Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LSU vs. Bama National Championship Woes; NFL Scheduling

T. Bob Hebert on the National Championship:

It got unbelievably lucky, I didn't snap the ball because there were too many people on the field, I didn't snap it because the clock was going to run out. The play that was called was a running play and we didn't have any time outs left or any formations for after it.

What actually took place:
-Multiple formations on that play.

Billy: This is nothing that I haven't seen throughout the years, especially with coach Les Miles. The buck stops with him, it stops with developmental players, it stops with players getting better between freshman and senior year. I am amazed with Mettenberger once he finally got a little bit of coaching from Cam Cameron or at least he started listening. LSU has one to spite and that is aways the coach.
Fletch: There are plenty of instances where they won in spite. It just amazed me that Hebert said "there were so many different formations" not even plays, FORMATIONS! Who was running the show the entire time? If this doesn't show you that Cameron should be the MVP of college football then I don't know what will. Cam sends the play down, that play goes out, boom. It all goes back to him.

NFL announces their schedule tonight. 

Bubba: We're looking forward to seeing that schedule and the Saints Cleveland tilt...the reason for my call is when did Conference-USA become the coaching hot bed for American? This is crazy.
Fletch: They've become the cradle of coaches.

What will get better ratings? A playoff game featuring Mavericks vs. Spurs or a reading of a list of games by the NFL?
Cupcake: List of games?
Fletch: Correct!

Fundraiser for Frank and Liz Guerra at Rotolo's tomorrow night:

Frank and Liz Guerra were riding home from Caster on Saturday April 12th when a deer struck them on their motorcycle only less than a mile from their home. The deer hit Frank(the driver) and the motorcycle which ejected them about 50 ft from the collision and Liz(the passenger) rolled into the ditch. Liz awoke in a panic to see her husband lying in the road speechless. She forced herself to get up and walk over to him to see if he was okay. She retrieved a flashlight and sat beside him flashing it so another driver would see them and not hit them. She then scurried around to find his cell phone to call for help because her phone was lost in the accident. They were both taken to LSU hospital, she arrived by ambulance the father was air lifted. The mother suffers from extreme road rash covering both of her limbs, a 15cm gas across her forehead, laceration on her spleen, fractured cheek bone, crack in her skull and air in her brain. The father suffers from a broken collar bone, broken shoulder and shoulder blade, broken ribs, bleeding from the brain, ruptured eardrums which spinal fluid is leaking from, and memory loss due to severe head trauma. Mrs. Liz was released home Thursday April 17th to return home with little to no mobility. The father still remains in intensive care at LSU Hospital. Frank and Liz are the foundation to a big family they 4 sons, 2 daughters, and 6 grandchildren, and have been going through this struggle with no health insurance. 

TOMORROW NIGHT AT BOTH ROTOLO'S LOCATION, 10% of all proceeds will go towards their medical bills. Stop by, make a to-go order, make a donation!

Louisiana Tech QB Scotty Young has put his football career to an end. This leaves the Bulldogs with the question "What if" when it comes to Ryan Higgins and if he ever gets injured.

JR: Hanging on the wall in the scheduling room at the NFL office is a wall with nails and hanging tails. They still use the formulas but they've been doing it like that for the past 30 years and there's all this fancy equipment but then there's that. 
Fletch: Hmm. I wonder if Roger Goodell counts the fines with an abacus. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

What Do We Do With The Hirsch?

Russell: Everybody is looking for a tax write-off. Why can't we see if some of the casino's would want to take a sponsorship for it? Look at what Harrah's did with Louisiana Downs. It could be Margaritaville Fairgrounds Field or Horseshoe's Hirsch.
Fletch: So, you guys take the heavy sponsorship, do the heavy lifting, and then would they deal with the legislators as well?
Russell: Well two of them may not buy in on them since there are only three big ones.

Zack: I think you hit it on the head man when you talked about people wanting to go to the Hirsch. I was a mudbug season ticket holder and man, I can't imagine wanting to go over to the Hirsch. I was in Dallas this weekend visiting family for Easter, we found out there was a hockey game and it was at this place where it was a smaller version of the lower bowl of the Century Link. Maybe if rent if so high at Century Link that we can't have a hockey team...maybe we need a smaller venue.
Fletch: There's a part of me as a Shreveport guy that sees Bossier has the nice, big seated arena...why can't Shreveport have the same kind?
Zack: This little arena built over in Dallas was built for those purposes. They knew they wouldn't pull in HUGE crowds but that's the purpose of that smaller venue.
Fletch: 2,500 people in a 5,000 seat stadium looks a whole better than 4,000 in a 25,000 seated facility.

