Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wardrobe Functions At Louisiana Tech

I learned a lesson while attending Camp Tanako during the summer between my third and fourth grade years... 

Change Is Good. 

Cupie Hendrickson was the cutest girl my 8-year old eyes had ever seen.  On the first day of camp, I found the nerve to say, "Hi," to the girl underneath a Boston Fern of golden curls. The second day brought a wave from across the sanctuary and a brief conversation by the lake. But the relationship soured from that point on, matching my fragrance. 

You see, I wasn't hip to the whole "group shower" scene.  Therefore, I went "unbathed" the entire week.  I fell in the lake... once... so in my mind, the majority of the funk was washed away.  When I was reunited with my family, Mom and Dad literally gave me the stink-eye: the look of disgust a parent features when their child stinks the high-heavens.  

If I had only changed my clothes over that one-week period in the woods, I probably would have been a tad less odoriferous.  But, I refused change.

Louisiana Tech recognizes the need for change. Change is good. And sometimes, change is flat out awesome. 

Gone from the 2012-2013 Louisiana Tech roster are:

  • School President, Dr. Dan Reneau
    • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech 1963
    • M.S. Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech 1964
    • Ph. D. Chemical Engineering, Clemson 1966
    • Huge Lady Techster Fan
  • Athletic Director, Bruce Van de Velde
    • Replaced Derek Dooley as A.D. in 2010
      • Rumor: Took HazMat team two weeks to clear A.D. office of harmful vapors from Consort Hair Spray used during Dooley-era
      • Notable Hires: Michael White, Sonny Dykes, Skip Holtz
    • Former Iowa State Athletic Director
    • Former Utah State Athletic Director
      • Hired Stew Morrill (5 Time WAC Coach Of The Year)
    • Former Defensive Coordinator at Dana College
    • Bowl Record: 0-2 With One Incomplete (see 2012, La.Tech, Advocare Independence Bowl)
  • Head Football Coach, Sonny Dykes
    • Son Of Spike Dykes
    • 22-15 Record at Louisiana Tech (17-8 Last 2 Years)
    • Former Texas Tech First Baseman (3-Year Letter Winner)


If you can't tell the Bulldog hierarchy without a program, here's a program.
  1. School President, Dr. Les Guice
    1. B.A. Architecture, Louisiana Tech 1974
    2. M.S. Civil Engineering, Louisiana Tech 1976
    3. Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Texas A&M 1981
    4. 34 Years At Tech as Student, Faculty Member
  2. Athletic Director: Player To Be Named Later
    1. Bunkie Perkins (twitter: @BunkiePerkins) only known candidate at this time. 
    2. Bowl Record: Will Probably Accept Invite Next Time One Comes Around 
  3. Head Football Coach, Skip Holtz
    1. Career Record as Head Coach: 88-71
    2. Career Record of Three Previous LaTech Head Football Coaches When They Took The Job: 0-0
    3. Bowl Record: 2-3
Out with the old, in with the new.  Sometimes a change on the letterhead, office door or desk nameplate won't suffice in getting the word out there are new Sheriff's in town.  Occasionally, it takes a bold, brash move to announce the law is being laid in a different way. 

Thanks For The Memories

For a logo-nerd like myself, ANYtime a school/team makes a logo switch, it's noteworthy.  But...when it's a school that I cover on a regular basis, it's almost like getting my own face, lifted & tucked. 

Louisiana Tech's Helmet For The Game vs. Army
It's become standard fare for a team to come up with an alternate, or one-time look.  Tech is no different, although, I must say... the stars and stripes look for the match up with Army in the Cotton Bowl in September is rather sweet and would be a welcome yearly addition to the Bulldog wardrobe.

What is interesting to me is the change to the every-other-Saturday
look of the Dogs headgear.  Gone is the "Plain White T" supered over the Louisiana figure-plate... in it's place is a good old-fashioned "Bulldog Red T".

This isn't an earth-shattering alteration along the lines of the Oregon PhilKnights.  But it's enough to signal change. It's subtle enough not to ruffle any feathers in the Tech nest, but bold enough let folks know perhaps these old Dogs do have a few new tricks up their sleeves.

P.S.  Our thoughts and prayers are with legendary Hall Of Fame sportswriter/sports editor, O.K. "Buddy" Davis of the Ruston Daily Leader. Davis recently suffered a stroke and is recovering in Ruston.