap and forecast!