RP: 1) If a private corporation wants to do it, then go for it but if the city's talking about investing that much money into it, as a tax payer....2) how many businesses could Shreveport Bossier bring in after putting all of the money into the Hirsch...3) Iconic? We can't tear something down and build something new? Candlesticks? Boston knew when it was time to tear down their stadium. How many police officers will $10M fund or how many firefighters? What about making a deal with the Gold Dome and have a college game followed by a pro game?
Fletch: I wonder how Adam and the Gents would feel if they played a Thursday game at 6 and then the Mavericks play right after them. Or at BPCC they play early and Mavericks play right after them.

Fletch: One of the worst things the Maverick's did was the free-ticket giveaway. Once you make your product appear to be of no value, it will lose it's value.

Fletch: I don't know how we have a community forum in Shreveport, but I know they won't form one to discuss these things, at least we can try and stage one here. Maybe the right person will be listening and then we'll see something happen.

Ralph: Lack of coverage on the Tigers. On the Hirsch: don't pour $10M into that. Like Zack said, tear  it down and build a smaller, newer venue.

Puck Man: Oh goodness...I like the Hirsch, I really do. Very fond memories in there. Boy it's tough to sink money into that thing though. I would rather see either a different arena or a new deal struck with the Century Link. Just not sure, never was really involved with the financials, but one of the things that comes to mind is perhaps the slide. When the team (Mudbugs) went to the CHL, the whole dynamic of the team changed. We lost all of our regional rivalries, it's more expensive to be in that league. I would love for hockey to be back here. I'm with RP on that, I'm not sure how many of the citizens dollars should go to this. As bad as I would love to have a team back, I'm just not 100% sure that the Hirsch should be the location for it. If somehow, someway, we could pour just a little bit of money into it to get the ice back, but with the ice system, the Hirsch is so much further in need of help, that it may not be economically feasible to do.
Fletch: I think we can forget hockey ever taking place at the Century Link any time in the next 5 years, they are now more of a concert venue, rehearsal hall than hockey arena.

Dan Newman, owner of the New Orleans VooDoo arena football team. 
Dan Newman: It's not a facility issue, never has been here. Here's the issue with sports in Caddo-Bossier-Webster parish. There are only so many people here and there are only so many disposable dollars. We all vote by what we do with our disposable dollars and it's always been that way. Our population didn't explode enough to support $60M a month to support the river boats, and I think that's what declined the sports products. Century Link to open the doors is $4,000, just to open the doors for an event. The ability to do that comes from one place, ticket sales. The Mudbugs won a title and they could've stayed for another year if they sold 1,500 season tickets. Think about that, 1,500 season tickets? We are North Louisiana people and I'm a local business guy, every year the Mudbugs were here, I bought 18 season tickets, and I can't stand hockey, I don't understand it, but I did it to support what we had here. Same goes for when the Pirates were here. It's one thing to say "I want it" but it's another thing to write the check for it. People just don't understand the cost. The workers comp for the Mudbugs was $260,000 a year. If Denny Rogers would consider moving his business to New Orleans, I would help him drive his cars off that lot to here. He is one of the biggest local/minor athletics supporters.

ABC: Michael White, if it's true that he turned that job down I wouldn't blame it. All of those teams in the SEC for basketball do nothing to raise money for their own conference. If I were him I would've turned it down too and maybe gone to a different conference.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hirsch Coliseum talk and LSU Baseball

Player of the Day: Mayor Cedric Glover.

RE-PLAY of the CEDRIC GLOVER interview about the Hirsch Coliseum and wanting to put money back into it.

Cupcake thought Easter was last Sunday.

Ralph: I did not know, I knew they were hostile over there, but I didn't know they were rude. That's another story.
Fletch: They were not happy, that's the first SEC home game Ole Miss has lost.
Ralph: What do you think about coaches continuously coming out and crying and whining?
Fletch: I think it can benefit you if you play it the right way. If you bring the issue to the umpire's attention in a calm and professional matter, you'll likely get the call. But if you become a thorn in the side, you end up looking like an idiot.
Ralph: It was a good ballgame, I'm hoping they can come out with a series win. I was just going to get your take on manager's tying up the game.
Fletch: Well Aly said she likes the pace of the game because although there's something always exciting with every pitch, it's a nice pace.

