Friday, November 21, 2014


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Sunday, November 16, 2014


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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Calvary QB Gets SEC Offer And High School Playoffs: Who Looks Good

Calvary Cavaliers' Shea Patterson QB gets offer from WOO PIG SOOIE Razorbacks. Would Arkansas with Bret Bielema be a better fit than Les' LSU Tiger team? Big discussion about that today on the show. Catch the podcast and hear what Fletch and a very angry caller had to say about why he isn't returning to Tiger Stadium until there is a big change.

Fletch and Coach Gatlin discuss a few of tomorrow night's high school playoff match ups:

-Fair Park has a good shot at the upset at LaGrange.

-Benton's defense will be right for Belle Chasse to cope with.

- Tough task for Woodlawn. Easton has best receiver in state and best group as well. Knights will put up a fight though, may just come down to who wants it more.

- Ab and North DeSoto got a pretty rough draw with 26 seed Northside. There needs to be an extra pack of gum ready.

Minden, with their athleticism and youth are on the way. Minden looks good in this matchup.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Today's Mixed Bag: Twitterverse, Evangel, Calvary and Shreve
Evangel and Calvary check in on JAWS website:
Tomorrow morning at 7:50, CAPTAIN SHREVE JAWS member Jaylin Goree will check in to tell us what's happening in the SWAMP!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

More Trouble For Parkway Football

Update (3:40 pm):
The LHSAA has ruled the player in question ineligible for the final regular season game. The young man is a senior and will miss his final game after he was allowed to participate in the Spring Game while ineligible. 

There is an additional cash fine of $700-$3,000 levied against Parkway for this violation.

There is no extension of team ineligibility through the 2015 season and no additional forfeitures as a result of this latest issue.  

The school is on Restricted Probation for 1-year.  

There will also be no litigation or attempt at arbitration to overturn the decision by the Executive Committee from Wednesday, November 5,2014.  As a result, Parkway will definitely not be participating in the 2014 football playoffs and the five forfeits will stand.  
Is there more trouble coming for the Parkway football team? Apparently so.

Parkway faces Restrictive Probation after another violation of an LHSAA rule, this one occurring during the Spring semester of 2014, has been reported.  If the ruling comes from the LHSAA in conjunction with the ineligibility violation the association dealt with Wednesday, the Panther football team's punishment will occur this season.  If the ruling carries over into next year, Parkway could be ineligible for the 2015 football playoffs.
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The newly reported violation involves a reportedly ineligible student athlete's participation in the 2014 Spring football game. As we learn more about this, we will share.

Again, though... this is an apparent rule violation that has nothing to do with the success of the Parkway players on the field in 2014 and certainly has no effect on the 2015 season.

We urge the LHSAA to uphold the rules but redirect the punishment to properly fit the violation.  Taking kids, who have done nothing against the rules, and removing them from the playoffs by forcing forfeitures is an archaic, ineffective method of dealing with the issue.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Parkway's Appeal Denied By LHSAA Executive Committee In Unanimous Vote

Despite the possibility of posting an 8-2 record in games played this year, the Parkway Panthers season will come to an end Friday night at Airline High School.  The 2013 Class 5A runner-up will not get a chance to make a return trip to the Superdome, even though they have proven to be one of the top teams in the state when the stadium lights are fired up.

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association's Executive Committee voted unanimously (with Airline Principal Jason Rowland, Richard Lavergne of St. Thomas More, Ouachita Principal Todd Guice and Arcadia Principal Jeff Sampson abstaining. Airline is considered a sister school of Parkway) Thursday afternoon to uphold an earlier ruling that Parkway had used an ineligible player in five games this season, forcing the Panthers to forfeit all five games.  A new rule enacted by the LHSAA makes a school that forfeits one-third or more of their games ineligible for post-season play... thus... it's the end of the line for Parkway's seniors.

Despite an impassioned plea before the Executive Committee of the LHSAA by Parkway head coach David Feaster and an appeal from Bossier Parish Schools Superintendent D.C. Machen, the committee quickly dispensed the Panthers to the *asterisk pile for the 2014 season.   The Panthers record will eventually be either *3-7 or *2-8 depending on the outcome of the Airline game, with the asterisk explained: "Parkway forfeited 5 games during the season for using an ineligible player."

The Executive Committee members were operating from a 50-plus page report documenting the case.  Parkway, we are told, "never could get a copy" of the report.

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Parkway has at its disposal a Hail Mary of sorts.  The school could possibly file an injunction and ask the appeal be heard by a third-party arbitrator.  Our source indicated this avenue would cost "some serious cash," and there is no guarantee it would benefit the school, at least before the playoffs begin on November 14th.

The LHSAA Executive Committee Members include  (part of state):
Class 5A Representatives:
Bruce Bundy, Mandeville High School (south)
Jason Rowland, Airline High School (Abstained, sister school of Parkway)

Class 4A Representatives:
Mickey Merritt, West Ouachtia High School (northeast)
Niles Riche, Assumption High School (south)

Class 3A Representatives:
Mike Oakley, Iowa High School (south)
Walt Lemoine, Brusly High School (south)

Class 2A Representatives:
Tommy Hodges, Doyle High School (south)
Hub Jordan, Pickering High School (central)

Class 1A Representatives:
Connie Williams, Mangham High School (northeast)
Vic Bonnaffee, Central Catholic High School (south)

Class B (non-football classification) Representatives:
Rickey Durrett, Simsboro High School (north)
Reinette Guillory, Bell City High School (south)

Class C (non-football classification) Representatives:
Darrin Dyess, Ebarb High School (south)
Keith Morgan, Elizabeth High School (south)

At-Large Reprsentatives:
Jeff Sampson, Arcadia High School (Abstained) (north)
Sharon Clark, Sophie B. Wright Charter School (south)
Richard Lavergne, St. Thomas More (Abstained) (south)
Jane Griffin, Winnfield High School (north)

Past President:
Todd Guice, Ouachita Parish High School (Abstained) (northeast)

LHSADA Representative:
Willie Wise, St. Charles Parish School System (south)

LHSCA Representative:
Randy Johnson, Ascension Episcopal High School (south)
Sam Messina, Loranger High School (south)

School Board Representative:
Darrin Manuel, Beauregard Parish School Board (south)

Superintendent Association Representative:
Darrell Fairburn, Washington Parish School System (south)

Department of Education Representative:
Dana Peterson, Dept. of Edcuation-Recovery School District (south)

Notice anything in particular about the non-abstaining members of the Executive Committee? The bulk of the 25 (17) call south Louisiana home.  Only a handful of representatives share an area code with Parkway.  Did Parkway get a fair shake in their appeal, or did the committee have their minds made up before the Bossier Parish contingent darkened the door?

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What did the committee stand to gain by granting Parkway's appeal? Why were there members of non-football classifications voting in the first place?

A lot of questions unanswered... but the biggie, "Could Parkway have returned to the Superdome for the State Championship this season?" has an answer.

Yes. If they buy a ticket.

And that's a damn shame.