Saturday, January 31, 2015

Louisiana Tech Marches Past Marshall For 24th Straight TAC Triumph

60% of our little clan enjoyed an afternoon/evening trip to Ruston for the Louisiana Tech-Marshall basketball game. That's not an indication the other 40% did NOT enjoy Lincoln Parish---they were occupied with their own happenings in Shreveport and  Baton Rouge respectively. 

A nice Thomas Assembly Center crowd of 4,000+ was on hand for the Dogs' drumming of the Thundering Herd (dat).  The backers of Michael White's team saw the local crew fall behind 22-9 midway through the first half before  closing out that first stanza on a 35-8 run. 

Marshall made a mild move to trim Tech's advantage to 11 points on a Ryan Taylor jumper with 9:45 to play. Michale Kyser put a stop to any nonsense believed possible from the Herd hierarchy by depositing a jumper in the cup and throwing down a jam to stretch the lead back to 15 and rile the crowd into a frenzy. 

Speedy Smith had 12 points along with 12 assists and 8 rebounds to win the stat sheet. Erik McRee led Tech with 14 points. Raheem Appleby and Kyser each finished with a dozen. 

It was also a big night for Skip Holtz's football Dogs. Several key recruits were at the game, taking part in their last official visit before Wednesday's National Signing Day.  Spotted in the crowd? Parkway head coach David Feaster who is sending linebacker Tay Williams to Tech this summer. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Monday, December 15, 2014

6-and-8! Saints Fans Would Appreciate! 6-and-8!

New Orleans has a chance to take control of the NFC South with a win tonight on the road in Chicago. Taking "control" of the putrid division is a little like winning the "Port-O-Potty Tipping Championship;" it's rank and disgusting work, but--a win is a win!
Landers Jeep.
Black & Gold to the next mudhole!
For the Saints to enjoy the excursion to the Windy City, three things must happen:

1) The Saints front seven has to make life miserable for Jay Cutler. Sure, he LOOKS like he is miserable at all times. But to make Cutler crestfallen on the field is a near sure-fire route to victory.  Pressure him, hit him, add to his 15 picks tossed this year and enjoy the upside down smile in all it's re-frowned glory. The Saints beleaguered and battered secondary won't be able to keep Alshon Jeffrey and Martellus Bennett in check the entire game.  However, force Cutler to go to the well at just the right time, and the Saints just might add to their minuscule INT total (8)!  Keenan Lewis, with his knee looking similar to a ripe cantaloupe can't do it all by himself! Saints defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan must think he's the Wizard of Oz--checking the teams' depth chart it's evident the Saints will employ the "Ten Man" defense. 
The strange part of Ryan's out-of-the-box thinking? the position left empty wouldn't cost against the Saints salary cap... it's the FREE SAFETY!

2) Number two and the Saints defense seem to go hand in hand so often this year. They will also be asked to make sure Chicago doesn't make running the ball effectively their forte', with Matt Forte.  Limited to 18 carries over the last two games, the Tulane alum will most likely see that number of totes by the third quarter tonight. If the Saints nullify Forte, that puts the Bears offensive attack on the slumping shoulders of Jay Cutler. 

3) The four horsemen that comprise the Saints running game are at their 2014-healthiest form.  Mark Ingram, Pierre Thomas, Khiry Robinson and Travaris Cadet should see action tonight.  Predicted carries and results: Ingram-21 carries/102 yards; Thomas-9 carries/43 yards; Robinson-6 carries-42 yards and Cadet-3 carries-14 yards.  That would come to over 200 yards rushing. In one game. 

A) The Saints haven't rushed for 200 yds in a game all year
B) The Bears haven't given up 200 yds in a game a all year.

You know what they say, don't you? First time's a charm!

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There you have it. Three keys to the Saints winning tonight, moving to 6-8 and on top of the NFC South all by their lonesome.  It's not a lofty perch---but it's a playoff position perch and that's good enough for most fans of a franchise whose post-season history leaves no room for haughtiness. 

Unofficial Song Of The Duck Commander I-Bowl

In honor of the upcoming Duck Commander Independence Bowl, we've gathered together a panel of professional singer songwriters to pen a tribute song.  Feel free to wave your beard in the wind and sing along to the tune of SAFETY DANCE! 

Grow your beard if you want to
You can leave your blades behind
'Cause your friends don't shave and if they don't shave
Then they'll- have beards like mine!

Say, we can grow what we want to
A face they will never find
And we can act like we come from out of the woods
Leave your real face far behind!

And- don't shave
Or trim!

We can grow what we want to
A full beard and a thick mustache
We can shape 'em real fine, wax till they shine
Man up for the I-Bowl Bash!

Say, we can go Duck Commander
Get all camo for the game!
We can watch them play ball, and blow our duck calls
Game Cocks vs Hurricanes!

And say, skip a shave, skip a shave
Turn up at the Indy Bowl!
Skip a shave, skip a shave
Tailgate not a barber pole!
Skip a shave, skip a shave
Hey, everybody look at the fans!
Skip a shave, skip a shave
Show how to be a real ma-aaan'
A real manly man!
Yeah, a manly man!