Keith: I'm gonna tell you something, in basketball, you got mostly black kids. And in baseball you got mostly white kids. You got more places in Kentucky and Florida that don't care, but then you got Ole Miss and Mississippi schools with kids that react differently. All over the nation, people watch March Madness, but in the south some would rather watch the CWS. There's still some southern states that think its 1957.
Fletch: I think some pockets of the southern states, yes.

Fairgrounds Field Solutions:
Use architecture. Wherever the bats are, rebuild around it so the bats can't have access.
Gradually push them out.
Use Cupcake as bait and let him walk the bats out and continue to walk until he dies, we name the stadium after Cupcake, may he rest in peace.

Wade: You had me at Hawthorne. I'm still waiting for him to say the lead hitter's name right. He says "Mac-Mullen" instead of "McMullen". I wish he would pick a sport, have a farewell tour, I'll even take him announcing a year in advance. It's one thing he does that drives me nuts is he can't stand anyone talking over himself. 

JBo: I love the Hirsch, been there many times. The only downfall about fixing the Hirsch is that it's an old building, after the first $10M put into it, years later you'll have to put another bit of money into it. 

Bill: Hirsch does have a concert coming, Paul Rogers. But my wife won't go because you have to pay for parking and if it rains then you'll get dripped on during the concert. 

Russell: I had to help my friend remove bats. They're just taking them out and removing them. We put simple steel on the beams and they ran out of places to rest and nest. 

Terry: I say they take that $10M and make it into a $10M lazy river. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All You Can Eat for D1 Athletes, Ron Higgins from Times Picayune talks Clement Mubungirwa!

NCAA has settled on a decision to give D1 athletes unlimited meal access.

Zack: From an LSU band members perspective, we pulled up to Auburn and they had a Chik-Fil-A truck waiting for us, and it was the best eating I'd had in a long time. LSU does things really well, if a football player wants a protein shake or a protein bar or whatever, they have access to it. They get to go to the front of the line. At LSU it isn't a problem, being behind the scenes and seeing how all of it works, I don't believe the whole thing entirely but I do agree with Sports Wife that they need to set something up across board regulation.
Fletch: NCAA kind of throws the spaghetti noodle on the cupboard and says "There ya go, make something out of it."

Another rule the NCAA passed, they lessened the rule for testing positive for marijuana during a championship from being suspended for a full its been reduced to a half season. 

Big Jerry Tillery: The band member doesn't practice like a football player all day and moving that much. Now athletes don't room with their other teammates, they room with other students. If your parents don't have money, you know you can't work because NCAA rules deal away with that.

On Little Jerry Tillery: 
Big Jerry Tillery: He's still committed at Notre Dame, the only thing I've told him is to still just go see what else is out there because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I told him to talk to everybody and don't go to a school because of the coach because as we all know, coaches come and go.

RP: I think I have a solution for the NCAARP: MRE's.

Ron Higgins from the Times-Picayune talks Clement Mubungirwa:
Higgins: I can't say enough about the kid and how much Episcopal supports him. It's a remarkable story, how this kid overcame ALL this stuff and he gets in 30 minutes, after all of these pleads, a hand vote and "Alright, next.". To me that was the most stunning thing of all. You don't want to go deliberate it? Nothing? They asked two was "do you have any brothers and sisters because this rule would apply to them also."
Typically Ron writes about LSU and the SEC, this topic is outside of the box. 

Fletch: It seems like we hear these cases too often where kids are taken out of the situation and adults put themselves in that position and think that's how a child would think. Why have an appeals committee if you never even change the rules?
Higgins: Louisiana gets criticized for a lot of things, for the education system, the government choices, lots of things, and this is their chance to prove people wrong about their criticism. Dale Brown called and was stunned and said he would pay for his first semester of college. When they told Cle, he didn't even know who Dale Brown was, and they told him he coached Shaquille O'Neal, I will never forget the look on his face, total shock. People just don't realize how grateful this kid is. I hoping these people will look at this logically and look at all of the stuff people are giving the NCAA, they aren't trying to cheat, they're just trying to do that right thing.
Fletch: There is progress right?
Higgins: There is, and I know Dale called a lot of people. Episcopal's AD has served on so many committees and has done so much, she always plays by the rules and this one case is one where she's trying to bend the rules. If you saw the picture of him when he was still an African refugee, it's a typical African refugee picture that you'd see in National Geographic. If anyone saw this picture of him barely clothed, no shirt on with barely anything on, barefoot, standing in the dirt, and with those hungry eyes staring back into the camera, no one can say "no" to that.

