Wednesday, August 28, 2013

After The Show TCU/LSU Discussion

Wednesday Show Recap...

@FletchWorldWide: 'Driest hottest place on earth' Football field yesterday @FletcherShow

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow visited @coachjerrybyrd at North Caddo- had too much fun joking around with kids!

@FletchWorldWide: #FFFrenzy kicking off @Rotolos! And the place for @LATechFB and @LSUfball games! See you this weekend!

@FletchWorldWide: @ehisworldwide is wistful today. Misses his Big Ballah Impala

@FletchWorldWide: Pet Peeve of the Day!
Sign up, play, pile up the points, WIN IPad!

@FletchWorldWide: Today's point spread 4.5 points #LSUTCU - moneymoneymoney

@FletchWorldWide: 4Door Fiats, just fun to watch
@FletchWorldWide: And this is where you can find them--
Landers Fiat!!

@FletchWorldWide: If #Manziel isn't on the field, will you miss him?
@BubbaWinningham: @FletchWorldWide #Manziel is the most exciting player in football.  He would be missed by fans and haters.

@FletchWorldWide: NCAA: Players share talent w/team, college. No money- it causes corruption. Efficient happy place without it #Communism #Socialism

@FletchWorldWide: Legal. Not legal. Clowney hit:

Thank you Bailey's Fine Jewelry for provided the icing on the Cupcake! AdvoCare V100 Trivia Night Date WIN!! 

@FletchWorldWide: ESPN Releases Jadeveon Clowney 'The Freak' Promo

@FletchWorldWide: @FletcherShow wants to see Ohio
@ehisworldwide talking about the Vols
Picks coming!

@FletchWorldWide: Ohio has 123456 Rushers coming back, and more

@FletchWorldWide: School near and dear to @FletcherShow ..ULM will shock the world!

@FletchWorldWide: First day that Cascio's will be open late on a Wednesday, until 9 o'clock!!! Yes!!! Chicken Parmesan for man special, blackened turkey sub!

@FletchWorldWide: A&M has Johnny Football, but doesn't have same arsenal

@FletchWorldWide: Pet Peeve of the Day: Ed Hardy has been hiding a secret; his seat completely hides Cupcake from his sight. They've switched spots.

@FletchWorldWide: Calzone Wednesday at Rotolo's on E. 70th all day and night! $5.99 calzones! Get after it!

@FletchWorldWide: Ole Miss v. Vandy? Fletch says I just think that Ole Miss has a better football team.
@drinkrealbeer: @FletchWorldWide Vandy has a football team? gonna have to fact check that..
Claire Rebouche would not smile at that tweet

@FletchWorldWide: Fletch thinks there's a lot of hype around Clemson this year, but Georgia will come out on top.
@IamOden: @FletchWorldWide not so fast my friend. Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins = as deadly a combo as any this year. Also return a ton of OL starts.


Fletch: LATech 34  NCState 31
EH: LATech 29  NCState 33

Fletch: LSU 27  TCU 17
EH: LSU 23  TCU 9

@FletchWorldWide: Woman 'All u do is watch football!!' 
Man whips out Bailey's box #BOOMSLAM

After The Show LSU/TCU Discussion...


for the Labor Day Weekend! 
Calzone Wednesday at Rotolo's on E. 70th all day and night! $5.99 calzones! Get after it!