Indy Bowl if you want to
Everybody, not just men!
Come blue sky or rain, its Cocks or the Canes!
Doesn't matter we're all in!

I say, Indy Bowl if you want to
Grab a seat for your behind
'Cause your friends might share but if they don't share
Call while its on your mind!

888 414 
888 414
888 414
Everybody look at the fans!
888 414

Be a manly man!
An Indy Bowl man!
A Duck Commander man!
Ah yes, a real manly man!
Well, he's a Indy Bowl man!
Oh, the bearded man, yeah
Well, it's the I-Bowl, man
Cause he's manly man
Well, he's a bearded man
Oh, he's a manly man
Oh, he's a manly man

(Clap 5x quickly)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

TCU, Baylor Out of first playoff

The playoffs are set!

The first four participants in the initial college football playoff (FBS):
1. Alabama vs 4. Ohio State (Sugar Bowl)
2. Oregon vs 3. Florida State (Rose Bowl).

I had the top 4, but I flipped Oregon over Alabama. 

Baylor finishes ahead of TCU in the rankings (Bears 5th, Frogs 6th) which is no consolation for Big XII Co-Champs. 

Ohio State's shellacking of 13th ranked Wisconsin in Big Ten title game was the deciding factor. Baylor was challenged by  9th ranked Kansas State and TCU whipped a two-win Iowa State squad, which obviously underwhelmed the College Football Playoff Committee. 

Committee chaiman, Jeff Long said, "Ohio State demonstrated they were a total team and did overcome the loss of two quarterbacks.  It was decisive for Ohio State to move into the fourth spot."

Long also said on ESPN  it wasn't what TCU did, or didn't do, it was Ohio State's win was the deciding factor. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy Birthday to Caroline and our stepson, Cupcake!

Counting and ABCs in Kindergarten to...
Biological Engineering, German minor at LSU!

Happy 19th Birthday, Sweet Caroline!
How weird is it that Cupcake and one of our daughters' birthday is on the same day?  Guess it was fate that this guy would end up being a part of our lives! 
Happy Birthday Cupcake, Christian Andreas Demirdjian!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Saints Set DVR: That's So Raven

We are less than three hours from the Saints and Ravens Monday Night Football skirmish in the Superdome.  At the end of the evening, the Saints will either be the sole-division leader with the worst record (5-6) or tied with Atlanta atop the NFC South with the worst record among division leaders (4-7).

Joe Flacco: Delaware Blue Hens QB
This game will come down to whether or not the statue of Delaware's greatest quarterback in Blue Hen history, Joe Flacco, will have time to exploit the Saints glaring weakness at safety.  Flacco comes into the game cooler than chilled concrete with a TD:INT ratio over his last four games of 5:5 after starting the year (first 6 games) 12:3 (CBS Sports). 

Rafael Bush is out, leaving recently-signed-from-Minnesota's-practice squad, Pierre Warren to sort things out in the deep middle third of the field.  

Warren, a Saints standout in training camp who didn't make the cut, should have a pretty good grasp of Rob Ryan's terminology and schemes. Whether or not he can prevent "The Smiths (Steve and Torrey)" from performing their greatest hits from "Louder Than Bombs" remains to be seen.

"The Saints never lose prime-time games in the Dome!"  
That line of reason will be firmly tested tonight by a Ravens team hell-bent on keeping up with their Edward Starks' as Quad-Wardens of the (AFC) North. 

Pierre Warren in the lineup is reason for concern.  Pierre Thomas back from his four weeks on the shelf with rib and shoulder injuries and no one is happier to see him than #9.  With rookie Brandin Cooks done for the year, Thomas out of the backfield can do wonders for Drew Brees passing percentage on seam and drag routes.  Always a tough matchup for a floating defensive end or linebacker, Thomas could prove pivotal to the Saints success tonight.
One Trip To Snappy Scrubs Is All It Takes!!
Benton Road-Bossier City
Shreveport-Barksdale Shreveport

Mark Ingram is expected to maintain his role as the primary pulpwood hauler among the Saints fleet of running backs.  A close to perfect scenario would feature game-ending stats similar to:

Ingram-21 carries, 107 yards, 1 TD
Thomas-10 carries, 63 yards, 1 TD, 6 receptions, 73 yards, 1 TD
Cadet-5 carries, 31 yards, 4 receptions 38 yards

Jimmy Graham really seems to show up in these spotlight games.  I would be surprised by an output below 8 catches, 80 yards, 1 TD.

Follow Me To Freedom!
And then there's Brees.  The Saints savior so often has been the fuse for the bomb that has destroyed this team throughout the year.  With a turnover ratio of (-9), Brees draws the greatest criticism for his 10 interceptions and costly fumbles.  If there is one guy the Fleur de' lis fellas can count on to lead them out of the abyss, it's Drew Brees. 

Tonight, Saints fans will follow him to freedom and a much-needed win to snap a two-game funkfest in the Dome. Final score? Saints 37, Ravens 30.