If you'd like to help Clement out, contact your state legislator or even by simply going on Twitter and RT'ing or tweeting with the hashtag: #LetClePlay

Mike: I was just going to chime in on the young man who seems to be an outstanding man, it tugs at your heart strings, and I also want to say I don't have a dog in this fight, I don't have an alliance with the LHSAA, as a matter of fact I volunteered coaching for the last 10 years and picking up students. The point is everything has to be subjective. "He can't be 6'1 but he can be 5'11" that kind of thing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hunt Palmer from Bayou Bengals Insider and Matt Yoder from Awful Announcing joined us!

Billy: When I watched them play, they're missing something. I don't think they can go into a clutch situation without Aaron Nola. When I watched them I saw an average baseball team, and Arkansas could've almost slapped them in that series. When I watched them, unless somebody else stands up, they've got no chance of getting anything else.
Fletch: They can't quite figure it out.

Ralph: I'm like Billy, they're a good baseball team, they just haven't had that special moment. When you have Hunt on please let him know about the Wally Pontiff Classic and what it's all about.

Check out Hunt's work at Bayou Bengals Insider

Fletch: 11 or 12 years since Wally Pontiff Jr. passed away at 21?
Hunt Palmer: It was summer of 2002.
Fletch: How old were you in 2002?
Palmer: I was 14, I was in high school. I remember getting the news on the internet, that was really when I started following LSU baseball and it was truly shocking.
Fletch: For those that don't remember, Wally Pontiff was one of the greatest LSU baseball players. He was the scrapper, never a clean uniform, the guy that whenever you would go down to cover LSU baseball he was the one you got your sound byte from. They started the Wally Pontiff Jr. Foundation, what dod they really charge with doing?
Palmer: It's a foundation to benefit children without parents or underprivileged children's. Their family is highly involved. It's a wonderful family, and we're kind of reminded about it this time of year, year-round but that family is working throughout the year.
Fletch: Apparently right after the game, the fellows are getting on a sleeper bus and going to St. Jude to tour and interact with the children.
Palmer: They got this opportunity to do this on spring break and apparently there are a lot of Louisiana residents that are patients at St. Jude's so they thought they would bring some light to those guys.

Palmer: Mainieri is the nicest guy you will ever know but he's also very competitive. Les Miles, win or lose will crack a joke, and Trent is just always angry, but if Mainieri wins he'll be happy and laughing but if they lose, he'll stare and give you short answers.

Ole Miss:
Palmer: They do some thing I really really like over at Ole Miss. LSU and Georgia's feel like very nice minor league stadiums but Ole Miss feels like a real college stadium with students wheeling up ice chests and sitting on the grass. I think Ole Miss is the clear favorite to win this weekend. You look at the pitching match ups and it's tough to say LSU is prepared for Saturday and pitching.

Spring Football: 
Fletch: What have you noticed in the spring games that have kind of given you a crystal ball to get an idea of 2014 season
Palmer: I think I've seen it in Georgia and in the east. I noticed Florida is trying to figure out the offense and spread things out a little more. I'm curious to see some spring clips of Laquon Treadwell over at Ole Miss. The QB play is really already figured out by the Mississippi's.

Dak Prescott:
Palmer: It was very interesting when I was in Starkville for the game, the fan reaction was so different for Prescott was coming in to play vs. Russell. With Prescott at QB and Mullen calling the plays, they'll have plenty to get the job done.

Fletch: What's the worst tweet mishap you've seen?
Matt Yoder: Ohio State's Cardale Jones tweeted "I didn't come to play school, I came to play football." The NCAA has yet to make that their motto, but it really makes collegiate athletes look great. 
Fletch: As a guy who jumped into the website of, what can Twitter do next to stay up and where can the sports consumer go with Twitter?
Yoder: It's a much more useful tool for me than Facebook. It's speed is much faster, and your feed won't be cluttered with pictures of that girl from high school who you haven't talked to in 6 years' baby. I think there are something that Twitter can do better. I look at the user experience...there are hateful people out there. You tweet a couple jokes about Kentucky, you get 7 "F you's" back. You see racist language and hateful language...I think one thing Twitter could do better at is cutting some of that language and negativity out, make a cleaner stamp. 

Saints Talk:
Yoder: When you look at their salary cap situation...if you remember 4 months ago, the team was saying goodbye to 4 of the most important veterans and your'e thinking to yourself "how are the saints going to make up for these losses?" If you look over the Drew Brees and Payton era, there hasn't been a ton of change over from year-toyear, but I think with this Champ Bailey signing, and letting go to those guys, they are willing to roll the dice and have more roster turnover and taking the next step. This team was very close to beating Seattle in the divisional playoffs. 

Fletch: It appears no one knows what is going to happen with the Saints for this draft season. Where do you think the Saints are going to go with the draft? 
Yoder: I don't really see trading down as something that would excite a lot of Saints fan. Trading out of the first round? I'd like to see the Saints be more aggressive and trade up. Maybe grab someone like Aaron Donaldson from Pitt. If the Saints stay where they are, to me it's staying at the same level they are at. Wide receiver may actually be more of an unknown. Meachem isn't really a guy I can expect to keep catching passes over the next few years. 

Fletch: Malcolm Jenkins says there isn't that much he likes in NFC east now that he's at Philadelphia, do you think he is that much of a play-maker to be able to say that? 
Yoder: No, not really. Especially considering that the Saints have a former Eagles...who's probably going to make that match-up pretty miserable for him 

Bob asks about Sproles leaving and why they would trade him out. 
Fletch: Same thing happened with Jacob Hester and the Broncos. They traded him out for a younger, cheaper pick. Not a better pick, but cheaper. I think that's what the Saints are going to do during this draft season, go cheaper. 

Fletch: Andy Tanner...I wonder if the Saints have seen enough of him that if he's available...will they try and make him the new Lance Moore? 
Cupcake: He's still on the practice squad. 

Fletch: I mentioned Malcolm Jenkins earlier and how he is already making waves saying that the NFC East isn't exactly "all that". He says things that are true, but you wouldn't probably say that when you just start for one of their teams. 

ProFootballTalk reported: 
He saved his harshest rebuke for the Cowboys, though. Jenkins noted how firing defensive coordinator Rob Ryan wound up helping the Saints defense more than the one in Dallas and scoffed at the notion that the Cowboys defense, which lostJason Hatcher and DeMarcus Ware, would be better than the one that allowed the Saints to pick up 40 first downs in a game last season.
“The offseason comes and you don’t do anything in free agency to get any big name players to come help you out, so I really don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for this defense in improving when you got the same guys and the same coaches,” Jenkins said on NFL Network, via

LA-1: I want to give a shoutout to the motorcycle officers, you and Cupcake are more than welcome to come and ride along.

University of Louisiana at Monroe is the "most underrated university in Louisiana"
Lee: I graduated from that business school, so go Indians! I went to the spring game and the defense was looking sharp. What do you think this season will look like?
Fletch: Well, speaking of underrated colleges, even more so an underrated coach. Todd Berry can do many things.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Games, Master's Challenge Winner; Aldon Smith Did What? Andrea Lee Punches Cupcake!

Learning about Rat this morning. "I knew it from the start / You'd put an arrow through my heart ..."

LA Tech spring game:
Paul Turner ends up showing out. Were we expecting this? First play of the game, Turner takes a toss from Higgins and goes 70 yards. This is what Tech was sorely missing. It seems like LA Tech has a couple of things cooking on the offense. Trent Taylor continues to show quite the ability to find his way open and when the ball is delivered, participate.

Mississippi State:
Dak Prescott looked like a high contender. They limited him to what he would do in the spring game and they won't give out any kind of film, but he looked really awesome.

Rafe: I don't think our [LA Tech] QB is on the campus yet, I think he's going to be graduating from Iowa in May.
Fletch: What makes you think this guy will do anything different?
Rafe: I've seen what we have and I think he is more talented. I don't think we're ready..I feel like I can go ahead and cross Adam Young off.
Fletch: Let's look up what he's done...
Rafe: Well...he hasn't started...Where Tech's strength is on the Defense with just improvements on the LB situation.

Dr. TV: So you were talking about the explosiveness of the transfer going to Tech from Iowa? Did you see the stats of the freshman at the Tennessee spring game? He had 181 yards, he is one to highlight, for sure.

Schutt Vision Update:
JR: We got some action in the Spring games Saturday...Patterson or Peterson for Miami was wearing it in the spring game, Georgia, ULM, Rutgers, didn't see it on Clemson, Florida State guy was hurt but yeah it's going pretty good.
Fletch: Have you added some orders here recently?
JR: I got the biggest order of life...a little team in Pittsburgh named the Steelers ordered six of them. We're getting a Notre Dame one made and then sending it to Mike & Mike in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully they'll show it on the show. It's pretty much been word-of-mouth with teams that have been just pushing them out. At the collegiate and NFL level it's just word-of-mouth right now. People are just hearing about it, so it's no longer Schutt calling people to tell them about the product.
Fletch: Working with the NCAA, what are the obstacles that you guys have to clear in order to get Schutt Vision approved?
JR: There's a rule that says video equipment can't be on the field or during the play. It writes out to avoid home-cooking if you will, so no one will have an unfair advantage to the other team. We've been asked to meet with the chairman of the committee to talk competitive advantage. For example, if ULM is going to play LSU and LSU has been practicing with Schutt Vision, then ULM should be able to practice with Schutt Vision as well.

2014 Master's Challenge:

Shayne thinks he won the Master's Challenge because he had Watson on his roster. Shayne's total score, was +26. The actual winner is

6) Marc Wilson
T4) Stan Rodgers
T4) John Rosales
3) Craig Mills
2) SoBo
1) Mark Mixon

WINNER: Mark Mixon

Bo Pelini entered the Huskies spring game holding a cat high up in the air: 

 Photo courtesy of: The Big Lead.

Jeff: I just wanted to call and talk about how the CBS weather bug was bugging everyone at the Master's. I think they should get the rights to reciprocate during regular weather broadcasts, have an LSU logo where they would usually have a weather logo. It's only fair.

Andrea Lee: 2013 Muay Tai Champion, 2013 Golden Glove, 2013 IKF World Champion,  V3 Flyweight Champion, 2014 WKA, NAGA World Champion. Basically, if there's an amateur event, she's either the national or world champion.
Lee: I walk around at about 145 but i have to cut to about 125 for fights. It's not as easy for a girl.

Andrea is going to punch Cupcake again.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Short Show Today! Have A Good Weekend!

Arkansas State's Red Wolves Foundation has put up a bid on e-bay. As of right now, for $11,500 you can bid to be the Arkansas State head coach for the Spring Game. 

Billy: Fletch, that's hard for me to believe. This just shows you how much money is floating around college football.
Fletch: With three days left on the bidding to coach Arkansas it's at $11,500.
Billy: What amazes me is that just shows you the power of alumni money at any university. Just how many people would sit down for the Texas gig or USC? It juste shows how much money you just want to throw away. And we wonder why student athletes fall to the temptation of people that have extra money to just stand there in the spring game.
Fletch: There's probably more people thinking "Hey, shouldn't that $11,500 be going into the pockets of recruits?"

Imagine Nick Saban giving up the spring game for some stranger to come in and coach them. Imagine if you were the one who won the bid and the whole time Nick Saban is behind you watching every move you make.

Fletch: I could just see at Alabama if this happened...You're coaching the Crimson Team and you  line them up for a field goal. You point at Saban and then yell "THIS IS WHAT WE SHOULD'VE DONE RIGHT HERE!!!"

G$: I agree the field goal defense needs to be practiced more. I worked for the Captains and we would have Diamond Dig Night. What MLB team would let women get on their field and dig holes?
Fletch: No one.
G$: Well, one night we had "Used Car Night" and brought 10 used cars and even though it was whatever, it put people in the seats. You gotta know who you are and what you stand for. When we're looking at something like this, it's funny, and we can make fun of it, but what has it gotten Arkansas State? It's the same thing that happened with the Lady Techster hire last week.
Fletch: You are absolutely right. Who would be talking about Arkansas State football's spring game if it weren't for this e-bay bid. Who would have been talking about the Lady Techsters if it weren't for the hiring of Tyler Summitt?